3/12 IYFW “Memories & Moments & Mayhem” Results – Kevin Nash, Norton, Bob Holly, more

Kevin Nash (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)


In Your Face Wrestling Results
“Memories, Moments & Mayhem”
March 12, 2016
Albany, N.Y. at the Polish Community Center

Prior to the show, fans had the chance to meet and talk with Kevin Nash, Scott Norton, Bob Holly, and Cody Deaner.

(1) Bobby Ocean won a pre-show battle royal to become #1 contender to the IYFW Championship.

(2) Garrett Holiday beat Zack Clayton.

(3) The Barbarians beat Trip & Axel Lennox, Benjamin Blackwell & Wreckingball Legursky, and The Fellowship in a four-team match.

(4) Sean Carr beat Tyrek.

(5) Foxx Vinyer beat Damon Ravage and Cody Deaner to become the new IYFW New Breed Champion.

(6) Bob Holly beat Bobby Ocean.

(7) Northern Fury beat The Pantheon in a tables match.

(8) Kenedi Copeland & LaDiva beat The Sea Stars.

(9) Dewey Murray beat Sabastian Kelly. Walter Ball returned shortly after and in an impromptu match…

(10) Walter Ball pinned Sebastian Kelly.

(11) C.J. Scott beat Doug Summers.

(12) Jimmy Jact Cash beat Shooter Storm and Anthony Greene.

(13) Scott Norton & Drake Evans & Chip Stetson & Lenn Oddity (w/Kevin Nash) beat The Indy Card Mafia in the main event.

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