3/19 WWE in White Plains, N.Y. – Second Report on Show & Kane vs. Wyatts, Bray Wyatt wrestles through injury, U.S. Title top match, more


WWE Live Show Results
March 19, 2016
White Plains, N.Y.
Report by Mike Omansky, PWTorch correspondent

The crowd was announced as a sell-out. Estimate of 4,700 (building capacity is 5,000).

The crowd was hot for most of the night, except for Diego vs. Sin Cara mid-way through. Good “B” show. No return date was announced.

(1) Ryback beat Erick Rowan via Shell-Shock and pin. Surprisingly fast-paced opener with a good number of nearfalls. (**)

(2) Goldust beat Bo Dallas (w/Curtis Axel interfering at ringside) via roll-up. Decent match. (*1/2)

(3) U.S. champion Kalisto beat Rusev (w/Lana) and Dolph Ziggler in a three-way match to retain the U.S. Title. Kalisto pinned Rusev. Excellent match – loads of nearfalls and all three worked hard. Rusev had many good power moves along the way. Lana periodically distracted the ref and Rusev’s opponents at ringside. (***)

(4) Sin Cara beat Diego via pinfall with a flip off the top rope. Diego tried to play heel from the start, but no one cared. (DUD)

(5) Becky Lynch beat Naomi (w/Tamina) via DQ when Tamina interfered. Short match. Post-match, Sasha Banks ran in for the save, and they immediately challenged the heels to a tag match.

(6) Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks beat Naomi & Tamina via double submission to simultaneous finishers. Standard Divas fare. (*)

(7) Big Show & Kane beat Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman in the main event. Wyatt worked the match fully, tagging in and out, and facing both opponents. For the finish, the faces threw Strowman out of the ring, double-teamed Bray, and Bray took the KO Punch from Big Show. Show pinned him for the win.

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