Collectibles Column – The market for Gallows & Anderson items surges after Raw TV debut

By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles specialist


Collectibles Column: New Interest in Gallows & Anderson Collectibles

It wasn’t all that long ago that Luke Gallows looked like just another ex-WWE also-ran. After leaving WWE in 2011, he went to TNA to collect the pension that the company was offering to anyone who had been on WWE TV. After a brief stint as Doc with Aces & Eights, Gallows was gone.

In 2013, Gallows headed over to New Japan Pro Wrestling. He hooked up with Karl Anderson and joined Bullet Club, the coolest faction that pro wrestling has seen in years, and revitalized his career.

Then, word began to spread on January 4 that Gallows, Anderson, A.J. Styles, and Shinsuke Nakamura had given their notice to NJPW and were WWE bound.

On April 11, Gallows and Anderson finally debuted on WWE TV, running in from the crowd to attack the Usos. In the three days that followed, there was an immediate surge in interest for Gallows’s old WWE action figures and trading cards.

– Excluding his Jakks Pacific figure as Festus, Gallows first appeared in a WWE action figure set in 2011. He was packaged with C.M. Punk in the seventh series of Mattel WWE two-packs. This version of Gallows has him in a black tank top and gray pants.

gallows_eliteOver the last several months, loose figures had been selling in the $10 to $15 range. However, since Monday, loose figures have been selling for closer to $30, with some selling as high as $40.

Gallows’s more popular (and more expensive) figure is from Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 9. This figure has more points of articulation, and has Gallows in a red tank top and black pants, with a black vest and removable black Straight Edge Society hat.

This has long been a tough figure to find, as it was produced in 2011, when Mattel’s distribution of WWE figures wasn’t very good. Loose figures usually sell for $65 or more. Packaged figures – which are very difficult to find – usually sell for at least $100.

gallows_autoGallows has also appeared on numerous trading cards. He has been featured on WWE trading cards as Festus and Luke Gallows, on TNA cards as Doc, and on Bushiroad King of Pro Wrestling (KinPuro) trading cards as Doc Gallows.

Gallows’s best cards can be found in 2010 Topps. His basic autograph from that series sells for about $15, while a dual autograph of Gallows paired with Punk usually sells for $30-40.

– Anderson can be much more difficult to find. Because he has spent most of his career in Japan, he does not have any licensed action figures. There are currently several custom figures being offered for sale on eBay, and Figures Toy Co. has released preview images of Gallows and Anderson figures as part of its Rising Stars of Wrestling line.

Anderson_KinPuroAnderson does have one certified autograph card from BBM Trading Cards in Japan, but it is nearly impossible to find.

If you’re looking for an Anderson card, your best bet is to pick up one of his Bushiroad KinPuro cards. He’s featured on several cards that usually sell for $3 to $6 each, and can be purchased from websites such as

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