4/22 CWE Results – Bullet Club’s Chase Owens, the Tod Bullet Club, Bobby Jay Birthday Bash


Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE) Results
April 22, 2016
Winnipeg, Man., Canada

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite returned to a packed Rookie’s Sports Bar to celebrate Bobby Jay’s 51st birthday.

(1) CWE 123Approved.ca TV champion “Wrestling’s Strongest Man” Tyler Colton successfully defended his title against Tyler James.

(2) Jacob Savage (w/Benjamin Stacks) upset “The Main Vein” Dick Blood.

– “Dynamite” Dave Petro hosted “The Beautiful Bobby Jay Beer Bash.”

(3) “The God of Gimmick” Tommy Lee Curtis pinned “The German Juggernaut” Moses Luke.

(4) “The Dark Prophet” Orin Veidt beat Billy Blaze.

(5) The Tod Bullet Club (“Superstar” Tod Bullet & Wildman Firpo) beat The Devil’s Disciples (“Psycho” Sydney Manson & The Son of Satan).

(6) “Misfit” Mike Mission won the Outlaw Challenge hosted by “Outlaw” Adam Knight when Knight got himself DQ’ed.

(7) The Bullet Club’s “Crown Jewel” Chase Owens beat “Hotshot” Danny Duggan after a kick between the legs and a Package Piledriver.

(8) “The Hot Prospect” Travis Cole cheated to beat “The Crazed Country Rebel” Jacob Creed.

(9) “Beautiful” Bobby Jay & “The Canadian Loose Cannon” T.J. Bratt beat The Cannon Clan when Jay pinned Cannon.

[ FYI: CWE returns to Rookie’s Sports Bar on Friday, June 17. More event info at CWECanada.ca ]

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