4/27 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on Mundo vs. Cage in a cage, Trios Tag Titles

Rey Mysterio arrives at Lucha Underground (c) El Rey Network


Lucha Underground Report
April 27, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #14 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

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The show opened with a video package featuring Johnny Mundo, Cage, and the Trios Tag competitors.

Title sequence.

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the crowd to the show. Matt Striker updated the status of Mil Muertes and Matanza by saying they would return to action soon following their main event title match last week. Vampiro hyped the trios tag match later.

In-ring: Santos introduced the next match for on of the Aztec medallions. First out was Cage followed by Johnny Mundo.

1 – CAGE vs. JOHNNY MUNDO (w/Taya) – Steel Cage Match for one of the Aztec Medallions

Both men traded blows to start the match. Cage cornered Mundo and landed a few blows followed by a clothesline. Mundo tried to escape, but Cage caught him and hit a dropkick. Cage threw Mundo into the cage wall multiple times.

Cage hit a neckbreaker, then locked in a Boston crab. He let go, then Mundo caught Cage on the ropes and kneed him into the cage wall. Mundo climbed the cage, but Cage stopped him. Cage was hit by Taya, then Mundo slammed Cage from the top. Cage tried to climb out again, but Mundo hit Moonlight Drive from the top.

Taya grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring and tried to hand it to Mundo, but Cage stopped him and hit a German suplex. Cage then powerbombed Mundo into the cage wall. Cage climbed to the top and Taya hit him with a Kendo stick, then gave it to Mundo. Mundo beat down Cage and attempted a pin.

Cage regained control and beat Mundo with the stick for a nearfall. Cage hit a lariat, then Taya climbed the cage and tossed a chair to Mundo. Mundo hit a chair shot, but Cage kicked out. Mundo climbed the cage and tried a corkscrew, but he missed. Taya then entered the cage by hitting a cross-body.

Taya and Mundo hit the Magic Killer, but Cage still kicked out. Taya set up handcuffs on the ropes, but Cage reversed it to handcuff Taya. Cage then hit a piledriver on Mundo to win the match.

WINNER: Cage at 13:29 to win an Aztec medallion. Why didn’t Taya just climb inside the cage to begin with and fight Cage so Mundo could escape? It just ruins the match since no else should be able to enter the cage. I thought you were different LU!

Still to come: Four-way trios tag match.


In-ring: Santos said the next match would be a four-way elimination for the Trios Tag Championship.

Dario interrupted Santos and said he had breaking news. He entered the ring and said Angélico had been in an unfortunate accident, but the match will go on. Havoc and Ivelisse will represent their team.

First out were Jack Evans, P.J. Black, and Fenix. Next were Joey Ryan, Mr. Cisco, and Cortez Castro. Then, Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca, and Puma. Finally, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc.

[JD’s Reax: I will try my best to keep up here.]


2 – Trios Tag champions IVELISSE & SON OF HAVOC vs. JACK EVANS & P.J. BLACK & FENIX vs. JOEY RYAN & MR. CISCO & CORTEZ CASTRO vs. REY MYSTERIO & PRINCE PUMA & EL DRAGON AZTECA JR. – four-way elimination tag match for the Trios Tag Championship

Fenix, Ivelisse, Cisco, and Rey began the match. A few pin attempts to start, then everyone hit big moves on each other. Havoc, Black, Puma, and Castro tagged in. A few reversals for big moves. Dragon tagged in and hit a leg drop. Vampiro and Striker said they don’t even know how to call this and I can feel their pain.

Cisco tagged in Cortez, then Vampiro asked about the disappearance of Bael. Striker said people come and go. Cortez beat down Dragon and double-teamed Cisco for a pin.

Ivelisse and Ryan tagged in and Ryan took her out on the outside. Fenix hit a corkscrew onto Cisco, then Dragon dropkicked Evans. He dove to the outside, then Black leaped onto everyone and so did Mysterio and Puma. Havoc then did the same thing. Everyone flying.

Meanwhile, Ivelisse slapped Ryan and hit an armdrag and German suplex. Ivelisse fought Castro, then Castro hit a brainbuster. But, Ivelisse rolled up Castro to eliminate him, Cisco, and Ryan.

*** Team Joey Ryan eliminated at 7:43 ***


Havoc tagged in and locked hands with Puma and Evans. Havoc and Puma squared off in the ring. Havoc hit a double stomp and standing moonsault for another nearfall. Ivelisse attacked Evans, but Evans stopped Ivelisse and called himself the baddest b—- in the building.

Evans then threw Puma outside the ring. Ivelisse came back with her own attack, then Fenix knocked her off the top rope. Ivelisse hit a sunset flip, but she got superkicked by Black and Evans. They rolled her up for an elimination.

*** Defending champs eliminated at 11:07 ***


Dragon and Fenix came face-to-face. Fenix stomped on Dragon and tried to get a pin, but Dragon hit a DDT.  Fenix came back with a superkick. Puma tagged in and took out everyone. Evans kneed Puma to take him down. Rey then tagged in and hit a huracanrana, springboard cross-body, and 619. Dragon hit a DDT, then Rey hit a moonsault on Evans to capture the tag titles.

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio & Prince Puma & El Dragon Azteca at 15:37 to win the trios tag championship..

Some location: Vampiro, dressed in a hood, called for Pentagon. Pentagon rolled in on a electric wheelchair. Vampiro told Pentagon to stand up, then he poured hot wax onto him. Pentagon fell to the floor and Vampiro told him he was weak.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Great to get an update on Pentagon because to me he is the most fascinating character on the show. … I’m not sure what the point of a tournament is if four teams make it to the finals. It kind of defeats the purpose. I’m glad they had Mysterio, Puma, and Dragon win because that is a good role for them at this point. Mysterio is being well protected and saved for his signature spots which is what they should be doing. At this point they’ve done a great job booking Mysterio and building him as a legend in Lucha.

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