5/30 PROGRESS Wrestling SSS Tournament Night 2 – big developments conclude tournament with Chris Hero, Callihan, Tommy End, more


Progress Wrestling 30 Results
“Super Strong Style 16” Day 2
May 30, 2016
London, England at the Electric Ballroom, Camden
Report by David Green, PWTorch U.K. correspondent

The second day of Super Strong Style got off to a sad note when it was confirmed that Mark Haskins could not continue in the tournament due to health issues. It was therefore decided that everyone that was eliminated from the tournament the previous day would be put in a scramble match to determine Haskins’s replacement to face Mikey Whiplash. After the eight competitors were announced, the Origin’s Nathan Cruz and El Ligero came to ringside and stated they deserved a chance at retribution due to be screwed out of the tag titles by a “certain someone,” referring to referee Joel Allen. They put themselves into the match to make it a ten-man scramble.

(1) “White Lightning” Mark Andrews beat “Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne, T.K. Cooper, Dave Mastiff, Damon Moser, Rampage Brown, “The Bollocks” Kenny Williams, “M-Dogg” Matt Cross, Nathan Cruz, and El Ligero by pinfall. Considering the amount of talent in the ring, this was a really well planned out match and nicely paced. Certain pairing were given time to heighten anticipation, such as the heavyweights Brown and Mastiff, and the Cruiserweight dream match of Andrews vs Cross. Damon Moser was singled out by the Origin trio, giving him punishment for his involvement in the tag title match the previous night. Andrews took both Dunne and Ligero with a reverse ‘rana and pinned Dunne with the Shooting Star Press.

With this win, Andrews was reinserted into the tournament, but Mikey Whiplash hit the ring to attack Andrews and demanded the match start immediately, which it did.

(2) Mark Andrews pinned Mikey Whiplash with a roll-up in a shade over 90 seconds to advance in the SSS16 Tournament. A shocking result but one that got a huge pop from the crowd. Whiplash continued to assault Andrews until security finally ejected him from ringside.

(3) Zack Gibson beat Jack Gallagher via submission to advance in the SSS16 Tournament. This was a wonderful match between two old rivals. A lot of great chain wrestling from Gallagher in a World of Sport style, infuriating Gibson. Gallagher at one point literally tied Gibson up into a ball. Gibson stayed true to his strategy that he had promised in his opening promo from this and the previous night’s match, to work the shoulder and trapped Gallagher in the Shankley Gates, which he eventually did to advance.

(4) Chris Hero beat Big Daddy Walter to advance in the SSS16 Tournament. To say this match was stiff would be an understatement. Another must see match from Hero, against a much larger foe this time around. After a plethora of rolling elbows and cyclone kicks, Hero finally put Walter away with the Gotch-style Piledriver.

(5) Tommy End beat Sami Callahan by pinfall to advance in the SSS16 Tournament. Another stiff striking contest with great intensity. End had a constant game plan throughout the tournament, to spring to life with a big strike when his opponent least expected it. Callahan got cocky at one point, actually kissing End on the lips to signal the end. Unfortunately, he met his own demise via End’s spinning back kick.

(6) Mark Andrews beat Zack Gibson to advance to the finals of the SSS16 Tournament. Gibson again stated before the match what would happen to Andrews, that he would tap to the Shankley Gates. Gibson took advantage of a tired Andrews, now on his third match of the evening and still sore from his war with Hero. Gibson did lock in the Gates, but Andrews pulled through, adjusting Gibson into a double leg nelson for the shock pinfall! Gibson was stunned that his so far faultless strategy hadn’t worked, while Andrews goes on to face either End or a very quick return match with Hero.

(7) Tommy End beat Chris Hero by pinfall to advance to the finals of the SSS16 Tournament. This was the battle of student vs mentor that many were anticipating and those people were not disappointed. Hero made it three for three in must see matches for this weekend. Elbows, forearms, kicks, all thrown, all struck, all stiff.  Hero looked to have it all sewn up when he delivered a Gotch Piledriver from the middle rope! Tommy somehow kicked out and proceeded to counter a rolling elbow into a victory roll for the win.

(8) The Dazzler Team (“Dazzling” Darrell Allen & Earl Black, Jr.) beat Sweet Jesus (Chuck Mambo & Pastor William Eavor) via pinfall in a #1 Contender’s tag team street fight. These teams have been feuding in ENDVR for around six months and it all came to a head here. Some entertaining brawling all around, with weapons used including a shopping trolley, kendo sticks and even a watermelon! Mambo took a huge bump being slammed off the top rope through a table. When Sweet Jesus took control, Mambo brought out a deflated beach ball filled with drawing pins (or thumbtacks if you prefer). Both the Dazzler were backdropped onto the pins, but managed to make a comeback, low blowing and delivering The Finisher (an assisted Suplex, as pronounced correctly without the ‘x’) unto the Pastor for the win and the right to challenge the London Riots.

Before the main event, we had another round of “Body Guy” Roy Johnson’s “Wasteman Challenge,” where a mystery opponent would either wrestle Johnson or attempt to out-rap him. The challenger was the pleasant surprise of the always popular Eddie Dennis. There was no match, but Dennis got on the mic and brought back some memories by performing a rather choice cut from Welsh rapping extraordinaires Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Johnson rebuked with what was admittedly a good rap of his own. Both men shared beers until Body Guy spilt some of Eddie’s, who then channelled a bit of 3:16 spirit and gave Johnson the Next Stop Driver. Really funny segment which I’m not doing justice to in the recap and a good way to lose some steam before the main event.

(9) In the main event, Tommy End defeated Mark Andrews to win Super Strong Style 16 2016. In a surprisingly short time frame of just over six minutes, these guys went for the win early. As end went to go up to for his double stomp, the lights went out just like the last chapter. End though jumped down from the ropes and repositioned himself so when the lights went up, and inevitably Mikey Whiplash was there to try and screw End over, Tommy was behind him and he levelled Whiplash with a spin kick. Andrews tried to take advantage with a roll up, but End was to dominating. Andrews kicked out of a top rope double stomp, while End kicked out of the Shooting Star Press. Andrews implored End to keep hitting him, which was a mistake because he did. With a spinning back kick once again knocking out his opponent, Tommy End was the winner of the second ever SSS16 tournament. He got on the mic to first dedicate the win to the late Kris Travis. He then proceeded to tell the crowd that he loved them all from his cold, dark heart.

No date announced for it, but this win gives End a future title shot against the PROGRESS champ. Other news coming out of this show is that Johnny Gargano will be coming to the next Camden chapter in a month’s time and he’s defending the Smash wrestling championship, ahead of a huge joint promotions show with Smash in Toronto in mid-September (tickets now on sale).

Very nice show with some rejuvenated stars in the promotion alongside new blood that fitted in perfectly. Both shows should be on-demand in between one to two weeks.

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