6/17 CWE Lethal Lottery Results in Winnipeg

CWE “Lethal Lottery” Results
June 17, 2016
Winnipeg, Man., Canada

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite returned to Rookie’s Sports Bar with the annual Lethal Lottery event where fans drew the participants for each match on the spot with the winners going back into the draw and selected at random for a tag team elimination main event…

(1) “Outlaw” Adam Knight pinned Jacob Savage of The Convent following a lariat.

(2) “The Dark Prophet” Orin Veidt beat “Super Dad” Bubbles McFly.

(3) “The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon vs. “The Rebel” Bobby Collins went to a draw.

(4) “The Hot Prospect” Travis Cole beat 39-year wrestling veteran Wildman Firpo.

(5) Rookie Roy Dragneel beat The Math Magician in the Magician’s CWE debut.

(6) “Hotshot” Danny Duggan pinned rookie Jeremy Joseph.

(7) “Super Dad” Kory Kinkade beat “Tiny” Tyler Rose.

(8) “Outlaw” Adam Knight was the sole survivor of The Lethal Lottery last pinning “The Hot Prospect” Travis Cole after a 60-minute match.

[ FYI: Canadian Wrestling’s Elite returns to Rookie’s Sports Bar on Friday, July 8. More details and announcements to follow at CWECanada.ca ]

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