VIP ARTICLE – Mojo Mitchell Raw Stream 6/27 – Pipe Bombs, Five-Ways, Young Bucks, Shaggy Dogs …..

By Bruce Mitchell, PWTorch senior columnist


Mojo Mitchell’s Raw Summer Stream of Pipe Bombs, Five-Ways, Ivan Koloff, The Young Bucks, Demon Kane, and Shaggy Dogs

Hailed by critics as “lazy,” Mojo Mitchell’s Summer Stream is a rip-off of Pat McNeil on Twitter, I mean, an exercise where I write down my immediate reaction to what I see happening on Raw. I used to do this weekly until the gag ran out of gas.

Note: This isn’t the one thing wrestling needs more than anything else – yet another Raw recap. Watching Raw before reading might make the following seem somewhat more coherent.

We start with Seth Rollins.

Uh oh, he’s shooting, baby, he’s tossing whattayacallit, oh yeah, a pipe bomb. (Whatever happened to that guy, anyway?) He’s not supposed to talk about this but what the hell he’s on live television.

“Let’s talk about Roman Reigns, alright? That mistake he made, that embarrasses me, that soils my good name. What mistake, you ask? No one knows…

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