8/27 WWE NXT in JAX Results – Aries vs. Itami main event, Gargano & Ciampa beat NXT tag champs, Bobby Roode

Hideo Itami vs. Austin Aries - July 30, 2016 - NXT: Houston (c) PWTorch.com


WWE NXT Live Results
August 27, 2016
Jacksonville, Fla.
Report by Kyle N., PWTorch correspondent

Sold-out crowd of about 300. It should be noted that each time that referee Drake came out, he received a massive pop. He has a connection with the Jacksonville crowd.

(1) Rich Swann pinned Steve Cutler after a handspring moonsault. Swann has what Jericho would call “It.” Natural charisma captures the crowd.

(2) Daria Berenato beat Billie Kay by disqualification when Mandy Rose ran out during Daria’s submission finisher and put the boots to the babyface. Asuka made the save to the first superstar pop of the night. She got on the mic and challenged the pair to a tag match at the next show in Jacksonville. It felt like the old territory days since they put tickets on sale at intermission.

(3) Sawyer Fulton & Alexander Wolf beat Adrian Jaoude & Cesar, who has a tall, athletic build and man-bun like Tye Dillinger. Never seen him work before.

(4) Oney Lorcan pinned Andrade “Cien” Almas. Almas worked heel and by gosh what a difference it made. I hope Almas just attacks every babyface in NXT. Andrade came out and took off his shirt and pretended to throw it into the crowd, then handed it to security. He amped up for his knees to the corner and as he ran to Oney he stopped at the last minute and slapped him. He even messed with Drake to get the crowd fired up. He also grabbed a chair from the front row and was about to take it into the ring with the crowd chanting “No!” Massive boos for everything he did. This match was a ton of fun. So entertaining. Oney is a great hand and so underrated.

(5) DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) simultaneously tapped out NXT tag champions The Revival in a non-title match with their own respective submission maneuvers. Gargano had the leg worked on the whole match. These two groups were born to work opposite of each other. Incredible match. The Revival has mastered the little things. They are who they say they are: Top Guys. Top Guys jumped DIY after the match and went to break Johnny’s leg with the second rope stomp, but Ciampa stopped it and they hit the running knee/kick move on both to send the crowd roaring into intermission.


(6) Bobby Roode beat Riddick Moss with his jumping Glorious DDT. Bobby received the loudest pop of the night. They went back and forth for a few minutes with each man in his robe/vest. It was extremely entertaining. Fun match. The crowd ate up everything Roode did. He could’ve sneezed on the ref and they would’ve popped.

Macey Estrella, the former Marine, cut a promo to introduce herself to the women’s division. She talked about how she was mentally tough and fights to provide for her children. She said to everyone who has dealt with depression or thoughts of suicide, her message is to never give up. Deep subject matter for the young children in the crowd to digest, but I will say everything about her promo was believable because you could tell she has experienced everything she was talking about first hand.

(7) Ember Moon pinned Nikki Cross with the Moon Landing (spinning top rope stunner). Really good match. Great chemistry.

(8) Hideo Itami pinned Austin Aries after a GTS in the main event. Aries told the crowd pre-match that he had drunk 15 cups of coffee since 6:00 a.m. so that he wouldn’t go to sleep. Great main event.

I’ve been to about a dozen house shows since moving back to Florida in April and this was by far the best one in terms of wrestling and entertainment. There were five matches that were really quality and the rest were entertaining and perfect for their spot on the card. Every match served a purpose and the show as a whole was delightful.

Finally, still no DIY shirts at the merch table, but there were new Almas, Roode, No Way Jose, and Shinsuke Nakamura shirts being sold.

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