PROGRESS REWIND: Review of Chapter 39 The Graps of Wrath” available on demand with 7-man Elimination Match for the Progress Championship

By Rob Gladding, PWTorch Specialist


PROGRESS Chapter 39: The Graps of Wrath
November 27, 2016
Camden, Electric Ballroom
Available to stream on Demand PROGRESS

A black and white video package aired recapping Mark Haskins emotionally relinquishing the PROGRESS Championship at Chapter 38 in October and the interview afterwards where Haskins announced that he is struggling with career threatening injuries and explained that that’s why he decided to give up the title.

Metallica’s For Whom The Bell Tolls plays and Jim Smallman enters the ring to greet the crowd. He says that if it hadn’t been for 4 people who kept their tickets in their shopping basket on PayPal, this show would have sold out in 1 minute and 48 seconds, but it ended up taking an hour and those 4 people ruined everything. Smallman says that today is the day they crown a new PROGRESS Wrestling champion. They will have a series of matches with the winners entering a 7 man elimination match in the main event to crown the new champion. He says that after the show they’ll be having the first screening of the This.Is.PROGRESS documentary short and jokes that he hasn’t seen it yet so he hopes that the makers don’t bury them. After engaging in some banter with the crowd he introduces the opening match. RJ Singh and Glenn Joseph are on commentary.

(1) F.S.U (Mark Andrews & Eddie Dennis) vs. SOUTH PACIFIC POWER TRIP (TK Cooper & Travis Banks w/Dahlia Black) – Winners enter 7 man elimination match main event for the vacant PROGRESS title.

Much like SPPT’s match at Chapter 38, this match starts when their music plays and Dahlia Black comes out onto the stage, distracting F.S.U and allowing SPPT to sneak in from the other side of the ring and attack them from behind before the bell. F.S.U get the better of SPPT and throw them to the outside of the ring. F.S.U both run off the ropes appearing to be attempting synchronized suicide dives, but Black slides into the ring and blocks their way. Black distracts F.S.U by arguing with them, and SPPT sneak into the other side of the ring to attack them from behind again, but F.S.U catch them out and throw them to the outside for a second time. Black slaps Eddie Dennis. She goes to slap Andrews but he blocks it and pushes her into Dennis who crucifix powerbombs her over the top rope into Banks and Cooper on the outside.

Dennis rolls Cooper into the ring and the bell sounds to get the match officially started. He delivers a suspended vertical suplex to Cooper for a two count. He tags Andrews in and gets Cooper in a wrist lock while Andrews goes to the top rope and delivers a double foot stomp to Cooper’s arm. Andrews gets Cooper in a wristlock and tags in Dennis who teases doing a move from the second turn-buckle but jumps down and punches Cooper in the face instead.

Dennis goes to apply another wristlock but Cooper knees him in the mid-section and tags Banks in. Cooper holds Dennis in a wristlock while Banks goes up on the ropes but before he can do anything Dennis fights them both off with forearms. He Irish whips Cooper into the corner and charges at him but Banks pulls Cooper out of the way and Irish whips Cooper into Dennis with a big boot and then follows up with a charging forearm smash before Cooper delivers a jumping neckbreaker and covers for a two count. Cooper tags Banks in and they double team Dennis in the corner. Banks tags Cooper back in and they go to do the same thing again but Dennis bashes them against each other and rolls across the ring to tag Andrews in.

Cooper ducks a kick from Andrews but he delivers a standing moonsault on Cooper for a two count. Cooper and Banks are in opposite corners of the ring and Andrews delivers charging forearms to both of them before Cooper moves out of the way and Banks delivers a charging forearm of his own to Andrews. Cooper delivers a forearm, then sends Andrews across the ring into a huge clothesline from Banks which gets him a two count. SPPT go to double suplex Andrews, but he counters with a double Stundog Millionaire allowing him to crawl across the ring and tag Dennis in.

Dennis delivers an atomic drop to Cooper followed by a forearm, a clothesline and a flying clothesline to Banks. Dennis forearms Cooper and Banks in the corner then picks Cooper up on his shoulders and catches a charging Banks before delivering a Samoan drop/fallaway slam combo. Dennis sets Cooper up for a crucifix powerbomb but Banks pulls Cooper down and sends Dennis face first into the mat allowing Cooper to deliver an axe kick to the back of Dennis’ head. Banks makes the cover but Andrews breaks it up after a two count. Banks throws Andrews out onto the apron and Cooper knocks him to the floor with a big boot to the face. SPPT double super kick Dennis then Banks suplexes him and covers for a two count. Banks is bleeding heavily from his right ear at this point.

Andrews is back in the ring and knocks Cooper down with a big boot before doing a sit out ura-nagi suplex on Banks. Cooper is back up and catches Andrews with a black thunder bomb, but Dennis quickly grabs him and delivers a swinging ura-nage slam. Banks charges at Dennis but Andrews runs back in and cuts him off with a forearm. He hits both members of SPPT with a series of strikes. Dennis and Banks come off the ropes and Cooper double clotheslines both of them in a weird spot.

SPPT both roll to the outside of the ring and F.S.U hit them with stereo somersault dives over the top rope. Andrews rolls Cooper into the ring and goes to the top rope while Dennis has Cooper in a tombstone position, but while the referee is distracted with Banks on the outside, Black knocks Andrews down and kicks Dennis with a low blow. Banks picks Dennis up for a Cooper assisted DDT and covers him for the three count and the win.

WINNERS: South Pacific Power Trip in 7:53 to qualify for the elimination match main event for the PROGRESS title.

This was a really entertaining tag team match with lots of well thought out spots and great chemistry between all four men. A great opener to the show. Banks sustained an ear injury early on which was bleeding heavily and he did well to finish the match.

(2) PASTOR WILLIAM EAVER vs. JOE COFFEY – Winner enters 7 man elimination match main event for the vacant PROGRESS title.

After Eaver and Coffey have made the way to the ring, Sebastian’s music plays and he comes out to ringside. Following a recent incident where Eaver hospitalized Sebastian with an injury, at Chapter 38 Sebastian threatened to contact his solicitor and end Eaver’s career if he didn’t do Sebastian’s bidding, which is what brings him to ringside during this match.

Coffey offers a handshake at the beginning of the match, but Eaver puts Coffey’s hands in the prayer position. Coffey takes Eaver’s hand and makes him beat his own chest with it, in a bit of good spirited banter. They lock up and Eaver gets Coffey in a wristlock, but coffee reverses it and hip tosses Eaver before getting him in an arm bar. After a sequence of chain wrestling Coffey sends Eaver off the ropes and knocks him down with a flying shoulder block. Coffey comes off the ropes, but Eaver hits him with a double axe handle across the chest, sending him rolling to the outside. Pastor knocks Coffey into the front row of the crowd with a suicide dive through the ropes. He rolls Coffey into the ring but before he can get back in himself, Sebastian admonishes him allowing Coffey to wipe them both out with a suicide dive of his own.

Coffey rolls Eaver back into the ring, but Eaver catches him with a few strikes as he’s getting back in, followed by some stomps and a falling head-butt. It appears that whatever Sebatian said to Eaver earlier brought out some aggression in him. He whips Coffey into the corner and charges at him but gets caught with a boot to the face. Coffey drags Eaver out of the corner and applies a single leg crab, but Eaver makes it to the ropes.

Coffey uppercuts Eaver and forcefully whips him into the turnbuckle, which sends him to the mat and gets Coffey a one count. Coffey goes for a vertical suplex but Eaver rolls him up into a small package for a two count. Eaver then avoids a clothesline and attempts a crucifix pin on Coffey for another two count. Eaver goes for a sunset flip, but Coffey rolls through and grabs Eaver’s legs for a giant swing followed by a Boston crab. Eaver gets to the ropes again, with assistance from Sebastian, forcing the break. Coffey and Eaver trade big blows in the middle of the ring before they both clothesline each other, leaving both men lying on the mat.

Once they get to their feet, they take turns charging at each other in opposite corners of the ring. Coffey gets the advantage and gets a two count on Eaver after a double jump cross body. Coffey goes for a German suplex but Eaver rolls him up for a two count. Coffey goes for a lariat but Eaver ducks and delivers a ura-nage backbreaker into a bridging fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Eaver charges at Coffey in the corner but he catches him with an uppercut. He goes to do another double jump cross body but Eaver blocks him and does a Last Supper powerbomb for a two count. Eaver goes for the Clothesline From Heaven but Coffey catches him with a pop up uppercut and then rolls him through into a Boston crab. Eaver is tapping out but Sebastian distracts the referee so he doesn’t see it. Coffey goes to confront Sebastian allowing Eaver to roll him up for a three count with a handful of tights.

After the match Pastor looks displeased with the way he won, as if he cheated reluctantly under the orders of Sebastian. He offers to shake Coffey’s hand but Coffey refuses and slaps his hand away before leaving. Sebastian gets the mic to congratulate Eaver on grabbing the tights and goes to high 5 him, which goes unreciprocated. He congratulates Eaver again and thanks him for ensuring him a place in the main event.

WINNER: William Eaver in 9:35 to earn Sebastian a place in the elimination match main event for the PROGRESS title.

This was a solid match and did a good job of forwarding the angle between William Eaver and Sebastian, which might be one of the most entertaining story-lines in wrestling at the moment.

(3) BRITISH STRONG STYLE (Pete Dunne & Trent Seven ) (c) vs. THE LONDON RIOTS (Rob Lynch & James Davies) – PROGRESS Tag Team Title match. Winners also enter 7 man elimination match main event for the vacant PROGRESS title

Davis dropkicks Seven into the corner before the bell rings and they get the match officially underway. He hits him with some forearms in the corner then attempts an Irish whip which Seven reverses, but Davis rebounds out of the corner and drops him with a clothesline. Seven rolls out of the ring and Davis hits him with a suicide dive through the ropes. Davis rolls Seven in and tags in Lynch who spears Seven and makes the cover which Dunne breaks up after a two count.

All four men brawl on the outside of the ring. Seven goes to chop Davis but he moves and Seven hits the ring post. All there of the other participants unsuccessfully attempt chops in quick succession and also hit the ring post. A four0way finger bite then ensues followed by a four-way chop. Dunne rolls Lynch into the ring after delivering a release suplex onto the ring apron.

In the ring, Seven snap mares Lynch and kicks him in the back before covering for a two count. Lynch is wearing a mask to protect a facial injury and Seven tries to rip it off. Seven tags Dunne in and he works on the arm and fingers of Lynch on the mat. Dunne makes the cover for a two count. Dunne stamps Lynch’s knees into the mat and shoves Davis off the apron. He whips Lynch into the corner and tags in Seven who roughs Lynch up before body slamming him and knocking Davis off the apron.

Lynch blocks a suplex but Seven beats him down and tags in Dunne. They attempt a double suplex on Lynch but he blocks and suplexes both of them instead. Lynch crawls across the ring to tag in Davis. Davis hits Seven with a couple of clotheslines and a big boot followed by a missile dropkick from the second rope. He clothesline Seven in the corner before delivering a ura-nage suplex. Dunne enters the ring and grabs Davis by the nose but while they’re struggling, Davis manages to get both members of British Strong Style up for a double Samoan drop.

Davis runs off the ropes but Seven and Dunne knock him down with a double head-butt. Lynch runs into the ring but gets hit with a double head-butt too. Lynch floors Dunne and Seven with a double clothesline. He goes to suplex Dunne, but he blocks it and delivers a release suplex. Davis attempts to German Suplex Dunne but he lands on his feet only to be on the receiving end of an exploder ura-nage suplex.

Seven chops Lynch and delivers a brainbuster. Davis tags in while Seven has Lynch up for a Michinoku driver. Seven rolls out onto the apron after a kick from Lynch and as he’s standing on the apron, Lynch spears him through the ropes to ringside. Lynch goes to the top rope for a twisting press, but Seven moves out of the way. Seven and Dunne double team Lynch with a full nelson suplex/uppercut combo for a two count.

Seven and Dunne beat up both members of the Riots and trade blows with them before the Riots turn them inside out with clotheslines. The Riots then charge at them but receive stereo pop up powerbombs. The Riots then hit Seven and Dunne with 2 pop up powerbombs of their own. Seven is in a seated position in the corner and the Riots toss Dunne into him. The Riots hit The District Line on Dunne but he kicks out after a two count. Seven ejects Davis out of the ring and grabs the Riots cricket bat from the corner of the ring and goes to hit Davis with it, but he blocks and forces Seven to hit Dunne with it. Lynch goes for the spear on Seven but he dodges it sending Lynch face first into the turnbuckle.

Davis grabs the cricket bat and while the referee is trying to get it off him, Seven takes the mask off the injured face of Rob Lynch and Dunne bites his nose. Seven then does a Dunne pump kick assisted pile driver on Davis allowing Dunne to cover him for a three count.

WINNERS: British Strong Style in 15:44 to successfully retain and qualify for the elimination match main event for the vacant PROGRESS title.

This was another good tag team match. It didn’t quite top the match these 2 teams had in Brixton earlier in the year, but it was an entertaining match and the action was great.

(4) WILL OSPREAY vs. MATT RIDDLE – Winner enters 7 man elimination match main event for the vacant PROGRESS title.

Riddle, who is making his PROGRESS debut here, started the match by hitting Ospreay with a running knee to the face before the bell during his ring introduction. After a big German suplex, Riddle hits Ospreay with a series of forearms and stomps in the corner, followed by a running double knee strike. He then performs a ura-nage exploder suplex and a senton splash for a two count. After a kick to Ospreay’s back he delivers a Fisherman’s brain buster and hooks the leg for another two count. Riddle hits Ospreay with a couple of body slams and a couple of knife edge chops.

He goes for another body slam but Ospeay jumps over and kicks him in the face. Riddle goes for a gut wrench suplex but Ospreay escapes and rolls through, coming off the ropes with a hand spring pele kick. Riddle charges at Ospreay in the corner, but Ospreay basement dropkicks his legs out from beneath him, sending him head first into the second turn buckle. Ospreay goes out to the apron, kicks Riddle him in the head then delivers a spring board flying forearm for a two count.After a big boot, Ospreay charges at Riddle but he sends Ospreay over the top rope to the apron and knocks him down to the floor with a springboard knee strike. Riddle then attempts a baseball slide but Ospreay moves and ducks a clothesline before springboarding of the wall and landing a moonsault.

After a Springboard cartwheel twisting press over the top rope, Ospreay hits Riddle with a bottom rope springboard into a neckbreacker in the ring. After a standing shooting star, Ospreay rolls through and performs springboard twisting press from second rope for a two count. They stand face to face in the middle of the ring trading blows until riddle gains the advantage with an up kick. After both men are down on the mat for a few seconds, they get up and trade strikes again. Riddle knocks Ospreay down with a kick to the side of the head and goes to the top rope, but Ospreay catches him with a Cheeky Nandos. He delivers a reverse hurricanrana but the momentum carries Riddle through and he attempts a German on Ospreay who lands on his feet before hitting Riddle with a spinning kick. Ospreay goes for a springboard cutter but Riddle catches him and delivers a jumping tombstone piledriver for a two count. Riddle then gets Ospreay in the Bromission for the submission victory.

WINNER: Matt Riddle in 08:11 to qualify for the elimination match main event for the vacant PROGRESS title.

I thought this would be a longer match but they got straight to the point, and given the amount of time they had, they delivered a great action packed match with some strong striking and impressive high flying spots.

(5) MARTY SCURLL vs. JIMMY HAVOC – Winner enters 7 man elimination match main event for the vacant PROGRESS title.

Havoc starts the match by mimicking the Golberg v Lesnar match and hitting 2 spears in quick succession, followed by an Acid Rain Maker, but it only gets him a two count. Havoc rolls Scurll into the ring, but as he’s getting back in himself Scurll catches him with a tilt-a-whirl side-slam. Havoc rolls out and Scurll superkicks him from the apron. He throws Havoc into a row of chairs at ringside, and then throws him into another row of chairs. Havoc gets a beer off a fan, takes a swig and spits it into Scurll’s face, but Scurll kicks him in the stomach and throws him into the fans in the front row. While Havoc is lying across the lap of a fan, Scurll punches him a couple of times then throws him into the ring post. After Scurll chops him a couple of times, Havoc pokes Scurll in the eye and goes to throw him into the video wall but he reverses and throws Havoc into it instead.

Scurll drops Havoc back first onto the ring apron and rolls him back into the ring to put his foot across his chest for a cocky pinfall attempt which only gets him a one count. He stamps on Havocs elbow, driving his wrist into the mat, then stomps on him repeatedly in the corner. After a snap mare and a chin lock, he whips Havoc into the corner, but Havoc rebounds out with a shotgun drop-kick and stomps on Scurll in the corner. Havoc hits Scurll with a half nelson suplex followed by a GTS and a shining wizard for a two count.

Havoc goes out of the ring to get a chair and while he’s distracted by the ref taking it off him, Scurll hits him with a forearm and a superkick then body slams him legs first into the ropes for a two count. Scurll signals for the chicken wing, but Havoc elbows him and they exchange hard strikes coming off the ropes until Havoc ducks a clothesline and hits Scurll with a Pele kick. They exchange stiff blows in the middle of the ring and Havoc goes for the Acid Rain Maker which Scrurll avoids. Scurll goes for the chicken wing again and Havoc escapes, but Scurll keeps hold of his hand and finger snaps him.

Scurll gets hold of his umbrella, and while the ref’s back is turned to remove it from the ring, he low blows Havoc and delivers his own version of the Acid Rain Maker for a close two count. Havoc escapes another chicken wing attempt and delivers the Acid Rain Maker, inadvertently knocking the referee out with his trailing arm so he is unable to make a three count. While Havoc is checking on the ref, Scurll grabs the umbrella, but Havoc low blows him and grabs it off him. Havoc falls to the mat and throws the umbrella at Scurll who catches it. The referee wakes up to find Scurll standing over a fallen Havoc holding the umbrella and awards Havoc the win by disqualification.

WINNER: Jimmy Havoc in 10:52 to qualify for the elimination match main event for the vacant PROGRESS title.

The Goldberg Lesnar reference at the beginning of the match was great, as was Havoc’s nod to Eddie Guerrero during the finish. The action in between was all good.

(6) NIXON NEWELL vs. KATEY HARVEY – Natural Progression Series 4 match

They start out with a lockup, followed by a long sequence of chain wrestling until Harvey gains the upper hand with an elbow to the side of Newell’s head. She sends Newell off the ropes, but gets taken down with a flying head-scissors and a series of deep arm drags then a drop-kick. Harvey rolls out and moves out of harms way before Newell goes for a suicide dive. Newell soccer punts Harvey in chest from the apron then rolls her back into the ring for a two count.

She splashes Harvey in the corner and tries it a second time but Harvey gets a boot up and then delivers an exploder suplex to Newell. Harvey stomps Newell in the corner and snap mares her for a two count. After a long arm bar, Harvey goes to grab Newell but she fights back with punches. She runs off the ropes but Harvey catches her with a hard clothesline and makes the cover for a two count. Harvey chokes Newell against the second rope, but while Harvey has her back turned to argue with fans, Newell rolls her up for a two count. Harvey goes for the Guererro stretch but Newell manoeuvres out of it and head-butts Harvey, knocking them both to the ground.

They trade punches on their knees and both get to their feet continuing to trade punches until Newell gains the advantage with an enzuigiri. They charge at each other in opposite corners until Newell moves out of the way and catches Harvey with a kick to the head followed by a top rope cross body for a two count. Newell goes for the Shiniest of Wizards but Harvey ducks and delivers a fall-away slam before getting Newell in a pendulum submission. Harvey covers Newell but only gets a two count. Harvey looks like she’s going to attempt an Alabama slam but Newell wriggles out and rolls her up for a two count. Newell knocks Harvey to her knees and rolls her knee pad down signalling for the Shiniest of Wizards, which she lands and makes the cover for the three count and the win.

WINNER: Nixon Newell in 8.57 to advance in the Natural Progression Series.

This was probably the least impressive match of the night, but was still pretty good. It was quite surreal hearing 700 PROGRESS fans singing C’est La Vie by Bewitched during Newell’s entrance.

(7) TK COOPER vs. TRAVIS BANKS vs. PETE DUNNE vs. TRENT SEVEN vs. SEBASTIAN (w/William Eaver) vs. MATT RIDDLE vs. JIMMY HAVOC – 7-man elimination PROGRESS Championship match

As Jimmy Havoc is making his way to the ring, he is attacked on the stage from behind by Marty Scurll, who batters him with his umbrella, taking him out of the match. In the ring, Sebastian attempts to conspire with British Strong Style and South Pacific Power Trip, but they all leave the ring, deserting him and allowing Riddle to take him down with a running knee.

Dunne attempts to take down Riddle, but Riddle manoeuvres away from him and gets Dunne in a rear naked choke. Dunne reaches the ropes and escapes the ring as Seven enters and attempts to get Riddle in a rear naked choke. Riddle rolls out of it and gets Seven in an arm bar, sending him scurrying for the ropes and out of the ring. Cooper gets Riddle in a sleeper, but Riddle throws him off and gets him in another arm bar. After Cooper gets to the ropes and escapes, Banks comes in and attempts to out wrestle Riddle, but Riddle gets him in a tight front face lock before Banks escapes and slides out of the ring.

British Strong Style and South Pacific Power Trip finally get the better of Riddle when Dunne knocks him to the mat with a forearm from behind and the 4 of them stomp him while he’s down. Dunne throws Cooper out of the ring and Banks throws Seven out of the ring. Dunne grabs the nose of Banks and twists it before they trade hard forearms. Dunne attempts a pump kick on Banks, but Banks grabs his foot and sends him face first into the mat before coming off the ropes with a running double knee to the face.

Seven enters the ring and delivers a full nelson suplex and a brainbuster to Banks. Cooper comes into the ring and attempts to whip Seven into the corner, but Seven reverses it. As he’s charging at Cooper he gets a boot up and knocks Seven down with an axe kick. Sebastian sneaks into the ring and clotheslines Cooper before attempting the Best Move Ever, but Riddle enters the ring again and delivers a jumping tombstone to Sebastian. Before he can make a cover, South Pacific Power Trip double team him and hit him with a facebuster/neckbreaker combo.

British Strong Style enter the ring and clothesline both members of SPPT over the top rope. Sebastian then dumps both members of British Strong Style out of the ring before teasing a suicide dive and getting kicked in the head by Riddle. Riddle slides out of the ring and knocks all 5 other participants down with a series of stiff palm strikes. Seven performs a suicide dive through the ropes, sending Riddle into the front row. Banks then performs a suicide dive on Seven and Riddle. Cooper then delivers a twisting press from the top rope to all 5 guys.

Cooper rolls Dunne back into the ring but as he’s coming in himself, Dunne Irish whips him and takes him down with a hard lariat. Dunne locks Cooper’s legs as if he’s going to do the double knee stomp. Seven gets Cooper in a crossface while Dunne still has his legs locked, then Banks gets Dunne in a dragon sleeper and Riddle gets Banks in a rear naked choke. Sebastian comes in and breaks up the human submission centipede with kicks and forearms. Cooper and Banks spike Sebastian with an assisted DDT, then Riddle kicks Banks and delivers a Bro To Sleep and a fisherman’s buster to Cooper for a three count.

Matt Riddle eliminates TK Cooper in 7.45

Dunne hits Riddle with an enzuigiri before Banks hits Dunne with an enzuigiri of his own. Dunne, Seven, Banks and Riddle each find themselves in a separate corner of the ring. They all go for a running kick at the same time, colliding in the centre of the ring and knocking all 4 men down. Sebastian sneaks back into the ring and does The Best Move Ever on Seven. At this point, Jack Sexsmith appears out of the crowd and gets Sebastian in Mr Cocko, but Sebastian escapes with a low blow. While Sebastian is distracted by Sexsmith, Jimmy Havoc enters the match and delivers an Acid Rain Maker to Sebastian and covers him for a three count.

Jimmy Havoc eliminates Sebastian in 9.18

British Strong Style knock Havoc down with a double head butt. Dunne charges at Banks but he pulls the top rope down sending Dunne to the floor. Banks delivers a series of running forearms to Riddle and Seven, who are in opposite corners of the ring. He delivers a cannonball to Seven and a springboard kick to Riddle. He attempts to do another springboard kick on Seven, but Seven stops him with a forearm. They battle on the top rope before Seven gains the momentum and performs a second rope piledriver on Banks for the pinfall elimination.

Trent Seven eliminates Travis Banks in 10.40

British Strong Style take turns battering Riddle. Riddle battles out with chops and kicks to both of them before going for a springboard manoeuvre, but Seven catches him with a forearm followed by a Dunne pop up forearm. They double team Riddle with the pump kick piledriver and Dunne makes the cover for a three count.

Pete Dunne eliminates Matt Riddle in 11.46

Havoc tries to battle off both members of British Strong Style, but they use their numbers advantage to get the better of him and take turns battering him down. They Irish whip Havoc across the ring, but he catches them both with boots as they’re charging in at him, then performs a double drop kick from the second rope knocking both men down. He delivers charging forearms to both men but Dunne turns him inside out with a big lariat.

Seven holds Havoc for the assisted dragon suplex, but Havoc moves out of the way and Dunne accidentally hits Seven with a forearm. Havoc rolls out of the way of a Dunne knee drop and delivers a short DDT to him. He goes to do an Acid Rain Maker, which Seven ducks before trying an Acid Rain Maker of his own. Havoc ducks that and successfully delivers the Acid Rain Maker but Seven kicks out at two. Dunne goes to attack Havoc but Havoc throws him out of the ring and delivers a second Acid Rain Maker to Seven for a three count.

Jimmy Havoc eliminates Trent Seven in 14.52

Dunne super kicks Havoc. He attempts to finish Havoc off with Drop Dead, but he escapes. Havoc goes to spear Dunne, but he moves out of the way sending Havoc into the referee. Havoc escapes another Drop Dead attempt and delivers the Acid Rain Maker to Dunne, but the referee is down and unable to count the fall.

Seven comes back into the ring and low blows Havoc before delivering a Dunne assisted pump kick pile driver. A new referee runs out to count the fall but Havoc kicks out after two. Havoc low blows Dunne and superkicks Seven off the apron. He delivers the Acid Rain Maker to Dunne and makes the cover but Seven pulls the referee out of the ring before he counts to three and throws him into the fans at ringside. Seven does a full nelson suplex on Havoc. Havoc gives Seven and Dunne the middle finger but they both bite his fingers.

They are about to do another pump kick piledriver on Havoc, but Seven’s former Moustache Mountain tag team partner Tyler Bate runs out to the ring. It looks like he’s intending to get revenge on Seven for his betrayal of him earlier in the year, but instead Bate turns on Havoc, revealing himself to be the newest member of British Strong Style. Bate does a tombstone pile driver on Havoc before Dunne delivers Drop Dead. Bate and Seven revive the original referee and Dunne makes the cover for the three count to become the new PROGRESS champion and first ever double champion in PROGRESS.

WINNER: Pete Dunne in 18:41 to become PROGRESS Wrestling Champion.

As you would expect from a seven-man elimination match, there was a lot going on throughout and a great deal of stuff was squeezed into 20 minutes. But it was entertaining none the less and forwarded several storylines.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was another great show start to finish. For a match that fell short of 10 minutes, Ospreay v Matt Riddle was tremendous and the match of the night. This was my first time seeing Riddle and he looks incredibly promising considering he’s only been wrestling for 18 months. Hopefully this will be the first of many appearances for him at PROGRESS. The main event delivered some good action and weaved several news worthy incidents into the match, including Tyler Bate’s heel turn, which was very well done. Pete Dunne is a great choice as champion as he’s been putting in some stand out performances lately. For various reasons, the title has been jumping around a lot recently and Dunne is the fourth champion in the last five months, so hopefully he can have a relatively long reign and establish himself as champion.

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