MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 1/19: Live ongoing coverage of Race for the Case, Drew Galloway vs. Moose, Brooke’s Return


McMahon’s Impact Wrestling Report
January 19, 2017
Orlando, Fla. – Universal Studios
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero


— Impact opened with the old Impact logo graphic, and then a recap videos of the last two weeks, including Davey Richards costing ECIII the TNA World Title and Lashley vs. ECIII in a last man standing match.

— In-arena: Mathews welcomes us to the show and says we’re looking at the first Race for the Case match in Impact history. There are four cases on four turnbuckles, and Mathews said that each case featured “unique opportunities.” As the wrestlers in the ring look ready, Broken Matt Hardy makes his ring entrance with Brother Nero. Reby (with Maxel on her back) plays them into the ring with live piano.

Eli Drake makes his ring entrance next. Mathews said that each case has a number in it, and on the return episode of Open Fight Night, Mathews said whoever secures No. 1 could challenge for the World Title, because that person would get the first challenge.


Mathews said that James Storm and Gregory Helms aren’t allowed to be at ringside for this match.

The match begins and, as you can imagine with so many people, it’s a giant cluster. The cases all have a different color — yellow, blue, red and green.

About two minutes into the match, Tyrus plays defense for Eli Drake, and he climbs to capture the red briefcase. Drake and Tyrus then leave the match. Mathews said that they were heading back as a team.

So, wait a minute … Drake and Tyrus are a team? The D.C.C. as well as Matt and Jeff Hardy are a team. So they’re fighting as a team, but Shera, Godderz, Bennett and others are all fighting as singles?

Yeah, this isn’t confusing at all.

At the three-minute mark, Trevor Lee grabs the blue briefcase after a double knee on Bennett. He then jumped off the top rope and took out a pile of wrestlers at ringside.


Back from the break, Bennett has Matt Hardy on the outside. Shera goes for the green case but he’s cutoff by Bram.

At one point, Mathews again tries to explain the rules and says, “stay with my folks, we’ll get you through this.”

Godderz goes for the green case but Steve cuts him off. Steve drops Matt Hardy and then takes out Kingston and Godderz on the outside. Matt Hardy then sat up like old-school Undertaker, only faster, and according to Mathews, had a “premonition” that he needed to get the green case. Hardy fights off Bennett but Steve stopped him. Mathews wondered if the seven deities told Matt to get the green briefcase?

Godderz locks Kingston in an Adonis Crab and then uses a slingshot to take out Bennett with Kingston. Godderz climbs and grabs the golf briefcase, but he dropped it after Kingston kicked him and Bram picked it up. Mathews said that Godderz never had it secured, and the briefcase was awarded to the D.C.C.

OK … so we’re down to Matt & Jeff Hardy, Mike Bennett, Jessie Godderz, Mahabali Shera and Crazzy Steve?

Matt Hardy fights off Godderz and Bennett which allows Jeff to grab the green briefcase.

WINNERS: Eli Drake (red), Trevor Lee (blue), Bram (yellow) and Jeff Hardy (green) in 11:00.

After the match, Jeff and Matt celebrate with their TNA Tag Titles.

(McMahon’s Analysis: That was hard to understand. There were teams fighting as teams, but also singles fighting as singles. They were all fighting for cases with numbers. Even Mathews felt the need to joke “stay with us, folks.” What a mess. I’ll give them a A for effort when it comes to trying something new and different, but there was way too much going and, if they knew it needed to be explained that much, they should have known better and simplified the idea).

— TNA airs a video of Drew Galloway’s debut in TNA and then a video of Moose’s debut from this past summer.

— Backstage: Galloway said that since he’s been gone there has been a lot of change in Impact, and it’s been for the good of the company. But one thing not good is the Impact Grand Championship. He said he didn’t mean Moose, he’s fantastic, but everything Moose has done so far doesn’t count. Galloway said that title was designed with him in mind. Galloway said he earned a shot at that title, but the company wouldn’t wait until he was healthy, so nothing about that title counts before now. Galloway said that he wants to make the Grand Championship the top championship in the world.

— Backstage: Lashley said he gets a shot at the TNA World Title. Lashley said he’s headed to the ring, with a proposition for Eddie Edwards.


— Lashley heads to the ring and said he eliminated the “speed bump” that was ECIII. Nothing was going to stop him from beating Eddie Edwards, according to Lashley.

Lashley then demanded that Edwards come to the ring and meet him. Edwards came to the ring and asked if Lashley was punch drunk? He said he doesn’t know how this got mixed up, but Edwards said he doesn’t have to answer to Lashley. Edwards said no one owes Lashley a thing.

But, Edwards said he gets what Lashley is doing. Edwards said that Lashley knows he wants to be a fighting champion and he wants to take TNA to the next level. So, with that being said, Edwards asked Lashley to explain what his master plan was to steal the TNA World Title from him?

Lashley told Edwards he wasn’t a fighting champion. Lashley said Edwards relies on fluke wins. Lashley said Edwards relies on his partner. Lashley said that when he had the World Title, he fought everyone with no help. Lashley called Edwards a feel-good story, but Edwards didn’t like that. Edwards said that the TNA World Title is his life. Lashley said he would pardon Edwards for stepping in his face. Lashley said if Edwards was a fighting champion, he would give Lashley a title shot. Lashley then challenged Edwards to a 30-minute iron man match for the TNA World Hvt. Title.

“That way, I am going to beat you over, and over, and over again,” Lashley said.

Edwards told Lashley that he’s got it. Edwards said that gives him 30 more minutes to prove, once and for all, that Lashley “will be known as nothing but Eddie’s bitch!”

Lashley then sucker-punched Edwards and started pounding him in the corner with kicks. Lashley set up Edwards for a spear but Davey Richards ran in and saved Edwards, running Lashley off with a chair. Lashley taunted Richards and Edwards from the stage.

— Backstage: Maria calls Braxton Sutter on the phone and said she has something important to talk to him about. Brooke walks by and Maria stops her. Maria said she hasn’t been properly introduced. Maria pretended to not know who Brooke was. Brooke said that she knows who Maria is, and she knows that Maria likes to “run her pretty little mouth.” Brooke said Maria never likes to back up her talk. Brooke told Maria to stay out of her business.

(McMahon’s Analysis: Brooke is taking over the Gail Kim role, it would appear. They need to do some work with Brooke to make her feel like a top star in that division. She’s been away for a while, and while she was one of the top wrestlers in the knockouts division before she left, there was also long periods where she was just another woman on the roster. Programming her with Maria is a good way to get her viewed correctly, but so far this felt like just picking up where the Gail Kim-Maria feud left off, without any real progression).


Back from the break, Don West was back and pitching a huge Shop TNA sale, where you can get $150 worth of merch for $20.


Purrazzo has control early, scoring a takedown and wrapping up Brooke with a side headlock. Madison Rayne explains that Brooke and Deonna wrestled at Knockouts Knockdown about three years ago, so there is some history here. The match rolls to the outside and Brooke goes back on the offensive. Brooke throws Purrazzo into a few turnbuckles. Mathews then pitched Brooke’s reality TV show project “Rattled” that’s coming soon. Brooke swings Purrazzo with a neckbreaker. Purrazzo throws an elbow and hits a running knee before standing over Brooke and throwing multiple forearms. Purrazzo played to the crowd which allowed Brooke to come back with a clothesline. Brooke picked up Purrazzo for what looked like a suplex, but instead dropped her forward onto her face.

WINNER: Brooke in 5:00.

After the match, Sienna came out to attack Brooke, but Brooke saw her coming and started to fight her off. Sienna was too strong, however, and dropped Brooke with a silencer. Mathews wondered if Maria sent her out to attack Brooke.

“Maria says, ‘welcome back,'” Sienna said to a fallen Brooke.

— Backstage: Eli Drake is sitting with Tyrus. Drake tells Tyrus to say that the Fact of Life is coming up next, with the suitcase numbers from Race for the Case earlier tonight being revealed.

— Backstage: Maria confronts Braxton Sutter, asking if he got her voicemail. Braxton said that he was training Allie. Maria reminds Braxton that Maria works for her. Braxton said Allie is a great person, and doesn’t need to associate herself with people like Maria. Braxton said he’s a grown man, and Maria isn’t going to stop him from training Allie. Maria then whispered something in Braxton’s ear, and said that’s why he’ll stop training Allie. Braxton looked upset and annoyed. Maria told him one more time to stop training Allie. Braxton said he heard her crystal clear. Maria then told Braxton to go find Laurel Van Ness, because she’s a good girl.

— Tyrus is hosting the Fact of Life segment. Tyrus explains that the Race for the Case cases will be revealed. He said that whoever draws No. 1 — saying it will be Drake — can name whatever match they want.

Tyrus told Drake to make his reveal first. Drake, who is now not speaking, reveals he drew No. 4. Tyrus said that is fine. D.C.C. picks No. 2. Tyrus keeps telling Drake “it’s fine!” as he looks annoyed at his No. 4 selection. Some comedy now with Trevor Lee, who keeps getting distracted and then can’t get into the briefcase because he thought it was locked. Lee opens his case to reveal No. 3 selection. Jeff Hardy then comes to the desk, and asked if they should state the obvious? Jeff opened his case to reveal No. 1 selection.

— Highlights of Galloway winning the TNA World Title are shown.

— Backstage: Allie is going over moves and Braxton runs in. Allie gives him a kiss and Braxton asks to talk to her about something. Braxton told Allie that he doesn’t think they should be together anymore. Allie said she doesn’t understand. Braxton said he was sorry and walked off, as Allie began to cry.

— In-arena: Rockstar Spud introduces Aron Rex. Mathews said Rex was “transitioning” into something different. Mathews making some subtle “not that there’s anything wrong with that” type comments. Robbie E then came out to new music and wearing new tights. Robbie asked if Aron Rex was still a thing? He asked Aron if he was still wearing lipstick “bro.” Robbie said he has Aron’s number, and Swoggle, who he brought out, has Spud’s number.


Spud and Swoggle will start things off. Spud also has new tights. They’re a very light shade of blue. Rex tells Spud to tag him, and then Rex takes a mic and says that the crowd was all there to see him. Swoggle grabbed Rex and he freaked out, telling Spud to get Swoggle off of him. Spud and Swoggle are the legal men, again. Swoggle gets Spud up for a Go To Sleep. Rex tags in and he intercepts Swoggle on his way to Robbie E. Robbie finally gets the tag and he’s a house of fire on Rex and Spud. Robbie tags Spud back into the match. Robbie whips Swoggle into Rex and then whips Swoggle into Spud, but Swoggle stopped short and did a stink face on Spud. Spud attacked Swoggle with the ring on his hand, but the referee didn’t see it. Robbie dove to take out Spud on the outside. Rex then covered Swoggle for the win.

WINNERS: Aron Rex & Spud in 5:00.

After the match, Spud got Rex’s jacket and put it on him as they made their way to the back Robbie checks on Swoggle in the ring.

— Highlights of Galloway vs. ECIII from August were shown, where Galloway snapped. Highlights of Moose beating Rex for the Grand Championship are also shown.

[Commercial break]

— Back from the break, Mathews plugs Genesis for next week, including Rosemary vs. Jade in a Monster’s Ball match. The main event of Genesis will be a 30-minute iron man match for the TNA World Title, when Eddie Edwards defends against Lashley. Mathews then throws to a video to hype next week’s show.

— Backstage: Laurel Van Ness is walking with Braxton Sutter. She thanks him for the ride home. Laurel tells Braxton to open the door for her, and he walks over and does. Braxton then gets in the car and they presumably drive off.

— A video is shown highlighting Moose, specifically his win over Rex for the Grand Championship. Interview clips are shown, where Moose said he came to TNA to make an impact. Galloway interview bits are shown, where he said he had a chance to make history and become the first Grand Champion, but he was hurt. Galloway said the tournament and title was created for him. Moose and Galloway both seem to show genuine respect, but both said they deserved the title more than the other man.

— In-arena: Drew Galloway is introduced.

[Commercial break]

— Back from the break, Moose is introduced.

(4) MOOSE [c] vs. DREW GALLOWAY — TNA Grand Championship match

Round 1

Mathews explains the rules of the Grand Championship, including round scoring and what the judges are looking for. Galloway hits a tackle after Moose does. Both men jump right back up and look at each other with some respect. Galloway and Moose trade chops. Galloway hits the rope and Moose hits a dropkick. Moose throws Galloway and begins to gain control of the round with one minute left. Galloway hits a piledriver with about 30 seconds left for a two count. Galloway and Moose trade punches as the round comes to an end.

Scores: Drew Galloway, 29-28

[Commercial break]

Round 2

Moose gets the second round started quickly with a big boot. The match goes to the outside and Galloway and Moose again exchange chops, but this time on the outside of the ring. Galloway hits Moose with a death valley driver onto the apron. On the outside, Moose recovers and powerbombs Galloway on the apron. Moose hits a pop-up powerbomb but misses a moonsault. Galloway locks on an Iron Maiden submission. Moose is trying to hold on with about 40 seconds left. Mathews points out that Kurt Angle tapped to this hold. Moose tries to power his way to his feet and he does, but Galloway still has the hold and he drops Moose back to the mat. Moose is holding on with 10 seconds left and the round ends. Galloway screams “tap for God’s sake!”

Scores: Moose, 29-28

Round 3

Seriously? Moose barely had any offense in that round and he won? Mathews and Pope point to the poor scores. Mathews said that’s what happened when you put it in the judges’ hands.

Moose lands a jab early in the round and has some control of the pace. Moose tries for a game changer but Galloway ducks it. Moose avoids a future shock DDT but eats a boot when he goes for another game changer. Galloway comes off the top but Moose hits a mid-air dropkick with 1:40 left. Galloway goes to the ropes and hits Moose with a low blow with 1:24 left. The referee tells the timekeeper to stop the match and he calls for a point deduction for the low blow.

Moose has time to regroup and he tells the ref to start the match. As soon as he does, Galloway hits a Claymore kick for the win.

WINNER: Drew Galloway via pin to become the new Impact Grand Champion.

After the match, Galloway gets his hand raised. Mathews said he stole the title. Galloway then celebrates as the show goes off the air.

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  1. I am now sure why the person that wrote this review found the concept confusing. This was very similar to the feast of fired concept without a case with a pink slip. Anyone that watched the product for at least a year or two should not have been confused at all.

  2. How can there be any progression to a feud, if the person that just entered the feud is making her return to wrestling that evening? The feud could progress from that point, but something can not progress before it starts.

  3. I do agree with the scoring of the 3 round match. How does Moose win that round? I get the whole “don’t leave it in the hands of the judges thing” that they are seemingly taking from UFC, but usually when there is a controversial decision in MMA the round is much closer. That was a head scratcher.

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