RAW PRIMER: The post-WrestleMania Raw is upon us, and besides the Hardys, a lot will spark the new season for the Red Brand

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

Jeff Hardy (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


APRIL 3, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch contributor


WOW. What a WrestleMania we were given. However, there is no time to dwell on it for too long. The Raw afterwards has always been just as important if not more. Surprise returns, debuts, premieres, and bookings are about to catapult us back into this new season of WWE. Not to mention the wild wacky crowd which has become a trend for the Red-Brand show. (And probably will be tomorrow too for Smackdown.) Here’s what you can expect tonight all in one quick but detailed shot.

•Undertaker has wrestled his last match with the WWE. It wasn’t pretty, but it was emotional AF. And no matter how you feel about Roman Reigns, the right man did win. Afterwards, the Deadman removed his gloves, his hat, and his jacket and left them in the middle of the ring. A symbol which parallels exactly the type of man Mark Callaway was: He always left it all in the ring. His heart, his soul, and he always delivered. For SOOOO many years he took a silly gimmick and turned it into a supernatural phenomenon. Last night was too emotional, I don’t think we see him again tonight. #thankYOUtaker

Roman on the other hand will be around at the Amway Center. Perhaps he’ll look to re-focus his energy on the Universal Championship, especially considering who currently holds the title again.

-That would be Brock Lesnar, who did everything Paul Heyman said he was going to do to Bill Goldberg last night in what turned out to be an AMAZING (but quick) fight. The match would open with three of Brock’s patented German’s, but Goldberg retaliated with a spear LITERALLY OUT OF NOWHERE. When things moved to the outside Goldberg speared Brock through the timekeeper’s table. Another spear. Jackhammer. WASN’T ENOUGH THIS TIME. As Goldberg went for what would have been his fifth spear of the match Brock LEAPED vertically in the air about 1,000 feet. (I’m exaggerating; it was probably 10,000 feet – the man is a God.) Suplex City would return, followed by an exit off the F5, and Brock would reign supreme at Mania yet again. Does the only other man who defeated the Undertaker at the Show of Shows want to put the belt on the line against the Big Dawg Roman? Will this clash even get mentioned or will we get a LONG BUILD to the rumored Mania 34 rematch? You’re guess is as good as mine.

-What makes things even more interesting is the man who never lost the red belt returning. The new icon, Finn Balor. We know that he’s been working house shows, and while I expected to see him last night, tonight would be much more appropriate. Does he go after Rollins for hurting him? Or does he dawn the paint and challenge the Beast? The demon fears no man, no matter his status.

-While the main event has many options, one constant that is certain is this: THE HARDY BOYZ ARE BACK AND ARE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS ONCE AGAIN. While it makes me a wee bit sad for Enzo & Cass who really deserved their big moment in the sun, it is also certainly an opportunity that must be appreciated and must be taken advantage of. Matt Hardy was THE most talked about wrestler over the past year. In a WWE.com interview, it doesn’t seem like we have the Brother Nero or Broken Matt that has garnered worldwide popularity, but some catchphrases are still there. I’m sure they’ll come out tonight and give us the skinny. No matter what, that works for me.

-Bayley retained. The match was fine, and Charlotte continues to look like the biggest star on the roster. If there is one thing that is a necessity for tonight, it’s for Bayley to have a new contender. I’m not certain that means Sasha Banks at this time, because if the big story is Heel Sasha, maybe they’ll save it for Summerslam. I wouldn’t mind a Bayley vs. Emma feud until then. If it does happen, well then bring on the tears because betrayal is something WWE is GREAT at.

-Kevin Owens affectively murdered Y2J last night. The match was fine, delivered in every way that it should have, and included some very fun and unique spots. With Jericho gone and gold around KO’s waist again, perhaps he, Samoa Joe, and Triple H can form that faction now?

-Braun Strowman and Big Show got SQUASHED in the Battle Royal. Okay, not squashed, but I believe everyone picked them on their card to at least make it to the final four. I’m not going to mention Mojo Rawley because the man is the death of professional wrestling. Big Braun going to be angry tonight. BIG BRAUN GOING TO STEAL THE SHOW.

-Neville retained his Cruiserweight Championship. After a well-constructed feud with Austin Aries, the King took measures a step too far when he gouged A.A. in his recently repaired orbital eye socket. It looked brutal, which means it was awesome. The match itself was the pre-show opener, but was given plenty of time and had a very supportive audience to go along with it. I would assume this feud continues going forward.

Seriously, don’t miss tonight’s show. If you thought last night was crazy… YOU JUST WAIT. At least that’s what I’m hoping. #rawaftermania #DEMON

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  1. Some constructive criticism, maybe leave out the “AF” lingo that all the kids are using when posting articles for a major wrestling web site. And there is only 1 “l” in Calaway.

    • Apologize if the phrase upset you Ronny. I’ll try and be more aware of it going forward.

      Sometimes in writing these articles so quickly it’s hard to crack down on all of the grammar and spelling. I’m sure Mark will forgive me.

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