4/22 House of Hardcore 25: Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr., Broken Hardys vs. Spirit Squad, plus Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, MVP, Juventud, C.W. Anderson


APRIL 22, 2017
PHILADELPHIA, PA. AT 2300 ARENA (formerly ECW Arena)

(1) Chuckles the Clown vs. Matt Striker. Pretty good  reaction for Striker and both put on a very decent match. At one point they rolled around the ring with comical multiple pin attempts, which the crowd loved.

(2) Little Guido vs. Alex Reynolds. Reynolds, came out with valet and manager, and although a large percent of the crowd also wasn’t familiar with him, he played a great heel and the crowd seemed to appreciate that. His opponent, yet another name that wasn’t advertised, Little Guido  was a welcome arrival. The match ended when the Valet and Manager kept getting involved, which eventually led to Guido kissing the valet to a huge pop. That distraction led to Guido losing, and  afterwards Reynolds tried to give a promo, and I am curious how it sounded on FloSlam because the crowd gave him the Roman Reigns treatment and booed him for the entire promo. He then called out  Ricky Steamboat, which led to him getting physical with the manager and Reynolds! Definitely a key moment in the night.

(3) Six-Man match. This included a bunch of talent a large percentage of the crowd didn’t  know. The heels, who were using the team name of “The Now”, had started to cheat when The Blue  Meanie made the save! The heels had three valets accompany them, who all ganged up on Meanie in a  pretty comical spot until Velvet Sky and The Sandman showed up to a HUGE pop. With the crowd  singing his music, he canned everybody in sight to end the segment.

(4) C.W. Anderson vs. Juventud Guerrera, who both received a really big pop. Juvi beat CW in what was probably the best technical match of the night. After the match Juventud gave a feel good promo about finally being back in the ECW arena after so many years.

(5) Brian Cage defeated Rhett Titus and Ben Ortiz in a three-way dance elimination. Very good match!

(6) Bull James vs. MVP. This match was slow and killed the momentum of the show a little, but luckily after this match was the intermission.

Tommy Dreamer came out with Bully Ray and cut a promo about how he hates to have politics interfere with his shows, but unfortunately they did in regards to the Hardys. The Spirit Squad then came out and said the Hardy’s aren’t here, to which Matt and Jeff came out in full “Broken” attire. Matt then cut a  promo saying that Mr. McMahon was gracious enough to let them fulfil the rest of their appearances,  but tonight that is not enough, they came to fight!

(7) The Broken Hardys vs. The Spirit Squad. The match started and quickly turned into an all-out  brawl with all three teams but eventually the Hardy’s got the win. Tommy Dreamer said that HOH owes WWE and ROH a favor for letting him use their contracted talents. Great moment!

(8) Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr. No DQ in what was the match of the night. It was FULL of  spots, including a package piledriver from both competitors to the other on the ring apron and a top  rope Canadian Destroyer! The crowd loved it. Great way to end the show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: HOH was a fantastic experience, I have been to ROH, TNA, and WWE shows and none was quite like this.  I would highly recommend attending a HOH show when you can, it’s a great time!


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