VIP AUDIO 7/19 – Wednesday Livecast – PWTorch Nostalgia Hour w/Jim Valley (AD-FREE): Jim talks to bad girl from GLOW, Matilda the Hun, about low pay, rules for outside the ring, why she left, more (85 min)

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SHOW SUMMARY: Jim Valley takes it back to the ’80s with the bad girl from GLOW, Matilda the Hun. She talks about the low pay, the rules GLOW wrestlers had to follow outside the ring, and why she left after the show’s second season. Matilda tells how she got her start at the famed Los Angeles Auditorium and the night The Fabulous Moolah tried to put the moves on her. She also spent time in Hollywood. Hear her stories of Spaceballs: The Movie and the TV show “Married With Children.”  Matilda even sings her theme song, “I Eat Raw Meat.” Matilda the Hun has lived a wild life and she tells some colorful stories on this episode of the PWTorch Nostalgia Hour Livecast with Jim Valley.

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