RAW PRIMER 10/9: Will The Shield officially reunite? Will Enzo conclude another episode? Plus Miz TV with The Bar

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

OCTOBER 9, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch contributor

Announced by WWE

•Miz TV with Cesaro & Sheamus a/k/a The Bar


Tonight Monday Night Raw returns to one of the most prolific incidents in recent WWE history: the break-up of The Shield. Since then each man has found massive success on their own, but it was never pretty. Seth found himself at the hands of the Authority, Dean had no one to turn to and fully embraced his lunacy, and Roman…well Roman gonna Roman. So it only seems fitting that the hounds of justice would come together in the same city where it all fell apart as they prepare to thwart a new enemy. The Miz made headlines when he stated that he and his entourage could have defeated the Shield with ease back in the day and has used this delusion to take on Reigns in the last two weeks. I think we can all agree that out of all the challenges the Shield has faced in the past, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel don’t top that list.

But that’s not where they’re going. Instead, WWE has brilliantly woven Cesaro & Sheamus into the mix and if I’m being honest it’s one of the few times this year that WWE has convinced me they made a correct decision. The Bar is anxious to reclaim their tag-team gold from the newly reunited Rollins & Ambrose and they must see a path by teaming with the A-lister. We’ll get a more direct answer tonight when the Europeans appear on the most must see talk show of all time…MizTv.


 Since his triumph of Braun Strowman at No MercyBrock Lesnar has been enjoying some time off with is Universal Championship. He is scheduled to appear in the build-up for Survivor Series but until then he will await his next challenger. Who could that be? Most likely the Demon Finn Balor, or possibly another clash with that evil Samoan known as Joe. Either way, it’s obvious that TLC is more focused on the full time roster, and of course the debut of a brand new conqueror. Who is that you may ask? 


The women’s division on the red-brand has been as inconsistent as I can remember in the last few years. They continue to progress the division forward by headlining Monday nights more regularly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re stealing the show every time. Current champion Alexa Bliss has now run into relic known as Mickey James, who earned a title shot in two weeks by defeating Nia Jax via disqualification. (I’m just as confused as you are.) Meanwhile, Sasha Banks and Bayley have started to work in tandem as a tag-team and keeping their friendship strong. (I don’t even care about a heel turn anymore since there were far better opportunities for them to do it in the past.) None of this really matters. In two weeks, the main roster will finally feel the impact of Asuka. Will she be making an appearance on television before then? I have no idea, but that anticipation is enough for me to tune into the USA network. I can see them keeping it as a surprise, but eventually we will find out who her opponent(s) will be, and I just feel terribly bad for that person(s). 


-If you’ve been a constant reader of these primers you’ll recall that I “try” to create an interesting tagline for each segment, but it just seems silly to me to try to rationalize any of the recent direction that the Cruiserweight Division has taken. Enzo Amore is by far one of the best talkers in the company, but his strengths on the mic do not match his ineptness inside the ring. Better yet, General Manager Kurt Angle introduced a “new” member to the purple brand… Kalisto. I’m VERY happy about this because Kalisto honestly should have been apart of the 205 team from the very beginning, but his addition came at an odd time of the show, and it sure as hell didn’t seem like the WWE Universe missed him too much. Hopefully he can make us remember why we liked him in the first place. Either way, it’s obvious that the former Lucha Dragon will be challenging for the strap in two weeks.

-Elias continues to get the best of every member of Titus WorldWide. Expect the drifter to bring those sweet guitar playing skills to Indy tonight.

 -Bray Wyatt may be done with Finn Balor, but apparently Sister Abagail isn’t. The Eater of Worlds continues to stalk the Demon King, and now he’s promised that the full extent of the mysterious woman he’s always preached about will be making a debut. OH WELL.

-Jeff Hardy may be injured, but brother Matt has found a new superstar to align with. He and Jason Jordan have been butting heads with the Good Brothers Gallows & Anderson. With each team scoring a victory a piece, will a rubber match be coming?

Interesting that not too much has been announced. Does this mean we end with another cruiserweight segment? Guess you’ll have to tune in to find out. If not, there is a battle in the NFC North tonight between the Bears and the Vikings.

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