TOP 5 PRO WRESTLING MOMENTS OF 2017 (2nd batch): Return of the Hardy, rise of Strowman, Mae Young, Lesnar-Styles, more

Matt & Jeff Hardy (photo credit Wade Keller)


We have invited readers to submit their personal Top Five Pro Wrestling Moments of 2017. Read the second batch, and then join in by sending us your list –

PWTorch reader Kyle Riley of Richmond, Vt. writes…

Hey Wade! I thought I’d contribute to the community list of 2017 Moments! I’m a new VIP member and I wanted to thank you for the content. It’s easier to get through the workdays with a little pro wrestling discussion in my ear most of the time LOL! Here are my top 5 moments.

(1) Hardy Boyz surprise return at WrestleMania! It was a surprise to me at least! Should’ve known when it was made a ladder match for no apparent reason!

(2) Brock Lesnar vs. A.J. Styles at Survivor Series: I’ve rewatched this match, like, six times since the event. I just really enjoyed the story between two of the best sellers in the biz. I think this is my favorite main roster match I’ve seen since I got back into wrestling just before WrestleMania 30)

(3) Bray Wyatt wins the belt at Elimination Chamber: Candidly, Bray Wyatt is my favorite character, I dig his look, his entrance, his move set, all of it. I wish the WWE knew what to do with him. I briefly had hope when he took the belt but when he dropped it back to Randy. I was quite disappointed in both the fact that he dropped it and the way it all went down. Bleh.

(4) Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate II at NXT TakeOver: Chicago: What a freakin’ match. Nuff said.

(5a) Bray Wyatt getting sick just before his Sister Abigail Match with Finn Balor: This is a little tongue-in-cheek, but going back to what I said about not trusting how they handle Bray, I was absolutely dreading what that Abigail vs. Demon match was going to look like and I’m glad they just pretended it kinda never happened. Although “Woken: Matt has been bringing her up a lot lately, so my concern has recently resurfaced. Here’s hoping they’ve canned the idea altogether. At least have a woman play the part, just don’t be Bray with a veil on or something ridiculous.

(5b) The Usos changing their gimmick: They were pretty good before and I didn’t really have many complaints about them, but the new look is such an improvement. They’re probably my top tag team… but Rusev Day is charging hard. I was in Boston for the Clash of Champions and that place was bonkers for Rusev Day. The audio on the network doesn’t even do it justice. We legit wanted an encore and were legit pissed when Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable came out!

PWTorch reader Eric Adrian of Signal Hills, Calif. writes…

(1) Chris Jericho popping up in NJPW

(2) May Young Classic Tournament

(3)  The crowd reaction to the Braun Strowman-Roman Reigns segment with the ambulance.

(4) Kenny Omega vs. Okada I & II

(5) “The Villain” Marty Scurll

Unfortunately, I’m hard pressed to find much in the WWE or ROH storylines that were really that memorable.  Seemed like a rather lackluster year in that regards.

PWTorch reader Scate Telusnord writes…

(1) Roman Reigns defeating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker’s career may have finally ended. This should be everyone’s number one moment for that reason alone.

(2) Braun Strowman tipping over an ambulance

(3) Roman Reigns defeating John Cena at No Mercy. The torch was finally passed and it was sad to see my childhood die as Cena was the reason I started watching wrestling religiously again.

(4) Chris Jericho shows up in New Japan to challenge Kenny Omega at WK. I have NEVER watched a New Japan event, but this angle has peaked my interest in their product and I’m finally giving in to the hype.

(5) The rise of “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman. Who would have thought that  he would have perhaps the best year of anyone in WWE this year?

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