1/11 MLW Zero Hour in Orlando, Fla. at GILT Nightclub: Low Ki, MVP, Havoc, Strickland, Matt Riddle, Tom Lawlor

MVP (photo credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)

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JANUARY 11, 2018

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INTRO NOTE: As a follow up on MLW: Never Say Never, PWTorch caught up with official Frank Gastineau, who had slammed a thumbtack in to his palm while counting a pinfall in that last show’s main event (and no-sold it). The palm suffered minor infection, but Gastineau still worked four nights in a row following the incident.

ATTENDANCE: Zero Hour general admission went up $2 from prior MLW events, and the GILT Nightclub was far more packed than it has been.

Aria Blake welcomed the crowd and handed out free MLW shirts to “the loudest fans.”


(a) Rhett Giddins defeated Kotto Brazil via pinfall.


“Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Seth Petruzelli were shown attacking the arriving Jeff Cobb and Matt Riddle in the parking lot.

(1) Jason Cade & Jimmy Yuta defeated the Dirty Blondes via pinfall after a top rope splash from Yuta followed by a top rope elbow drop from Cade. Cade scored the fall and celebrated by high-fiving fans and shouting, “Daddy’s home!”

Saieve al Sabah entered to address the fans. As he talked down to the crowd, Mike Parrow – now billed with his first name and the nickname “The One-Man Demolition Machine” – entered, and dumped al Sabah out of the ring.

(2) Parrow defeated Vandal Ortagun via disqualification. Al Sabah wasted little time before interfering, and was held off by the menacing Parrow before finally landing a knockout blow with his brass knuckles. After the fall, Ortagun appeared to align with al Sabah as the two raised their fists. Later in the night this correspondent was able to catch up individually with al Sabah and Ortagun, who said they are excited for the opportunity at MLW, and to be working with Parrow.

Blake appeared on screen declaring a scene of chaos backstage as Cobb and Riddle are medically evaluated.

(3) Brody King defeated MJF via pinfall. During entrances, this correspondent cheered MJF. Noticing the dissonant reaction, MJF paused to directly address me, saying, “Suck my dick.” On a personal note, the exchange was the first of many moments that made my night. Before the bell, MJF took the mic to demean the crowd and stake a claim to the MLW Championship. MJF postured as if unafraid of the imposing Brody, but his demeanor shifted once suffering the brunt of the big man’s offense.

(4) Barrington Hughes defeated Jacob Adams via pinfall. Adams burst in fast, and was just as quickly chopped down with a devastating slam for the fall.

(5) Darby Allin defeated Sammy Guevara (with Salina de la Renta) via pinfall. Between Allin’s sinister edge and Guevara’s unflappable cockiness, contrasting personalities defined this evenly contested athletic display from the onset. Following a springboard corkscrew from Allin, Guevara openly agreed with the crowd that it was, indeed, “badass.” Allin scored the fall with an impressive leverage pin that looked like reverse figure four with a back bend.

February 8’s event was announced as MLW: Road to the World Championship, with tickets going on sale Monday, January 15.

(6) Santana Garrett defeated MJ Jenkins via pinfall. In October, Jenkins was spotted scoping out MLW: One Shot from GILT’s balcony. Garrett found victory with a running moonsault, and seemed to nervously survey her surroundings following the bell. Next to this correspondent at the bar, Rhett Giddins observed, “Looks like she got rocked.”

(7) Penta el Zero M defeated Rey Fenix via pinfall. The crowd was hot for this fast-paced, high-flying affair that quickly escalated from taunts to agile flips and daring springboards. El Zero repeatedly shushed the crowd before delivering disgustingly loud chops. At one point saliva soaring from the massive blows nailed a camera operator in the face. After a sizzling sequence of high spots finished things off, Salina de la Renta greeted the victor with champagne. El Zero encouraged the crowd to pay respect to his opponent, and hugged Fenix before the two departed.

(8) Jeff Cobb & Matt Riddle defeated “Filthy” Tom Lawlor & Seth Petruzelli via pinfall. All four wrestlers shined as they delivered on a promise of hard-hitting MMA-style action. Lawlor and Petruzelli isolated Cobb, focusing on the right arm that was injured in the earlier ambush. Petruzelli tagged himself in on occasion, teasing possible tension with Lawlor. Riddle scored the fall on Petruzelli.

(9) Low Ki (w/Stokely Hathaway) vs. MVP ended in either a draw, or disqualification in MVP’s favor. Hathaway was announced as representing “Black Friday Management” and introduced Low Ki after demanding the ring announcer open the ropes for him. MVP’s signature ringside violence dominated what was billed as “The Super Fight.” Low Ki blatantly attacked official Frank Gastineau, and the resulting swarm of security guards could barely keep GILT under control as chaos erupted. Both wrestlers were pulled from the ring, nearly knocking set pieces on to the crowd in the process. Gastineau was stretchered out, and was accidentally bumped in to a support beam in the process.

(10) Jimmy Havoc defeated Shane Strickland via pinfall in a death match. Strickland did not enter to Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”. Havoc entered with Darby Allin and Priscilla Kelly, who departed as Strickland attacked Havoc with chairs on the entrance ramp. The violence – which included a barbed wire-wrapped chair and a table – barely touched the ring until a staple gun was introduced. Strickland faced down Havoc as Havoc drilled him with staples. Strickland turned the tables, stapling a dollar bill to Havoc’s head, then stapling another dollar to his own shoulder and ripping it back out to make a statement. Havoc suplexed Strickland on to the ringside VIP couch, then enacted two papercut spots and poured thumbtacks on his opponent. The two simultaneously kicked tacks out of one another’s mouths, then exchanged tack and barbed wire spots until the fall. At the bar Rhett Giddins observed, “Shane’s going through his Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind moment; proving himself.” After the bell, Havoc raised Strickland’s hand and gave him the ring to soak in the crowd’s respect.

As the event let out, Mike Parrow and Penta el Zero M met and took pictures with fans.

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(If you attend a live event, send a report like this one to pwtorch@pwtorch.com.)

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