Punk should retire says UFC opponent, three hosts revealed for new “30 Years of Summerslam” DVD, Impact viewership on Pop key metrics, Goldust

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


-WWE will be releasing a “30 Years of Summerslam” DVD this summer. The hosts will be “Mean” Gene Okerlund for disc one, Jonathan Coachman for disc two, and Charly Caruso for disk three. Read more about the upcoming DVD at WrestlingDVDnetwork.com.

-Last week’s (6/7) Impact Wrestling on Pop TV, among live and same-night-DVR viewers, drew 296,000 viewers, up from the prior two weeks viewership of 283,000 and 263,000, but still below the rolling ten-week average headed into this week of 322,000. A year ago Impact drew 318,000, which was above the 2017 average up to that point of 293,000. So Impact is underperforming in the last three weeks compared to this year’s average, but is right in line with the average from one year ago.

-WWE Photo Shoot after Raw, streaming on WWE Network, features Goldust. The series features WWE performers reacting to photos from their career and talking about memories associated with the photos.

-C.M. Punk’s opponent from UFC’s PPV last Saturday night, Mike Jackson, says he should retire. “It’s not even a knock on the man and his skills,” he told TMZ. “It’s all about his safety. We’re in a sport where you’re trying to incapacitate someone. It’s a dangerous sport. People’s lives, health is on the line… I never wanted to hurt the guy. I just wanted to beat him up a little bit, so he knows not to do this no more.” Dana White was critical of Jackson for not going for the finish and extending the fight longer than was necessary. In response, Jackson said: “If you’re sitting on the outside watching, I understand what it may have looked like. But, that’s not what I was doing. I’m not a showboater. I’m not a taunter.” ARTICLE LINK

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