6/25 WWE RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on live show from San Diego including Ziggler vs. Seth in IC Title rematch

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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JUNE 25, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jonathan Coachman

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-The show began with a graphic saying “In Memory of Len White ‘Vader’ 1955-2018.”

-The WWE branding message played.

-Cole introduced the show as the graphic said they were in San Diego, Calif. and G.M. Kurt Angle’s music played. The announcers hyped Seth Rollins getting his IC Title rematch against Dolph Ziggler. They went to the ring where not only Angle stood, but also “Constable” Baron Corbin. Corbin made the ring announcer introduce him, too. He made her introduce him as “Stephanie McMahon’s personally appointed constable of Raw, Baron Corbin.” He smiled.

Angle said Paul Heyman wrote a lengthy post on Facebook starting rumors about Brock Lesnar’s status with his next title defense. He said he was there to set the record straight. He began to guarantee something when Roman Reigns’s music (rudely) interrupted Angle. Coach asked, “Guaranteed what?” Coach said the locker room is riled up because they want to hear Paul Heyman say what he has to say in person. As Reigns entered the ring, Cole said Roman believes he is the uncrowned Universal Champion. Graves said, “Justifiably so.” Coach said he has to let it go eventually. (Interesting to see “heel commentator” Graves defended Reigns, but Coach saying Reigns should let it go.)

Reigns said he wanted Angle to tell him to his face what he was about to say. As Angle began, Bobby Lashley interrupted. Lashley entered the ring and said, “Don’t mind me Roman, but I deserve to hear this just as much as you do.” He said Angle put him in the multi-man match also. He reiterated that Reigns had his chance to beat Brock. “Three years,” he said. “Three years of chances and the only thing you’ve proven is you can’t beat Brock.” Reigns stared Lashley down. Lashley said it’s time for him to move on.

Reigns asked: “Move on? Kinda like you did ten years ago?” Reigns said some people might not know this, but Bobby was in the main event of WrestleMania, then moved on and quit. He said he wanted to be a big MMA superstar. “How did that work out, huh? You made a real big impact. Now he’s back. Tell me this, Bob: What have you done around here, lately?” He said while Lashley was elsewhere “doing nothing,” he was main eventing WrestleMania four years in a row. He said he’s hungry and wants it to be five in a row. “So before you ever come in my ring and run your mouth, you check my resume.”

(Keller’s Analysis: First of all, it’s rude to call someone by a version of their name they don’t go by. Bob? It’s kind of a dickish thing to do. Second, when Reigns touts how many WrestleMania main events he has, he should realize that backfires because that’s one of the reasons fans resent him – that he’s gotten such a big push in the last four years.)

Lashley said he shouldn’t run down his background. “I’m the only one here with legit tools to beat Brock,” he said. He said he’s ready to prove that against two or three or however many guys Angle wants to put against him. Angle said there won’t be a multi-man match at Extreme Rules. He said there was a snag in the contractual agreement with Lesnar. He said the Extreme Rules match is off the table, “at least for now.” When Lashley asked what that means, Reigns said Brock does whatever he wants. Reign said if the money is right, he shows up, but he doesn’t care about anybody else – the fans, the wrestlers, anyone. He said Lesnar “doesn’t give a sh–.” Lashley said maybe if Lesnar didn’t have to look across the ring and stare at Reigns, he’d step up. He said Lesnar wants a real challenger, and maybe he’s tired of seeing Reigns’s face, just like all the fans. Cheers. Reigns gave Lashley the death stare. Reigns challenged Lashley to a one-on-one match tonight. Angle said they can have a one-on-one match at Extreme Rules. “I will take it under advisement,” he said.

Suddenly The Revival walked out. They said last week they didn’t think the two biggest egos on the planet could coexist. “We were wrong then, we won’t be wrong now,” they said. They asked Angle for another match. Corbin grabbed the mic and said, “I say, let’s get this party started.” Angle called for a referee.

(Keller’s Analysis: This all seems pointed toward an eventual match with Brock Lesnar defending against Roman Reigns, with Lesnar framed as someone who doesn’t care about the fans or WWE and just wants to be in UFC. The idea is fans are more loyal to WWE’s brand than they are to booing Reigns. We’ll see. It’s interesting they have Lashley talking about having “legit” skills, as if WWE wrestlers are phony but Lesnar and Lashley are not because they fight real fights in MMA. It’s a dangerous road to drive down in the WWE narrative. It’s like when wrestlers say on promos “this is a shoot” which is a way of saying everything else is b.s.) [c]


Lashley and Reigns cleared the ring of Dash and Dawson, then continued arguing over who would start the match. (That makes both guys look petty.) Reigns started and then offered a tag to Lashley in a sign of cooperation. Coach clarified that the Extreme Rules no. 1 contendership match was off. Cole said that is true because of a contractual issue with Lesnar. (Couldn’t they still have a no. 1 contendership match?)

Reigns got a mixed response for his offense early in the match. Cole said that Heyman posted on Facebook that until someone can prove they can carry the main event with Lesnar, they’d be focused on other “ultimate opportunities.” They cut to a break. [c]

Back for the next phase of the match, the Revival worked over Reigns including some cheap shots after distracting the ref. Cole said Revival are “tough” and a win here would get people talking about them. Reigns eventually made a comeback and tagged in Lashley. Reigns tagged himself in a minute later, which upset Lashley. Reigns played to the crowd, right in front of Lashley. Lashley almost tagged himself in. Reigns asked if he’s serious. Dawson charged at Reigns, so Reigns side-stepped him and threw him into Lashley, knocking him off the ring apron. Then Dash rolled up Reigns and yanked on his tights to score a three count. Graves said that was the biggest victory of Revival’s career, bar none. Uh, yeah.

WINNERS: The Revival in 13:00.

-After the match, Lashley told Reigns to let him finish things from now on. Reigns just stared him down and didn’t say anything.

-The announcers plugged the Ziggler vs. Rollins match. They also said Alexa Bliss would appear live to address the Ronda Rousey controversy.

-In a backstage promo, Matt Hardy talked about B-Team imitating them and said they were flattered and it was wonderful. He said the last time he witnessed a striking performance like that, his vessel was sharing an almond tart in the Globe Theater with his dear friend, William Shakespeare. Bray walked into the picture with a lantern. He said, “They say glory breeds consequence.” He said B-Team become so fixated on their prize, it’s leading them right into their lion’s den. Matt shouted that they have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. Bray said, “San Diego,” which got a pop, then blew out the lantern.

-Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt made their ring entrance. Cole plugged their match up next. [c]

-Curtis Axel appeared on the big screen in a goofy “Matt Hardy” style wig. Then Bo Dallas walked in with a battery lantern and said while they’re about to walk into a lion’s den, Bray and Matt are about to walk into a bee hive. They buzzed, then coughed. The fog behind them started coughing fits for both of them. They said they are the B-Team and they are here. Coach asked, “How are you guys not laughing at that?”

(2) MATT HARDY (w/Bray Wyatt) vs. CURTIS AXEL (w/Bo Dallas)

Coach said B -Team moving up the ranks is one of the fastest ascensions in tag team history. Coach said the B-Team skit was one of the funniest things he’s seen in a long time. Cole: “You don’t get out much, do you Coach?” Hardy charged at Curtis early and took a boot to the face in the corner. Hardy lifted Curtis onto the top rope and went for a superplex, but Curtis countered and landed on top of Hardy for a quick three count. Curtis and Bo celebrated like they just won the World Cup. Then Bray and Matt stared them down. Fans chanted “B-Team!” Hardy said the resilience they used to achieve the fluke victory was wonderful. They applauded. “Game recognizes game,” said Coach. “Albeit weird game.” Cole said he wasn’t sure what to think about the applause by Bray and Matt. Coach said they know exactly what they are doing.

WINNER: Curtis in 1:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: This is interesting because Bray & Matt have been a babyface tag team since becoming a team, but B-Team are more popular right now. I’m not sure how WWE’s cues are supposed to be directing us.)

-The announcers recapped the Bayley-Sasha incident last week. Then they showed Sasha in a heated discussion with Angle backstage.

-They showed Authors of Pain backstage. They angrily knocked over a poor guy who was apparently too close to their walking path. Then Titus O’Neal, Apollo Crews, and Dana Brooke walked up to them. Titus told AOP that the backstage crew works hard every week to put on the best Raw possible so show them some respect. They said, “Thanks for the advice. Thanks, but no thanks.”

-A “Total Bellas” ad showed John Cena and Nikki Bella having a serious talk about having kids. [c]

-A sponsored vignette aired on AOP.

-Bayley told Alicia Fox she is so excited to see her back. Angle asked to talk to Bayley. Bayley said she didn’t want to talk about Sasha. Angle said he’s teaming them tonight. Bayley squealed she doesn’t want to team with her. Angle said they’re too valuable to Raw. He said they get one last chance – Bayley, Sasha, and Ember Moon against all three members of Riott Squad. He said she and Sasha better learn to get along. Graves wondered, “When did Kurt Angle become Dr. Phil.”


Coach said, “I love these guys!” Rick and Rex were classic jobbers, dressing in silly looking red and green outfits. They tossed Rex over the top rope and then yanked Rick into the ring. They ended it quickly with the Last Chapter finisher.

WINNERS: AOP in 1:00.

-After the match, AOP beat up the jobbers some more, so Titus and Crews made the save. AOP retreated.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good to see them back. Are fans supposed to believe Bray & Matt would have a chance against them? That’s a tough story for WWE to eventually tell.)

-Angle told Corbin that the multi-man match being canceled is driving him crazy. Corbin said first Lashley & Reigns, and now Sasha & Bayley, “how many tag teams are trying to get to implode?” Angle exclaimed he’s doing what Stephanie would want him doing to make the show as exciting as possible. In walked Finn Balor to a huge pop. Balor said he was dying to get a chance at earning a match with Lesnar. Corbin said he should be thankful because he’d have embarrassed himself and come up short again, just like last week when he pinned him. Balor asked Corbin if his manager at TGI Fridays knows he stole that vest. Braun entered next with his briefcase. He said he thinks he’s been a little rough on Owens because after all he’s done to him, he still wanted to be his friend. He said he feels bad he threw him off of ladders and through walls. He said he wants to try to be his friend and be his tag team partner this week. Angle asked, “What opponents do you have in mind?” Braun suggested, “How about those two?” Angle said he’s into combustible tag teams right now, so it’s a great idea. Balor looked at Corbin and said, “Check please.” Then he smiled. [c]


-They showed Alexa Bliss and Mickie James in the ring. They cut to a video package on what happened last week with Alexa and Rousey. Back live, Mickie introduced Alexa as “the one and only goddess of WWE.” Alexa and Mickie laughed about Rousey being suspended for 30 days. Mickie was amazed that Alexa could even stand after what happened last week and asked if she’s okay. Alexa said she’s a champion, and she’s just glad Angle sees her true colors. Mickie said her MITB cash-in will go down as perhaps the best ever. Alexa said she’s “rewarded” by having to defend her title against Nia Jax. Alexa said Nia, though, might still be reattaching her arm after what Rousey did to it at MITB. Alexa said she’s the one woman standing on Raw, with Nia off getting repaired and Rousey suspended.

She said for as long as she’s known Nia, she has an ability to paint herself as a hero in her friendship every time. She said she walks around as if she’s the hero of her own story. She said in real life, she is the real hero. Mickie smiled and agreed. Alexa said she has overcome every obstacle put in her way including seven other women in the MITB ladder match, including Jax and Rousey. “You can boo me all you want, I am still a champion,” she said. Mickie said the fans are “ingrates” for booing. Suddenly Natalya’s music played.

Natalya walked onto the stage. She said it’s just “23 short days” until her friend and training partner, Ronda Rousey, comes back to deal with her. Alexa said she’s surprised she and Rousey can count backwards from 30. She said it’s even more surprising she left her five-star vacation with the rest of the cast of “Total Divas” in Lake Tahoe to interrupt her. Alexa asked how she would know every detail about Natalya. “Oh, I know, because you post every single moment of your life on social media,” Bliss said. “A little moment of Bliss, everyone. You don’t have to post every moment of your life on social media.” (Was that a Bliss babyface turn?)

Natalya said she had a talk with Angle tonight, and he booked them against each other tonight, “right here, right now.” Graves said that’s hardly fair. Natalya said she didn’t come back from Tahoe alone. Then out came Nia Jax. [c]

(4) ALEXA BLISS (w/Mickie James) vs. NATALYA (w/Nia Jax)

They joined the match in progress with Bliss with a body scissors on Natalya. They showed a clip from during the commercial when Bliss threw Natalya into the barricade to take control. Graves said Natalya is a “chronic oversharer” on social media. Natalya eventually broke free and gave a Michinoku Driver to Bliss. Bliss flipped over Natalya twice and made almost no contact, but they were supposed to be high-impact knees to Natalya’s abdomen. It led to a two count. Natalya rallied, but Mickie tried to grab her legs when running the ropes. Mickie missed, but it was enough of a distraction for Natalya to roll her up for a near fall.  Bliss punched Natalya in the face, but Nia tripped Bliss running off the ropes. Natalya then caught Bliss with a discus clothesline and then a sharpshooter for the tapout win. Natalya and Jax hugged and were all smiles afterward.

WINNER: Natalya in 5:00.

-They went to the announcers on camera. They said there’d be an epic rematch for the IC Title later. They commented on highlights of last week’s surprise title change. They showed freeze-frames rather than footage.

-Charly Caruso interviewed Seth Rollins backstage. She asked about his mindset tonight. Seth said he has no excuse, he lost last week to Ziggler after an open challenge. He said he’s had seven days since then and Ziggler is going to face the best version of him. He said Drew will get the best seat in the house when he takes back his title and “burns it down.”

-They went to Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh in a photo shoot. The Riott Squad took the camera away from the photographer and then smashed the camera against the ground. Jinder and Singh were surprised at first, but then began chanting and raised their hand in peace. Riott Squad celebrated their destruction.

-A Special Olympics video aired with Mojo Rawley and Becky Lynch. [c]

(5) BAYLEY & SASHA BANKS & EMBER MOON vs. RIOTT SQUAD (Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan)

Coach said the entire WWE Universe would like to see Bayley and Sasha face off and just settle this thing. A couple minutes in Moon dove through the ropes onto Riott Squad at ringside. They cut to a break. [c]

Banks hot-tagged in and went to work against the Squad to cheers. Riott avoided a Sasha charge in the corner after a distraction, but Bayley broke up the subsequent pin. Graves said Bayley acted in her own self-interest, not out of concern for Sasha. With the other four brawling at ringside, Banks went for a jackknife cover on Riott for a two count. Sasha popped up and knocked Morgan off the ring apron. Riott came right back with a small package on the distracted Sasha for the win.

WINNERS: Riott Squad in 9:00.

-After the match, Bayley charged into the ring and mounted Sasha and punched away at her. It might have been the biggest pop of the night. Graves said it’s about time. Coach said this is what we’ve been waiting for. She backed off, then attacked Sasha again. More cheers. Cole said, “So much for the last chance to get along.” The fans began chanting “Yes! Yes!” The beating continued. Cole said it felt like this night was going to come, but he never expected this out of Bayley because she was the calm one trying to make peace. Coach said she always had this in her. Fans chanted “We Want Tables!” Bayley threw Sasha into the ringside steps twice. Graves said this must be cathartic. Coach said nobody is coming out to help Sasha. Fans began chanting “Bayley! Bayley!” Bayley yelled that this is for everything she did to her, not just last week. “You think you’re better than me?!” she said. They had to bleep a fan at ringside.

(Keller’s Analysis: It was interesting to hear Cole go from saying it seemed like this night would come eventually to saying he never thought he’d see Bayley do this. Not sure if he was told to shift his framing of this mid-stream or not. It’s tough to look at that as a Bayley heel turn because fans were cheering for her like never before on the main roster.)

-Angle told a referee he wanted him to find Bayley for him. In walked Owens who said it’d be crazy to team him with Braun. Angle said, “Well, last week you wanted to be his friend.” Owens said he beats him up every chance he gets. He said he threw him off a 40 foot ladder and everything time he looks at him, he does something with his tongue that makes him think he wants to eat him. Angle said this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Angle smiled as an exasperated Owens stormed off.

-No Way Jose made his way to the ring with his conga line. A kid in the crowd was vigorously doing the swish dance. Cole plugged the ticket launch this Saturday for the Hell in a Cell PPV on Sept. 16 in San Antonio, Tex. [c]

-A “Did You Know?” noted that there are over 10,000 hours of programming from more than 10 different wrestling promotions on WWE Network.

-The announcer recapped the Bayley attack on Sasha after their match. Coach said what Bayley did was beyond shocking. Cole said it was festering for months after trying to make peace with Sasha. Graves said after months of how Sasha treated her, enough was enough. Coach said it’s safe to say that this will help Bayley moving forward. Graves congratulated Bayley and added, “I told you so.”

Mojo walked onto the stage with a mic in hand. He asked if Jose really wants a rematch. He said he’s embarrassed to be out there in the first place because of the Conga Line. He said you have to earn the right to step foot inside a WWE ring, but they haven’t. “And you know what, you haven’t earned that, either.” Mojo got in the face of a guy named Todd who was dressed as a cheeseburger. He asked if that was his masterplan for attaining a WWE contract. “Listen to me right now, Todd,” he said. “This moment, this very second, this is the closest you will ever get to being a WWE Superstar. This is the pinnacle of your entire existence.” Then he told No Way Jose he won’t get a rematch. When Jose jumped to ringside to ask Mojo why not, Mojo punched him in the chin and walked away. Fans chanted “We Want Todd!”

(Keller’s Analysis: First of all, did Todd ever say he wanted to be a “WWE Superstar”? Secondly, did no one think about the contradiction of having Mojo on the Special Olympics video earlier with Becky, then trying to sell himself as a total jerk later in the show?)

-Bayley walked up to Angle and wanted to explain herself. Angle said next week she’s going to mandatory counseling. Bayley said she doesn’t need that. He said she just put Sasha in the training room, so she’ll go to counseling or she’s fired.

-Braun began his ring entrance. [c]

-A video package aired what Braun did to Owens last week.



Corbin was dressed up in his office clothes again. Corbin tagged himself in to start the match by slapping Balor on his back. Owens took a cheap shot at Corbin, so Corbin entered to go after him. Owens and Strowman worked together to throw him into the corner. Cole said this could be quite a team with these two. Owens hit Corbin with a cannonball in one corner and Strowman splashed his “buddy” Balor in the other. They celebrated as they cut to a break. [c]

Strowman battered Corbin after the break. Corbin caught Strowman with a boot and then leaped and tagged in Balor. Strowman smashed Balor across his chest with a forearm and then clotheslined Corbin over the top rope to the floor. It didn’t get much of a pop. He went after Balor at ringside with a running charge. He continued running and collided hard with Corbin. Then he entered the ring and pointed at Owens. He told Owens to take a lap and emulate his charges. Owens tagged in and knocked Balor over and then ran right into a Corbin clothesline. Strowman chased down Corbin and threw him hard into the barricade. Cole said there are bodies everywhere. Strowman charged at Corbin, but Corbin moved and Strowman rammed into the ringpost.

Back in the ring Balor hit Owens with a slingblade. Corbin slapped Balor across the back of his head and tagged himself in. Balor had enough and knocked Corbin off the ring apron with a kick. Strowman went after Owens, but Owens ducked to ringside. Corbin attacked Balor up the ramp. Cole said things were breaking down as they were counted out.

WINNERS: Owens & Strowman in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: So it’s difficult to tell how we’re supposed to feel about half of WWE’s wrestlers these days, and the crowd reaction here indicates exactly that. They weren’t popping for Strowman beating up Balor or Strowman aligning with Owens.)

-After the match Owens offered a handshake. Strowman took his time and stared down Owens. Owens just rolled out of the ring and ran to the stage. Graves told KO to “quit while you’re ahead.” Owens yelled, “We did great! What’s your problem?”

-As the announcers began to hype the IC Title match, they cut away to the back where Owens was frantically looking for the safety of his locker room. Strowman pursued him and yelled, “Where did Kevin go?” A backstage worker told him he doesn’t know who Owens is. Strowman said, “He’s the guy who looks like he has a bowling ball under his shirt.” He stormed away. [c]

-They showed Owens leaving the arena with his suitcase. He yelled at the valet that he wants his keys. The valet said he doesn’t have them. He pointed at Braun and said he does. Braun stood there and tossed him his keys. Strowman said, “I hope you have insurance because there is your car.” They showed a car tipped over with smoke coming out of the hood. Someone ran over and sprayed it with a fire extinguisher. Strowman laughed and walked back into the arena.

(Keller’s Analysis: I don’t get it. What did Owens do wrong to deserve Strowman’s wrath after Strowman worked with him during the match well?)

-Graves said this isn’t fair and Owens doesn’t deserve to be terrorized. Coach said Owens brought it on himself. Graves asked, “How?” Coach had no answer.

(Keller’s Analysis: Yes, how? At least since Strowman offered to team with him and try being his friend. Did Owens do anything wrong this week? I get that Owens has a track record, and fans are supposed to delight in seeing Strowman mess with him, but I think fans thought Strowman was making a sincere effort to be friend with Owens or were at least warm to the idea, and Strowman was the one who seemed to be a bad sport this week.)

-Seth made his ring entrance. Then Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. [c]

-The announcers hyped the six-man tag match on 205 Live plus the 205 Live debut of Leo Rush.

(8) DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. SETH ROLLINS – Intercontinental Title match

After a slow pace early, which Cole acknowledged, Seth landed a dropkick. Ziggler rolled to ringside to regroup. Drew approached him. Seth walked toward Ziggler, but Drew blocked him. Ziggler tried to charge at Seth, but Seth got the better of him and threw him into the ringside barricade. Then he had a staredown with Drew. [c]

Back from the break, Seth was clutching his knee in the ring. They showed that during the break, a distraction by Drew opened up Ziggler to attack him from behind and knock him off the ring apron. Seth escapaed a Ziggler sleeper and knocked Ziggler down with a slingblade. He clotheslined him over the top rope. When he set up his signature running dive, Drew hit him from behind. The ref was looking down at Ziggler. Ziggler entered and hit Seth from behind. The ref suspected Drew did something and booted him to the back. Coach said, “He didn’t see anything.” Graves said it was referee discretion. Drew stood on the ring apron and argued with the ref. Seth rolled up Ziggler from behind and Cole counted to three, but the ref was preoccupied with McIntyre. Seth knocked Drew off the ring apron, ducked Ziggler, and gave him a step-up enzuigiri. Then he dove through the ropes with a dive into both Drew and Ziggler against the ringside barricade. Ziggler knocked Seth off balance on the top rope seconds later and scored a near fall. They cut to another break. [c]

Back live Seth suddenly hit Ziggler with his Ripcord Knee. Both were slow to get up. Seth crawled over and draped his arm over Ziggler’s chest for a two count. Cole noted Drew is in the back, not at ringside anymore. They fought on the ring apron. Seth tried to powerbomb Ziggler, but Ziggler countered and DDT’d Seth on the ring apron. Seth fell hard to the floor. Seth beat the ref’s ten count. The fans popped and chanted, “This is awesome!” Ziggler stomped the mat to signal for his superkick, but Seth countered with a buckle bomb and a superkick of his own for a near fall. The crowd popped big just before the kickout, anticipating a title change. Seth climbed to the top rope and leaped off with a diving frog splash for another near fall. Another big crowd pop.


Ziggler avoided The Stomp. Seth avoided a Zig Zag. Seth rolled up Ziggler. Ziggler rolled through and yanked on Seth’s tights for a near fall. Ziggler sidestepped Seth and threw him shoulder-first into the ringpost, then hit a Zig Zag for a near fall. Cole reset the show as they went to a wide-shot. Fans stood and chanted. Ziggler set up a superplex, but Seth blocked it. Seth signaled for a superplex to the floor. Ziggler blocked it. Seth shifted and gave Ziggler a superplex into the ring and then hit the Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Drew ran back to ringside and yanked the ref out of the ring and then attacked Seth. The crowd erupted in boos. Cole was appalled and called it an unprovoked assault. Graves said that’s what Drew is around for – to protect Ziggler’s championship.

WINNER: Seth via DQ in 28:00 so Ziggler retain the IC Title. (****)

-Reigns came out to his music and speared Ziggler at ringside. Drew gave Reigns a headbutt, but Reigns came back with a Superman Punch, sending Drew to ringside. Coach said it was about to get uglier. He called it a hollow victory for Seth.

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5 Comments on 6/25 WWE RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on live show from San Diego including Ziggler vs. Seth in IC Title rematch

  1. Couldn’t even finish this show.
    Just brutal.
    The womens division is the only thing worth watching these days.
    The rest is just … ugh

  2. Well to be fair, the women’s division completely sucks so… it’s the same 4-6 women doing the same crap each week.

  3. The announcers completely ruined the Bayley “heel” turn, and they may have to scrap the entire thing based on the commentary and the fan reaction. That was clearly an old-school heel turn, and you would’ve thought Elvis walked into the room, based on the crowd reaction it got. And all three announcers were basically endorsing Bayley doing it. It made absolutely no sense.

    Stroman flipping Owens’ car was the same mode. Stroman is supposed to be the face, Owens a heel, yet the heel did nothing and the face destroyed his car?

    Who writes this crap? Seriously, who writes this crap? It is nonsensical.

  4. The WWE gives the fans a 28 minute match for the IC title which was a great match, until McIntyre, who was thrown from ringside (justifibly so),comes back and pulls the ref from the ring, for the DQ. Where’s Constable Corbin? Isn’t he supposed to ensure Steph’s “checks and balances”?

  5. Reigns digs at Impact are comical. Roman couldn’t beat hardly anyone on the roster at impact. In fact, he couldn’t even keep up with most of the wrestlers. He doesn’t have the cardio or skill. He couldn’t work New Japan either. Too slow. HE is a boring WWE style punch and kick “sports entertainer.” How did things work out for “Bob” after he left? Success in Bellator and Impact as world champion seems legit. What has Roman done outside of Vince’s backyard? Nothing. HE wouldn’t cut it elsewhere.

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