5 YRS AGO – TNA IMPACT TV REPORT (10-3-13): Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray, big Hogan-Dixie angle, plus Jeff Hardy, Magnus (Aldis), Sting, Angle, Roode

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Hulk Hogan (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The following report was originally published on PWTorch.com five years ago this week…

TNA Impact Results
October 3, 2013
Taped 9/26 in Little Rock, Ark.
Episode #40 of 2013
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week’s Impact opened with a video recap of Aces & Eights dwindling by the week, Hulk Hogan trying to get A.J. Styles to sign a contract before Dixie Carter ripped up the contract, and Bound for Glory developments.

In the arena, Mike Tenay noted Magnus is running the E.G.O. gauntlet and Hulk Hogan has a decision to make about his future in TNA. A.J. Styles’s music then played to bring out Styles to the ring for a show-opening promo.

After “transforming” from depressing A.J. to “Dixie’s marketing gimmick” Phenomenal A.J. Styles, Styles spoke about appreciating Hulk Hogan trying to smooth things over last week until Dixie showed her true colors. But, he wants to talk Bound for Glory, even though he would like to “bury” Dixie. Styles then called out Bully Ray as the man he will beat to become new World champion. Styles said he doesn’t have a contract and he’s all in for BFG.

Aces & Eights’s music interrupted to bring out World champ Bully Ray flanked by Brooke Tessmacher. In the ring, Bully noted “that lady,” Dixie, is so far in Styles’s head. Ray said Styles “hopes” to win the TNA Title, but a true winner would “know” he could win. But, because Dixie is in Styles’s head, he’s even doubting himself. Styles smirked and refuted the claim. Then, Ray told Styles not to worry about Dixie on October 20 because he has to deal with him.

Ray continued by telling Styles to look at what he did to Hogan, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and his own brother, Devon. Ray reminded Styles that he beat him in a Last Man Standing match two years ago and the one thing he wants to do in two weeks is take Styles away from “them” (the fans). Ray did the old heel routine of saying he’s tired of hearing arenas across the country chant A.J.’s name, which of course drew up an “A.J.” chant. But, Ray said they won’t be chanting that after October 20.

Styles replied that Ray – the leader of Aces & Eights – is no different than Dixie because he bleeds people dry and sucks the life out of them before kicking them to the curb. Ray accepted it, saying she’s ruthless, a millionaire, and he’s the World champ. Ray then got in Styles’s face and told him he better pray that he wins on Oct 20., otherwise he’ll send him home without a contract to his miserable family.

Styles smirked, then told Ray to focus on his match tonight. Styles said it sounds like Impact GM Hulk Hogan hates Bully as much as he does because Bully’s opponent tonight is gonna kill him. Well, that’s a promise a babyface can’t keep. “Joe is gonna kill you,” Styles concluded as Ray sold concern. Styles’s music played for Styles to exit as Bully tried to act calm about facing Samoa Joe tonight.

Announcers: Mike Tenay and Taz broke down the show tonight.

Backstage: Dixie Carter reminded A.J. Styles that he is no longer under contract to TNA, then told “darling” A.J. that his final obligation to TNA is at Bound for Glory. Dixie said A.J. has said enough tonight, so he should go home. Atlas Security threatened to boot Styles, but Styles forced a few parting shots before leaving on his own. “Oh,” Dixie sighed before walking off.

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] Back on Impact, Austin Aries was at the commentary position for X Division action.

In-ring: Kenny King was introduced first for the heels, followed by Chris Sabin along with Velvet Sky. X Division champion Manik was out first for the face duo. Then, former TNA World champ Jeff Hardy was introduced to play with the X Division kids on the playground.

1 — JEFF HARDY & X Division champion MANIK vs. KENNY KING & CHRIS SABIN (w/Velvet Sky)

On commentary, Aries wondered aloud if Hardy would be able to fit in with the X Division, prompting Taz to say some would argue Hardy was “X Division” before there was an X Division. Basically, the discussion tried to cover for the feeling of an established, big-name star like Hardy “downgrading” to the X Division.

Kenny King quickly started bleeding from the forehead, following up on King getting cut open versus Austin Aries “last week” on Impact. The match unfolded with Manik hot-tagging Hardy, who cleaned house on the heels. Chaos with all four men in the ring. Sabin and King then had an awkward miscommunication, which allowed Manik to drop King and set up Hardy coming off the top with a Swanton Bomb for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Hardy & Manik at 7:07.

Post-match: Sabin attacked Hardy, then Manik, not wanting to see others have the spotlight. This drew Austin Aries into the ring to send Sabin scurrying to the entrance ramp. Aries then grabbed a mic and challenged Sabin to a four-way match at Bound for Glory. Hardy wanted more, though, so he booked an Ultimate X match involving himself, Aries, Sabin, and Manik, who will put the X Title on the line. Apparently King taking the fall in the tag match eliminated him from title contention.

[Commercial Break]

Office: Sting and Hulk Hogan were shown sitting down to talk. Sting said “Bischoff” was the last “idiot” who went on a power-trip in TNA. Now, it’s Dixie Carter. Hogan said he thought Bischoff was the last one he had to deal with, but Dixie is on a power trip. Sting told Hulk that no matter what, he has his back. An assistant then walked in with a gift from Dixie Carter. Hogan opened up the gift to find a shiny watch. Hogan asked Sting if it’s the same watch she gave him. Sting confirmed, then Hogan said it means “let the games begin.” Hogan deadpanned in conclusion: “She is worse than Bischoff. He never gave me anything.”

Announcers: Tenay and Taz reviewed footage from last week’s Impact when E.G.O. tried to take out Magnus. Then, Sting tracked down Magnus to check on his knee. In the Main Event Mafia office, Magnus freaked out about E.G.O. and vowed to take all three of them by himself. Magnus said his knee is just fine and Sting cannot talk him out of it. Sting raised his hands to let Magnus do his thing.

[Q3] [Commercial Break]

In-ring: Christopher Daniels was introduced first to face Magnus in an E.G.O. gauntlet match. Tenay noted Magnus is a perfectionist and he’s put too much pressure on himself in recent weeks. Now, he wants to prove himself against all three stable members.

2a — MAGNUS vs. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS — E.G.O. Gauntlet match

Daniels took advantage of Magnus’s over-zealousness early on, but did too much gloating. Magnus avoided the Best Moonsault Ever, then finished Daniels with a sit-out driver for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Magnus at 3:53. Magnus vs. Daniels straight-up could mean something in the future depending on which paths the two characters follow after Bound for Glory.

2b — MAGNUS vs. KAZARIAN — E.G.O. Gauntlet match

After Daniels lost, Kazarian was introduced as the next opponent. Kaz checked on Daniels before entering the ring. But, he quickly bailed to the outside to avoid Magnus as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q4] Back from break, Kaz tried to wear down Magnus, who sold lacking energy in his second match of the night. Magnus came back with a top-rope elbow drop, but Kaz escaped a pin. Kaz then delivered a desperation kick to Magnus’s injured knee before trying Fade to Black, but Magnus rolled through into the Texas Cloverleaf. Magnus sat down on it and it was good for a submission.

WINNER: Magnus at 8:17 total.

After Magnus won, Bobby Roode’s music played to bring out Magnus’s final opponent. Roode slowly walked out to the ring, making Magnus wait and stew inside the ring. Suddenly, Kaz clipped Magnus’s injured knee from behind, putting Magnus in a bad position. Roode then entered the ring to begin the final match of the gauntlet.

2c — MAGNUS vs. BOBBY ROODE — E.G.O. Gauntlet match

The bell sounded, Roode kicked Magnus’s knee, and Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Roode went to work on Magnus’s knee, pausing in-between moves to let the crowd express their anger over the situation. Magnus fought back on Roode with a kick to the back-side, but Magnus could not follow up on his injured knee. Roode tried a lariat, but Magnus intercepted with a desperation driver for a two count. Magnus wanted the Cloverlead again, but Roode escaped by striking Magnus’s knee.

[Q5 — second hour] Magnus tried an ill-advised second-rope move, which Roode avoided before targeting Magnus with a Crossface. Magnus teased reaching the bottom rope, but Roode pulled him back to center-ring and slapped on an Anklelock. Magnus tried to fight the hold before Roode grapevined it, pressuring the knee. Magnus had no choice but to tap out, giving Roode the win for E.G.O.

WINNER: Roode via submission at 14:50 total time.

Post-match: Magnus tried to catch his breath and figure out why he keeps losing. Magnus sold the left knee injury as he left the ring, then Magnus chucked a chair across the ring. Taz said he just needs to move on after going 2-1 on the night. Sting then came down to ringside to address his Mafia protege. Sting pulled Magnus in close for a discussion, but Magnus didn’t want to listen.

Magnus continued to pout, so Sting took the mic and said Magnus is making a public display, so they need to talk about this publicly. Instead, Magnus took the mic and told Sting, “No.” He said he’s had enough, then climbed back into the ring. Magnus said Sting, Kurt Angle, and Joe see “it” in him, but he doesn’t think he has “it” in him. Magnus said all of them took “it” and ran with it, but he can only get “this close.”

Sting replied that Magnus doesn’t need to focus on the little, bad things. Magnus cut him off, saying he doesn’t need another pep-talk. He said this is a results-driven business and he’s not getting it done. Sting said Magnus just needs that one match to “get on the map,” just like Ric Flair did for him, giving him an opportunity. Magnus shouted to Sting that he watched Flair put him on the map, but who’s going to put him on the map? “Me! Me at Bound for Glory,” Sting shouted. Magnus hushed and sold being stunned that Sting made the offer, then quietly shook Sting’s hand as Sting’s music played.

Hogan’s Office: Austin Aries walked into Hulk Hogan’s holding area to offer him some vegan vitamins and a conversation about Dixie Carter’s ultimatum. Aries got serious that they haven’t always seen eye-to-eye in the past, but he appreciates Hogan giving him an opportunity to cash in the X Title for a TNA World Title last year. Aries said he’s known two Hogans: Red & Yellow and Hollywood. He said the decision tonight doesn’t have a whole lot of gray area. Hogan said he gets it, then Aries walked off. “I get it,” Hogan told himself.

Video Package: Hulk Hogan’s history in TNA, complete with Eric Bischoff’s introduction four years ago. The video included the 10-10-10 reveal where Hogan – along with Bischoff – screwed Dixie out of her company. Then, Sting finally convinced Hogan to turn good and KO Bischoff. “Yes!” Dixie excitedly shouted from ringside two years ago. Then, Hogan became new GM before Aces & Eights showed up to ruin Hogan’s personal life and Impact GM business. And now, Dixie has gone on a Power Trip and forced Hogan to decide which side he’s on.

Backstage: Chris Sabin was asked why he’s not going out to the ring with Velvet Sky for her match up next. Sabin said Velvet is a big girl and she can handle it. He then said he will meditate and focus on the X Division Title match for Bound for Glory and figure out what he needs to do to win. “Cool dude!” he sarcastically said before stomping off.

Up Next: Velvet Sky vs. Brooke for the #1 contender to the Knockouts Title.

[Commercial Break]

[Q6] Locker Room: Daniels and Kazarian celebrated Roode’s victory over Magnus. Daniels said there was never any doubt that Roode would get the job done. Daniels gloated about making Magnus cry again, then Kaz let Roode in on a secret. “This year, you, B-Roode, are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame!” Daniels said it’s not just any Hall of Fame, but the E.G.O. Hall of Fame. Roode sold being over-joyed about this invitation before Daniels plugged the ceremony going down next week on Impact.

3 — BROOKE TESSMACHER vs. VELVET SKY — #1 contender match to the Knockouts Title

Christy Hemme announced that the winner would receive a KO Title shot at Bound for Glory. Brooke was introduced first, followed by Velvet. But, before they could begin the match, ominous music interrupted to bring out Gut Check contestant Lei’D Tapa.

Tapa targeted Velvet, so Brooke bailed, and Tapa put a beating on Velvet. No sign of Chris Sabin to make the save for his girlfriend. Apparently he was still meditating. Tapa then stood tall after trying to “make an impact” in the Knockouts division.

WINNER: No match. #1 contender to be determined at a future date.

[Commercial Break]

Vignette: The new “Ethan” character a/k/a Derrick Bateman was shown walking into a studio. The camera only showed the back of Ethan’s head, but the head features were apparent. He evaluated the props and staging available for whatever his line of work was in the studio, then said there better be lions for his scene.

Video Package: GunStorm profiled. James Storm and Gunner talked individually about their characters and why they work together as a tag team.

[Q7] Announcers: Tenay and Taz broke down the BFG PPV line-up thus far.

Video Package: Kurt Angle. Angle returns at Bound for Glory. “He is more than just an athlete,” said the voice-over man. “He is a man of action. He crossed the line and made an impact.”

In-ring: Samoa Joe was introduced first for the TV main event. Joe retained his MEM t-shirt before TNA World champ Bully Ray was introduced, along with Brooke. Taz, the voice of Aces & Eights, accused A.J. Styles of getting his buddy, Samoa Joe, to do his dirty work and convincing Hogan to make it happen

3 — TNA World Hvt. champion BULLY RAY (w/Brooke) vs. SAMOA JOE — non-title match

Ray tried to trash-talk Joe early on, so Joe shoved him across the chest, sending Ray across the ring. Ray, embarrassed, yelled at the crowd to cover for his feelings before locking up with Joe again. Joe punted Ray a few times in the chest, missed with a knee drop, and applied a rear-naked choke. Ray broke free, then discovered a steel chain. But, ref Earl Hebner removed it. Of course, Earl turned his back to remove the chain, allowing Ray to low-blow Joe from behind. Ray in control heading to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q8] Back from break, Ray was still in control following the low-blow. Ray tried to get a running start on an elbow drop, but Joe moved and Ray ate the mat. Ray tried to shake off the pain before the two big men traded right hand bombs. Joe got the best of the exchange, then landed a flying kick from the second rope for a nearfall.

Naturally, Earl Hebner was bumped in the corner. Joe then slapped on a standing rear-naked choke and Ray tapped out, but the ref was down and out. Joe checked on Earl, then charged Ray in the corner. Joe checked on Earl again, then walked into a chain shot from Joe. But, Earl woke up and saw the chain on the mat, so he called for the bell, DQ’ing Ray.

Post-match: Earl shouted that Ray has been disqualified. After Joe was declared the winner, Ray shoved down Earl. Taz said that might cost him some money, but he has plenty of money. Ray then discarded Joe to the outside. On the floor, Ray sent Joe head-first into the announce table.

Ray wanted a piledriver on the exposed concrete, but Styles hopped the guardrail and smashed Ray from behind. Atlas Security arrived on the scene to kind of give chase to Styles, who easily avoided before celebrating in the crowd. Styles challenged Ray to come get him as Tenay wondered aloud if that will be the scene at Bound for Glory – Styles celebrating in the crowd after winning at the PPV.

WINNER: Joe via DQ at 6:55. Goofy ending. It set up Styles doing a post-match run-in to continue playing a pest to Ray, but there’s something missing from the Bully-Styles title match hype. Like Styles’s character acting like a grown adult.

Hogan’s Office: Hulk Hogan was shown contemplating Dixie’s ultimatum and checking the watch that Dixie gifted him.

Hogan’s Decision

Impact returned five minutes before the top of the hour with Dixie Carter in the ring, ready to hear Hulk’s decision. In the ring, Dixie said she’s heard complaints from people for months, but she can’t be upset at that because they don’t understand what it takes to run a business. Dixie said someone who knows something about business is Hulk Hogan. Dixie asked Hulk to come join her in “our ring.”

Hogan’s music played to bring out the Impact GM. Taz said he thinks Dixie sold Hogan on linking up, then Dixie asked Hulk if he’s ready to take his career to the next level. Carter noticed the watch Hulk is wearing, then said it’s just a gesture of all that could happen between them. “But, I gotta know. Are you ready to take a ride on the Dixie Train?” she said, drawing a sly smile from Hulk. Or, is Hulk going to make Dixie make a decision she knows she is going to regret?

Hulk thanked Dixie for the watch, then noted he always wanted to be part of a power couple in the wrestling industry. But, at the end of the day, with an offer like that, it sounds like an offer for someone else. “Not me, because I quit!” Hogan said before tossing down the mic.

Dixie followed Hulk out of the ring, stopping him mid-way down the ramp to ask him to reconsider. Hulk, hands on hips, ignored Dixie’s plea before continuing to leave. But, Dixie threw herself at Hulk, landing on Hulk’s left leg, and dragging herself down the rampway on Hulk’s leg. Dixie eventually let go, then shouted that she didn’t need Hulk anyways. “You are fired! You’re fired! I didn’t want you anyways,” she said before Impact signed off with Dixie mid-temper tantrum.

FINAL THOUGHTS: TNA has put the overall product in a tough spot with all things funneling through Dixie Carter, who is an unnatural TV star and heel authority figure. And, most of the main roster stars of the show either act like children or spoiled brats. There isn’t a strong, lead babyface anywhere to be found.

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