10/5 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Pentagon Jr. vs. LA Park, Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. ACH, Simon Gotch vs. Gangrel in Prize Fight Challenge

By Kris Karcher, PWTorch contributor

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OCT. 5, 2018

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Rich Bocchini

The MLW into aired.

They aired a video package highlighting the Low Ki vs. Fenix match last week. Low Ki Narrated the video and it seemed to be directed at Konnan. Low Ki said Fenix is finished and Pentagon will be next when LA Park takes him out.

The Fusion intro played.

Schiavone previewed the matches coming up tonight including Pentagon vs. LA Park in a Mexican Massacre match, ACH takes on Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Simon Gotch will host another round of his Prize Fight Challenge.

They aired a video of Salina de La Renta meeting with MJF and Aria Blake. MJF asked for La Renta’s help in dealing with Joey Janela. Low Ki showed up and said he thinks he has a solution to his problem.

(1) Ricky Martinez vs. Jake St. Patrick

Martinez hit a quick knee to the face before putting Patrick’s head between his knees and slammed his head repeatedly into the mat. St. Patrick tried to fight back but was hit with a running lariat. Martinez hit a top rope codebreaker for the win.

WINNER: Rickey Martinez

(Karcher’s Analysis: Nothing much to this match. I’m all for giving squash matches, but I want to see some follow up with this. By that I mean I want Martinez to start to mean something in MLW. If they are spending valuable TV placing martinet in a non-competitive match just to get him over they better be building him up for some sort of a push. That top rope code breaker looked pretty cool.)

They aired a video of Tom Lawler jumping rope in the middle of a desert road. He said you always fight harder when you have something to fight for and since he’s fighting for the MLW Heavyweight championship he’s going to be fighting harder then he ever has. He said he’s been training all day every day and in two weeks we will see who is the face of MLW.

(2) Simon Gotch vs. Gangrel – Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge

Gotch has raised the prize fight purse to $2,000 in order to find the best of the best. Out comes Gangrel. Wow, that was unexpected. Gotch started hot bringing it to Gangrel but Gangrel bit Gotch on the arm and then took over on offense. The announcers remind us that Gangrel only needs to last five minutes. Gotch got Gangrel into a rear naked choke and Gangrel bit Gotch’s arm again. The ref gave him a five count to break but Gangrel refused and so the ref called for the DQ.

WINNER: Simon Gotch

(KARCHER’S ANALYSIS: Not really much to say here about the match. It was a fun surprise to see Gangrel as it’s been probably over 10 years since I last saw him. Good to see him come through and get a little payday. Simon Gotch is an underutilized talent for MLW. I know he’s in team Filthy and so by association you could say he’s a big deal because of Lawler, but Gotch has a lot of potential in his own right. He’s got decent ring skills and above average mic skills. He seems comfortable in front of the crowds and I’d love to see what he could do with a little push.)

Kaci Lennox ACH. ACH said he’s not happy that MLW is still booking Davey Bot Smith after he knocked out Swann and what they did to Kevin Sullivan. He said they are bullies and that Davey Boy Smith was the biggest dog but he’s the toughest pup in the litter and he’s coming for Smith.

The replayed footage from last where showing Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan brawling around the arena.

They aired a video from Sami Callihan. Callihan said he is happy for once. He said he happy because the Wheel of Death Match is coming back. He said he is the most dangerous man in wrestling. He said he doesn’t care what type of match the wheel lands on because he guarantees that the match is going to get violent and bloody. He did his thumbs up thumbs down thing.

They announced MLW will be in Chicago on November 8th for Fight Land. The first match announced is Low Ki vs. Shane Strickland for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Also Rush will make his MLW Debut on the Fight Land card. Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Tom Lawler, The Heart Foundation, LA Park, MJF, Sami Callihan, and PCO are all signed to compete.

(3) Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. ACH

ACH starts off hot with some chops and some quick paced athleticism. Smith was able to outpour ACH and hit a German suplex slowing down ACH and halting his offense. Smith put ACH on the top turnbuckle and went for a backbreaker type maneuver but ACH countered with a roll up. ACH then hit Smith with a delayed bridging German suplex for a two count. ACH went to the top rope of the second ring (We are still in the War Games arena) and jumped into the main ring. Smith caught him however and side slammed ACH earning him a three count and the victory.

WINNER: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

(KARCHER’S ANALYSIS: Another short and unimpressive match. This one is a real shame because I think this really hurts ACH to be booked this way. The guy is an incredible talent and is actually over with a lot of the crowds I’ve seen at MLW shows and this loss really seemed to define him down a bit. Perhaps they can rehabilitate him after this but this was a clean, decisive win for Smith. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about Smith yet. He doesn’t really seem to do anything for me as a singles wrestler.

Kaci Lennox was backstage with Konnan. She asked him his opinion on the upcoming main event. Konnan said it’s going to be a violent match and that we can expect a lot of blood. Salina de La Renta interrupted and said it was going to start smelling from all the crap Konnan has been talking. She thanks Konnan for giving his Pentagon as a sacrifice for LA Park. They then spoke in Spanish for a bit. Konnan asked her if she knows who LA Park really is? He said he was good friends with Park and if she isn’t careful hell steal another talent away from her.

They showed a video package hyping to the debut of Rush. I’m not sure I’ve seen this guy wrestle ever. I’m intrigued.

They showed the tale of the tape for Pentagon and LA Park.

(4) Pentagon Jr. vs. LA Park – Mexican Massacre Match

Wow LA Park has put on a few pounds since his younger days. Pentagon brought a trash can to the ring and LA Park brought his usual chair. Park hit Pentagon with the trash can. Park tried to rip Pentagon’s mask off. Park hit Pentagon on the head with a chair. (Pentagon got his hand up to block the blow partially.) They brawled into the stands and Park grabbed a march booth table and brought it back to the guardrail. Park smashed a dustpan over Pentagon. He then choked out Pentagon with a chain hanging from a light post. Park tossed Pentagon back into the ring. Park began to wipe Pentagon with a white back belt. Pentagon was able to hit a hurricanrana seined Park out of the ring and then flipped over the top rope onto the floor, into Park, and through the table. Pentagon then hit Park with a chair in the head. (Park blocked some of the shot with his hands.) Pentagon then tore off some of Park’s mask and hit him with a trashcan. He rolled Park back into the ring and went to town on Park with the broom handle. Pentagon then hit Park with the belt Park used earlier.

Pentagon went to the top rope and hit a double stomp for a two count. Pentagon flung a trashcan at Park’s head. The two exchanged splashes in the corner and Park did his signature leg dance before hitting a lariat. Park placed Pentagon on the top rope and slapped him repeatedly until Pentagon was able to slip through and kick out Park’s legs. He climbed to the top himself and hit a double stomp on Park’s chest as Park was suspended in between the ropes in the corner. Pentagon then hit a superkick to Park’s face as he was on his knees. Park hit a powerslam sending Pentagon into a trashcan then hit a senton slam for a two count. Pentagon rolled to the outside but Park hit him with a suicide dive to the outside. Park hit a short lariat for a two count. Pentagon hit a headset and then two sling blades for a two count. Pentagon placed the trash can over Park’s head and bashed the can with the broom handle.

Pentagon then imitated Park’s leg dance and Park ran out of the corner and hit a cross body for another two count. Park tossed a table into the ring. Pentagon hit a lung blower for a two count. Pentagon set up the table in the center of the ring and then placed Park on the top turnbuckle. He repeatedly smashed Park with a trash can to the head and then stood on the table. Park jumped from the top rope and speared Pentagon through the table but only got a two count. Pentagon apparently tossed a fireball at the ref but the camera didn’t really catch a good angle. After getting a two count Pentagon picked up a trash can and beat the ref with it. Park kicked Pentagon in the groin and then drug the ref over to make the count. After the Match LA got on the mic and started cutting a promo in Spanish. Salina took the mic to translate. She said Park would love to challenge the Lucha Bros for their tag titles. Pentagon replied in Spanish. Schiavone said Pentagon accepted the challenge.


(KARCHER’S ANALYSIS: Good match. This was exactly what I wanted to see from this match. Some crazy stunts and some hard-hitting action. Hardcore matches aren’t really my thing but I think objectively this was a decent hardcore match. The two table spots were very well done and looked fantastic. This is the first time I’ve noticed this but MLW’s camera crew wasn’t very good tonight. They missed a few big spots including the fireball spot which played into the finish so I think not catching it on camera was a big mistake. They didn’t even show a replay with a better angle so that leads me to believe they never got the shot on any camera. I know mistakes will happen and as I’ve said this is the first time I’ve had an issue with the camera work of MLW but this hurt the ending and should be avoided in the future if at all possible. Overall I approve of bringing LA Park in for some matches if they can all be of this quality. He is defiantly not in the best shape of his career so hopefully, he can still hang with the younger talent when they don’t have the hardcore rules to fall back on. Or you could just book all his matches to be no DQ and I don’t think anyone would really object to that.)

Next week El Hijo de L.A. Park will take on Jimmy Yuta and Brian Pillman Jr. goes one on one with Vandal Ortagun in his first singles match. Also, Rich Swann will take on Teddy Hart.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was an okay episode. I’ll give it a 6. We got four matches this week but one was a squash, one was a two minute DQ, and the other was an underwhelming singles match where ACH basically got squashed. Only the main event really delivered in the ring. That’s okay for Fusion as they usually do only have one solid match each week. But sometimes it’s bolstered by a second at least decent match. This week it was all about the main event and set up some big upcoming matches. I’m excited to see many of the matches that took place last Thursday at Fury Road. I do have one bit of concern about MLW going forward. I’m worried that since they never have a live show, all of their championship matches will be spoiled ahead of time. They didn’t even keep their own social media quite about the last title change before the match aired. So we are pretty much always going to know the results of any title fight before they air. I think they have to find a way around that somehow. Or find a way to air the title fight very quickly after it happens. If they wrestle live on Thursday, is it too much to ask to air just the title match on Friday? I would think that’s possible. But what do I know? Next week we have three matches already announced and I’m intrigued by all three so we should have a good show or at the very least an interesting one. That’s it for this week folks. Be sure to check back here next Friday night for another recap of MLW Fusion exclusively here on PWTorch.com. I’m Kris Karcher signing off until next week.

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  1. I enjoyed this show a lot. I always enjoy catching Impact and MLW. It’s great to see another show with decent quality production. Gives us something else to watch.

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