10/24 Lucha Underground TV Report (season 4, ep. 20): Seven to Survive Gift of the Gods Championship match with Jake Strong (Jack Swagger), Aerostar, P.J. Black, more

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch Contributor


Lucha Underground Report
Season 4 Episode #20 – “Seven to Survive”
October 24, 2018
Aired on El Rey Network
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

-The show opened with a recaps of Killshot-Dante Fox, The Gauntlet of the Gods, Antonio releasing Matanza and Jake Strong’s dominance.

-Title Card

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker hyped Ultima Lucha Cuatro coming next week. Vampiro said next week will be headlined by Son of Havoc vs. Killshot. Striker said the opening match tonight is also the main event because it could last all night. Striker threw to Santos in the ring to introduce the Seven to Survive Gift of the Gods Championship match.

Ringside: Santos explained the rules of the Seven to Survive match. She said participants can only be eliminated by pinfall or submission. She introduced King Cuerno first. Next was Big Bad Steve followed by Hernandez, AeroStar, PJ Black, Jake Strong and Dante Fox.

1 –  KING CUERNO vs. BIG BAD STEVE (w/Famous B) vs. HERNANDEZ vs. AEROSTAR vs. P.J. BLACK vs. JAKE STRONG vs. DANTE FOX – Seven to Survive Gift of the Gods Championship match

Fox landed several kicks to begin. Black and Cuerno teamed up on Fox, but Fox hit them with a double neckbreaker then leapt onto everyone at ringside. Fox rolled Hernandez back into the ring. Hernandez got the better of Fox but Fox was able to catch Hernandez with a pin for the elimination at 2:25.


Everyone ganged up on Fox in the ring. Strong beat down Fox at ringside. Steve battled Black in the crowd while Cuerno and AeroStar did the same. Strong caught Fox and powerbombed him into the wall. Black rolled Steve back into the ring. Famous B distracted Black while handing Steve a monkey wrench. Black kicked B, but was hit across the back with the wrench. Steve also caught Cuerno followed by AeroStar with the wrench. Black whipped around Steve and hit him with a low blow. Black then hit Strong with a springboard attack followed by a low blow. Black then hit a springboard moonsault on Strong for a 2 count. Strong caught Black from behind and cinched in the ankle lock for the elimination at 7:40. Strong held on to snap Black’s ankle.



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Steve and Strong traded blows in the ring. Cuerno landed a Drop kick on Strong then Strong rolled to the outside. Cuerno, AeroStar and Steve were left in the ring. Steve held AeroStar while Cuerno hit a hard chop. Steve hit a pop up neck breaker on AeroStar. Cuerno followed it up with a drop kick. AeroStar rolled to ringside leaving Cuerno and Steve to trade blows. Cuerno opened Steve’s shirt and hit another hard chop. They ran into each other with a double clothesline. Drago came out to the temple guiding a forklift with a platform. The forklift raised AeroStar to the same height of the second level of the temple. AeroStar leapt off the platform onto Steve and Cuerno in the ring. AeroStar crawled over to Steve to pin him at 13:33.


Strong entered the ring and went after AeroStar. Strong slammed AeroStar then went after Cuerno. Strong hit a suplex on Cuerno then scooped him up for another slam. Strong applied the ankle Lock to Cuerno. Strong let go of the hold because AeroStar hit Strong with a springboard attack. Strong lift AeroStar and cinched in the ankle lock for the elimination at 17:33. Cuerno stopped Strong before he could break AeroStar’s ankle.


Cuerno helped AeroStar to the back before reentering the ring. Fox, Cuerno and Strong each stood in the ring. Strong caught Cuerno with an ankle lock, but Cuerno threw Strong to the outside. Cuerno dove threw the ropes onto Strong. Fox climbed up the temple and dove onto Strong and Cuerno from the second level. Fox rolled Cuerno back into the ring and hit a 630 splash. Strong pulled Fox off of the pin. Cuerno caught Fox and hit Thrill of the Hunt. Strong took advantage of Cuerno and hit a corner splash. Fox hit a springboard cutter on Strong for another near fall. Strong countered a swanton by Fox. Cuerno kicked Fox and Strong. They all got up slowly then traded blows amongst each other. Fox caught Cuerno off the top rope then hit the foxcatcher for the elimination at 29:18.

Strong caught Fox with punch at ringside. Fox got back up and hit a dropkick off the ring apron. Fox caught Strong super kicked Strong. Strong countered Fox to cinch on the ankle lock. Fox couldn’t get to the ropes and ultimately submitted at 33:00.

WINNER: Jake Strong at 33:00 to win the Gift of the Gods Championship

After the match, fans chanted “this is bull sh–” as Strong celebrated with the title. Strong went back after Fox and snapped his ankle. Striker hyped Ultima Lucha Cuatro as they signed off the air.

-Mundo was shadow boxing and practicing parkour on a rooftop. AeroStar appeared and told Mundo that no amount of training will prepare him for Matanza. Mundo listed everything Matanza has done to him. AeroStar told Mundo if he faces Matanza alone, it will be his funeral. AeroStar offered up his help to which Mundo declined. AeroStar whistled in Drago who was holding the Gauntlet of the Gods. Mundo put on the glove and said he feels like a god. Drago asked AeroStar if that was a good idea. AeroStar said only time will tell.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Strong is over as big as a heel and Fox is over big as a face. That is the match I and the believers want to see. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that it will happen at Ultima Lucha meaning the soonest we would see it would be in season 5 if that ever happens. I loved the call back at the end of AeroStar wanting to return the favor to Mundo for saving Drago. It seems when AeroStar want to help, it leads to worse things. Resurrecting Fenix hasn’t worked well and it seems like Mundo might like the Gauntlet a little too much.

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