Raw Rating: WWE settles into a new sub-1.80 zone the last ten weeks, fails to see rating boost despite 6 million drop in NFL competition, more key metrics

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw (Nov. 26) on USA Network drew a 1.68 rating among live and same-night-DVR viewers. Last week’s rating was up against a marquee highly rated Monday Night Football on ESPN, which drew a monster 16.610 million viewers. This week’s football game came back to Earth with 9.735 million viewers, but Raw didn’t get a boost even with 7 million extra viewers floating out there who watched football last week.

Raw finished behind ESPN’s NFL coverage (pre-show, game, post-show) and VH1’s “Love and Hip Hope” among the key 18-49 demographic, drawing ratings of 0.9, 0.8, and 0.7 each progressive hour, according to TVByTheNumbers. Hourly viewership was 2.612 million, 2.382 million, and 2.111 million. The first-to-third hour drop-off was 501,000, above the 397,000 average drop-off the last ten weeks.

One year ago this week Raw drew a 1.97 rating; two years ago this week Raw drew a 2.21 rating. WWE may have settled into a new low level with a rang of 1.63-1.74 the last ten weeks. It was 12 weeks ago the last time Raw drew a rating above 1.80. Last year, Raw didn’t drop below 1.80 only three times.


PWTorch editor Wade Keller is joined by cohost Zack Heydorn from PWTorch to discuss WWE Monday Night Raw from Los Angeles, Calif. including two on-site reporters along with live callers and a lot of mailbag feedback on Dolph Ziggler challenging Seth Rollins, the promos from Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey, Baron Corbin dominating with his power, Alexa Bliss’s new role, and much more.

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2 Comments on Raw Rating: WWE settles into a new sub-1.80 zone the last ten weeks, fails to see rating boost despite 6 million drop in NFL competition, more key metrics

  1. Little wonder with the crap show they’ve given us the last two weeks, with 3 on 1 breakdowns and heels running amok!!!!!! Smackdown was 1000% better.

  2. Can’t figure out why things are going south I have watched wrestling for 60 years sorry vince I am as old as you your problem is I can tell you who is going to win and who is going to lose it is the same old story your writers are terrible. you made wrestling like a little kid show now first of all your first 20 minutes is all talk no wrestling but after the first 20 minutes of talk then comes the same old wrestler with his threats and then those to wrestle after the intermission.Its the same old same old you don’t need a scrip your best wrestlers like brawn St.randy O. the cicus clown Miz should retire I mean it has to get more real I know it is fake but in the old days it looked real today they all come out singing or got some dumb act that takes up 10 minuets I liked it when all matches were right after the last one not the way they are now and as for AJ styels sorry if I spelled it wrong but he is really one of the best perfomers you have as for the yes yes yes man now turned heel what a nother joke well I could go on and on but just thought I would give you a heads up if you need a writer for your little kids show keep who you have but if you want to make wrestling good again hire some better story writers and get rid of the clowns and get wrestlers of AJ STYLES TYPE or brawn stroman also the back stage crap is getting old to seems like you guys are on the phone then one of the wrestlers just happen to find you along with a camera man how convinent really I get tired of switching channels back and forth until a good match comes up you do have a lot of fans and you do a lot for community but if your wondering why rateings are down go back and read what I wrote Oak Island is more interesting between the terrible matches you have Corban a joke like dan Brian the goat turned heel come on I hope things get better because the only thing good is the pay per view raw and smackdown are falling apart sorry shane I like ya and sister but you should change things up like I said I am 72 and watched wrestling my whole life I just don’t like the direction your going

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