5 YRS AGO – NXT TV REPORT (5-15-14): Sami, Elias Samson, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, Mojo, Aiden English, Big Cass, Ascension, Bo Dallas, Angelo Dawkins

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor

Big Cass & Carmella


The following report was originally published on PWTorch.com five years ago this week…

WWE NXT Results
May 15, 2014
Taped at Full Sail University
Report by Justin James, PWTorch contributor

[Q1] Pre-credits package summarizing how we arrived at a triple threat between Tyler Breeze, Tyson Kidd, and Sami Zayn tonight for the #1 contender spot.

Tom Philips, William Regal, and Byron Saxton have the call.

The Ascension start the show. NXT needs to conjure up a challenger for them at NXT Takeover in two weeks. Since The Ascension are nominally faces,

1 – NXT tag champions THE ASCENSION (KONNOR O’BRIAN & RICK VICTOR) vs. BUDDY MURPHY & ELIAS SAMSON – non-title tag match

Quick match, with Buddy Murphy being put away by the Fall of Man without Elias Samson ever coming into the ring.

WINNERS: The Ascension in 2:00. We’ve seen plenty of this.

Post-match, O’Brian gets a mic to cut a very rare promo. He declares that they have destroyed all of NXT’s tag teams. Victor demands something new to destroy. Techno music hits, and El Local and Kalisto come out. El Local issues a challenge. Kalisto tries to get the crowd going with a “Lucha! Lucha!” chant. Awkward booking here, to put the nominally face team of El Local and Kalisto against the monster face team of The Ascension.

Backstage, Sami Zayn has an interview with a new interviewer who he calls “Veronica.” He describes himself as an obsessive person, and says that this is his chance to make up for losing the Cesaro and not gaining the NXT Championship earlier.

Eden Stiles lets us know that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

Alexa bliss blows glitter from the ramp and comes out for her match against Charlotte. Charlotte is a full ten inches taller than Bliss. Betraying the taping schedule, Bliss has some blood in her otherwise sparkling grin.

2 – ALEXA BLISS vs. CHARLOTTE – NXT Women’s Championship Tournament match

Bliss immediately jumps on Charlotte’s back, then puts up offense in the corner. Charlotte wants a tilt-a-whirl move but Bliss transitions into a cover for two. Knee to the middle puts Charlotte on the attack. Abdominal Stretch from Charlotte emphasizes the incredible size difference, Bliss looks like a toddler in her hands. Bliss in a Tree of Woe and Charlotte delivers a pair of kicks to her. Another Abdominal Stretch.

[Q2] Bliss escapes into a schoolgirl for less than two. Bliss gets caught on a crossbody attempt. Charlotte bends Bliss backwards over her knee and tries to rip her head off. Bliss gets caught on another crossbody attempt. Charlotte hits jumping blockbuster finisher (“Bow Down to the Queen”) for the win.

WINNER: Charlotte to go to Takeover in the Tournament Finals in 5:04. I don’t know if it’s the part of me that wants to cheer for heel Jericho or heel Punk, but I was pulling for Charlotte in this match. I am struggling to take Bliss seriously. She is small, but lacks the technical skill of A.J. Lee or the viciousness of Paige or the surprising strength of Sasha Banks, who are all her size. She tries to be a high-flyer, but does not show much beyond a couple of flips and a crossbody. I want to like Bliss, the character looks like it could be fun, but the presentation has not really delivered and her in-ring isn’t winning me over right now.

Tyler Breeze has his own “earlier today” backstage interview that he filmed himself on his phone. He says that the NXT Champion must be determined and gorgeous. He reminds us that Zayn and Kidd are both Canadian, and tells us that it is “scientifically proven” that Canadians are genetically forced to be ugly, and says that it is a whole country of Michael Cera’s. Ouch. He says that they are all about respect which limits them, but he will do whatever it takes to win.

[ J.J.’s Reax: I can’t remember the last time Breeze had an actual promo like this, but I enjoyed it and would like to see more like this. ]

Mojo Rawley comes out and hypes the crowd. He gets some kids super excited. Aiden English sings his way to the ring.


Rawley picks English up and tosses him in the corner to start the match. English tries to fire up but he gets flattened with a crossbody. English uses a ropebreak to kick a leg and hit a neckbreaker. Philips announces that The Ascension will face El Local and Kallisto for the Tag Team championship on Takeover. English is dominating Rawley. Bodyslam from Rawley lets him get some separation. Rawley with his explosive offense. Pair of Stinger Splashes, Rear View, and Hyperdrive for the win.

WINNER: Mojo Rawley in 6:33. Rawley is getting dangerously close to John Cena territory with the “take offense then suddenly deliver his one combo for the win.” English has such a unique look and in-ring style, if he can refine the gimmick to something more main event, he can go places.

Backstage interview with Tyson Kidd. He believes in hard work and second chances, which is why he is at NXT. He points out that the main roster is dominated by former NXT talent. He vows to be champion.

[ J.J.’s Reax: Kidd has definitely learned to cut a promo at the Performance Center. Kudos to him for taking advantage of the tools at his disposal. ]

Angelo Dawkins in dancing and getting the “already in the ring” introduction. He’s facing Colin Cassady who gets a nice reaction. Where is Enzo Amore?


[Q3] Cassady with early knee lifts. There’s some booing, and the camera shows C.J. Parker strolling around the ring with a “No Xtra Toxins” sign. It says “the sign is recyclable” on the back. Cassady continues to dominate Dawkins and totally ignores Parker. Big elbow drop gets two for Cassady. Dawkins fights out of the corner, but Cassady hits the high knee then the SAWFT Big Boot. Cassady hits the “East River Crossing” for the win.

WINNER: Colin Cassady in 3:50. Nice to see the face character wisely ignore the ringside heel to get a win. Cassady is improving in the ring.

Backstage, Bo Dallas talks to “Mr. JBL” and hands him a pile of letters from the Bo-Lievers demanding that he be added to the match. Dallas says that he told his audience “on the hotline” that this just would not be fair, but he says that if nothing is done, JBL will be slammed with letters too. JBL says that those letters need to go to C.J. Parker to be recycled, and points out that Dallas missed the boat in the battle royal. But if Dallas can beat his next opponent, he will get a title shot. If he loses, Dallas needs to leave NXT for good. Dallas is suddenly not so happy. JBL gives him five guesses, and repeats and emphasizes “five” a few times. Dallas says, “John Cena?” JBL tells him that he will be facing Big E. Dallas looks thrilled, and says that he is undefeated against Big E. and reminds us that he got the title of Big E. Dallas is overjoyed.

[ J.J.’s Reax: That may have been my favorite Bo Dallas segment of all time, and that says a lot. Dallas played off JBL perfectly, and went from demanding to worried to elated with perfect transitions. ]

Of note, Breeze’s “seasonal residence” seems to have changed location. And apparently, Breeze was too busy getting ready to tell Regal about his footwear. This crowd is even fairly dead for Sami Zayn’s entrance, that’s not a good sign. Last episode of a taping?

5 – SAMI ZAYN vs. TYSON KIDD vs. TYLER BREEZE – Triple Threat for the #1 Contender to the NXT Championship

Good The Bad and The Ugly standoff as they try to figure out who to gang up on. Kidd makes the first move attacking both. Breeze recovers in the corner as Kidd goes after Zayn, but Breeze ambushes Kidd and continues on Zayn. Kidd takes the Triple Threat Nap ringside. Breeze with aggressive offense in the corner. Breeze with a surprise Beauty Shot to Zayn but Kidd breaks up the pin.

[ Break ]

Zayn in ringside and Breeze has Kidd isolated out of the break. Sunset Flip but Kidd rolls through, Breeze gets to the ropes before Kidd can get ont he Dungeon Lock or Sharpshooter. Breeze tot he outside, but he clobbers Kidd when he tries coming through the ropes. Zayn over the top rope to knock Breeze out then a big crossbody from the top to Kidd for a nearfall.

[Q4] Breeze tries to sneak in, but Zayn wants a Blue Thunder Bomb, Breeze blocks, they tussle, and Zayn hits it for a nearfall.

Zayn charges Breeze, Breeze gets a boot up, but Zayn catches it. Zayn wants to reverse into a suplex but Kidds sneaks up from behind and it is a funky three man suplex as Zayn hits an exploder on Breeze and Kidd getting Zayn with a German. “This is awesome!” from the crowd as they recover. Breeze rolls under the ropes to the outside as Kidd and Zayn collide. Kidd puts Zayn in a deep Sharpshooter mid-ring. Kidd brings him back mid-ring, but a side Kidd from Breeze to Kidd gets a nearfall.

Breeze clears Kidd from the ring, then runs at Zayn, but Zayn catches him with an exploder suplex right into the turnbuckle for two. Zayn wants Old School, but Breeze crotches him, and it looks quite legit. Kidd roundhouse kicks Breeze from the apron, and goes to the top, but Breeze crotches him. Breeze wants to meet him there but takes a running boot from Zayn. Zayn is tied up int he ropes after the kick so Kidd tosses him out and hits a top rope elbow on Breeze for the win, Zayn was a hair away from breaking up the cover.

WINNER: Tyson Kidd in 10:28. What a three-way match that avoided most of the shortcomings of the format. The booking here shocked me, as I fully expected Tyler Breeze to win this. All three looked fantastic in this match. Tyler Breeze’s recent tweaks have allowed his character to be main event material, and his in-ring work delivers.

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