VIP 1999 BACK ISSUE – Pro Wrestling Torch #550 (May 29, 1999): Cover Story on death of Owen Hart at WWF’s “Over the Edge” PPV, match-by-match coverage of the PPV, Mitchell’s column looking at how WWE handled the Owen Hart situation and circumstances that led to it happening, more

May 25, 2019

We are now posting PWTorch Digital Newsletter PDFs for the year 1997 for the first time ever. These issues from 1997 have never been made available in their original format since their original printing press […]

FREE PODCAST 5/25 – Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Post-show Raw Flashback: (5-18-14) Five years ago live call-in show with Powell discussing final hype for the Payback event, Bryan’s situation, is Zeb overshadowing Swagger, Bo Dallas’s debut, Alicia Fox, live calls and emails (97 min)

May 25, 2019

TODAY’S SHOW SUMMARY… In this Raw Post-Show Five Years Ago Flashback, PWTorch editor Wade Keller was joined by’s Jason Powell to discuss the previous night’s episode of WWE Raw (5-26-14) including the final hype […]

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