10/29 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan, Marufuji vs. Josh Alexander, Desi Hit Squad vs. Swann & Mack, Ken Shamrock, Six-Woman Tag

By Jordan Thomas, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 29, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis


(1) MARUFUJI vs. JOSH ALEXANDER with Ethan Page

-The match starts with a feeling out process between the two that leads to Marufuji getting some hard kicks on Alexander. The action then transitions into a more mat style grappling match until Marufuji and Alexander trade some stiff chops. Alexander gets some offense in until Marufuji does a cartwheel into a drop kick and gets some stiff in on Alexander. Alexander then gets a near fall after hitting a top rope knee to Marufuji’s face. Alexander then slows the match down again by transitions into more technical style wrestling going after every limb. Marufuji escapes from Alexander and hits him with a flurry of fist and kicks that drops the two both to the mat. They both beat the ten count and start trading chops and Alexander gets Marufuji in a touture rack hold into a spinning slam and gets a really close two count. After another near count for Alexander, Marufuji counters him with slice bread number two from the corner rope for the win.

WINNER: Marufuji via pinfall in 10:00

(Thomas Analysis: A solid, although forgettable kick off match between the two great workers that set a good tone for the show. The match just felt like it didn’t have much stakes because this match was seemingly just thrown together. Marufuji adds a lot of experience to this roster and if used right can really add a credibility to the roster by delivering strong matches to get other talent over.)

-Backstage, we see oVe arriving to the arena and Callihan is told that the rest of the members of oVe have been banned from the arena tonight due to the pending championship match

-Back from break, we get a comedy sketch from The Rascalz talking about hitting on one anothers mothers and also involving Fallah Bahh which was not a really good segment.


The six woman match starts with Hogan and Nicole in the ring with Nicole taking control early until Rayne gets involved and the other pair of woman get into the ring with the babyfaces clearing the ring. Back from a commercial break, Nicole tags in Rosemary and Hogan tags in Rayne and Rosemary hits Rayne with an exploder Suplex. Nicole gets tagged back in and starts hitting Rayne with some good offense. Valkyrie then tags in, followed by Hogan and starts working on Nicole. Hogan looks to possibly have an injury and tags in Valkyrie and Grace tags in and is able to get an inside cradle on Valkyrie for the win.

WINNERS: Grace, Rosemary and Nicole via pinfall in 8:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: An okay six woman tag that seemed like it was more a showcase for Grace and to set up a potential championship feud between Grace and Valkyrie. All women in this match are good workers, with Nicole even showing some flashes that she could potentially be a star one day but this was purely a story driven match.)

-We get an promo from RVD from his home with Katie Forbes and explains how he deserves more respect and how wrestlers today copy off him and how he’s carried brands and how he’s a one of a kind wrestler.


-The match starts with Rohit and Raj attacking Mack and Swann before hitting the ring and are able to get momentum on their side and isolate Swann from Mack. It looks like Swann is able to get a tag but the double team antics from the squad are able to stop him from getting the tag. Swann finally makes the tag to Mack and he starts really taking out the Squad all by himself and looks like a one man wrecking crew. The squad gets a near fall after hitting a double team wheel barrel ddt on Swann but Mack and Swann are able to hit a top rope cutter on the squad to get the win.

WINNER: Swann and Mack via pinfall in 5:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: Another short showcase match meant to show Mack and Swann overcoming the odds and looking like the favorites to challenge for the tag titles. They are a fun tag team and should led to a great feud with The North.)

-Backstage, Rhyno is looking for RVD and says he’s going to get his hands on him neck week.

-Back from break, Moose is on the golf course and talks about how he’s the best wrestler and also golfer of all time. He guarantees and hole and one and he hits his ball. He then accuses two other golfers of taking his ball and he drops the ball in the hole. He says he will be back next week. Good heel promo here.

-Ken Shamrock makes his way to the ring to talk about what’s next for him. He talks about being disappointed in losing to Moose at Bound for Glory and before he can make his announcement, he’s interrupted by Joey Ryan. Shamrock says he doesn’t even know who Ryan is and describes him as that “penis guy”. Ken says he thinks Joey is funny but Ken says he is a fighter and Joey is a gimmick. Joey then says his penis will choke him out. Ken then says he’s not here to retire and is here to challenge the whole locker room. Ken then challenges Joey to a match next week.

-We then get a video package for Tessa Blanchard.


(4) ACE AUSTIN vs. EDDIE EDWARDS – Street Fight

-Edwards charges to the ring and starts to brawl with Austin. Edwards Suplex Austin on the ramp and Edwards then brings in trash cans but Austin counters him with his baton. Edwards then uses the trash can lid to hit Austin on the head and then does it a second time. Austin then counters with a dropkick and then a super kick to Edwards to change the momentum to him. Austin uses his t-shirt to choke out Edwards and then he grabs a chair but Edwards hits him with the lid again. Edwards bring a table into the ring but Austin counters him with the lid and Austin goes to set up the table on the ring corner. Edwards hits Austin with a super kick and then Reno Scum runs interference but Edwards sends one of the members into the table. Austin hits a famouser on Edwards but once Edwards recovers he’s able to counter Austin off the top rope with hitting him with a chair and then a back Suplex. Edwards then gets a kendo stick but Austin counters with the X Division title and hits Edwards with it and starts hitting him with the stick. Austin then goes for a spear and Edwards counters by putting him in a trash can. Edwards then goes to set up a table in the ring, Edwards then sets up Austin on the top rope but Austin is able to counter him with a super fold off the rope into the table for the win

WINNER: Austin via pinfall in 14:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: This was a really fun and brutal street fight between these two. The trash can spot was great and these two have good chemistry with each other. Even though their story line may seem a little cheesy, this rivalry does at least has some heat behind it because it is so personal. I am looking forward to Edwards finally getting him payback on Austin.)

-Backstage we see Su Yung, with out any makeup on and she introduces herself as Susie and acts like nothing has happened to her despite the fact she looks like she’s gone through a real transformation.

-Back from break, Swinger is hitting on Alisha Edwards when Austin chases him off. Austin continues to hit on Alisha and she agrees to get dinner with him next week.

(5) BRIAN CAGE vs. SAMI CALLIHAN – Impact World Championship in a steel cage match

-Sami dropkicks the cage door into Brian and then Brian power bombs Sami into the cage. Brian continues to beat the hell out of Sami outside the cage but Sami counters and locks himself in the cage and Brian climbs over the top of the cage and starts to beatdown Sami. Callihan then starts to get some momentum after Brian gets busted open and start bleeding from the head. Callihan then starts to bite the wound on Brian Cage’s head and smears the blood on his face. Sami continues to beatdown Brian but Brian tells him he wants more and is able to counter that into sending Sami face first into the cage. This buys Brian some time to recover and he hits Sami with a forearm and jumping knee and then starts to trade stiff chops between the two. Sami hits Brian with some huge clothesline and drops him to the mat for some near falls. Brian then hits Sami with some powerbombs into the cage. Sami counters with six straight kicks and then hits four straight piledrivers but Brian kicks out at two. Brian then hits an Alabama slam on Sami and gets a two count on Sami. Brian climbs to the top rope and Sami meets him there and they start trading head buts and Sami piledrivers Brian off the top rope for the win.

WINNER: Callihan via pinfall in 16:00 to become the new Impact World Champion

-After the match, Tessa Blanchard makes her way to the ring to have a standoff with Sami Callihan

(Thomas’s Analysis: This was a great main event for the premiere episode and putting the title on Callihan was a wise move. It still feels like things our not over with Callihan and Cage, but Blanchard potentially being inserted into the World title picture is a really edgy and smart move by Impact. Back to the match, this was brutal and tough and showed off how Cage can take a beating and still be a badass and just how credible and tough Callihan is. Im really looking forward to how the main event title picture takes shape.)

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