1/10 WWE 205 LIVE REPORT: Tyler Breeze vs. Tony Nese, Isiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Lio Rush, Scott & Rush vs. Singh Brothers, Daivari vs. Brooks

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor


JANUARY 10, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton

– The show opened with highlights of The Brian Kendrick causing Danny Burch to lose Ariya Daivari on last week’s episode. Kendrick called himself “the best thing to happen to Cruiserweight wrestling” as the highlights ended. The 205 Intro video played, and the camera panned the audience before landing on the announcers. Byron Saxton was filling in for Tom Phillips for the evening. Saxton and English said Tyler Breeze would be competing on tonight’s episode and the camera turned to the entrance ramp. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott made his ring entrance followed by Lio Rush.


The bell rang, and they bumped forearms as a sign of respect. The pace quickened and both wrestlers dodged each other’s offense. Swerve grounded Rush with a wrist lock until Rush broke the hold. From the ring apron, Rush backflipped to the outside. At the same time, Swerve jumped through the ropes and landed on his feet. They acknowledged each other’s athleticism and returned to the ring. Rush and Swerve were about the lock up again but were interrupted by the entrance of The Singh Brothers. They danced around ringside until Rush and Scott attacked them. Rush took the mike and challenged The Singh Brothers to a tag match against himself and Scott. A second referee came down to ringside and told the ring announcer that General Manager Drake Maverick made the tag match official.

WINNER: No contest


The bell rang, and Scott threw Sunil Singh into the ring. Scott took control with armbar and tagged Rush. They doubled-teamed Sunil and Rush scored a two count. Sunil dodged a kick and slapped Rush hard across the face. Samir tagged in attacked Rush from behind before cinching in a headlock. The Singh Brothers kept control of the match with frequent tag and referee distractions. Eventually, Rush created separation and made the tag to Scott. Scott rallied and hit a flurry of offense. He propped both Singh Brothers against the roped and hit a series of kicks and strikes. He tagged in Rush who hit the coma. Scott followed up with the house called rush scored the pin. After the match, Scott told Rush they weren’t done indicating they would wrestle again in the future.

WINNERS: Isiah Scott & Lio Rush via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: This continues the ridiculous trend of wrestlers being able to stop or change matches on the spot. Why would Drake Maverick agree to this? The interruption should have angered him. The Singh Brothers acted like more of a legitimate, heel tag team during the match. I look forward to the return match between Rush and Scott who seemed to have great chemistry with each other.)

-A commercial for The Royal Rumble aired, followed by a commercial for Broken Skull Sessions.

-A vignette for Tyler Breeze aired.

-The show returned and Ariya Daivari made his ring entrance with his opponent already in the ring.


The bell rang, and Daivari threw Brooks to the mat before slapping him in the face. Brooks responded with strikes. Daivari hit a uranage slam before hitting the hammerlock lariat for the win. After the match, Daivari hit another hammerlock lariat as the referee demanded that he return to the locker room.

WINNER: Ariya Daivari via pinfall

-A commercial for Monday Night Raw aired, followed by a commercial for WWE Shop.

-The show returned, and the announcers talked about the incident between Jack Gallagher and Drake Maverick. A replay of Gallagher attacking Maverick was shown. A tweet from Maverick was shown saying Gallagher’s suspension was lifted and he could return to action. Tyler Breeze made his ring entrance, followed by Tony Neese.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Breeze made his ring entrance to no reaction. Is this proof that there is little to no cross over between the NXT and 205 Live audience? Breeze is appreciated by the Full Sail crowd, but the crowd in attendance couldn’t have cared less about his debut.)


The bell rang, and they locked up. Nese broke free and taunted Breeze by flexing. Breese looked on unimpressed and they locked up again. On commentary, the announcers were talking as if Breeze were a permanent member of the 205 Live roster, but nothing official was announced. Breeze threw Nese face-first into the turnbuckle. He hit a suplex for a two count. Nese went for a roll-up, but Breeze countered and cinched in a one-legged Boston crab. Nese broke free, but Breeze threw him to the outside. From there. Breeze punished Nese on the outside. Breeze acknowledged English on commentary which allowed Nese to get the upper hand. Back in the ring, Nese scored a two count. He stomped Breeze in the corner. Breeze attempted a sunset flip, but Nese rolled through and hit a spinning kick. Nese cinched in a body-scissors and taunted the crowd. Eventually, Breeze broke the hold hit a flurry of offense. He kicked Nese to the outside of the ring and attempted a suicide dive. Nese blocked it with a kick and Breeze rolled to the outside. From there, Nese hit a running clothesline and threw Breeze back in the ring. With Breeze on the mat, Nese attempted a springboard moonsault but missed. Breeze hit a backbreaker for a two count. Both men returned to their feet and Nese propped Breeze on the top rope. Breeze broke free and hit a standing sidekick for a two count. Nese responded with a strike to Breeze’s throat. He snapped Breeze’s neck of the rope and hit a springboard moonsault for a two count. The pace quickened and both me countered each other’s offense. Neese attempted a running Nese, but Breeze countered with a standing side kick. With Nese on the mat, Breeze scaled the top rope. Breeze missed a dive but quickly rolled Nese up for the win.

WINNER: Tyler Breeze via pinfall

FINAL THOUGHTS: Breeze can be a useful addition to the 205 Live Roster if they continue his winning streak. Unfortunately, WWE has a terrible reputation at building babyfaces on 205 Live and he will likely be trading wins in a few weeks. This was, unfortunately, another lifeless crowd and another set of inconsequential matches. Where was the follow-up on the Kendrick angle from last week? Why are we still without a promo from Lio Rush where he addresses his title loss? Will Jack Gallagher even acknowledge his actions, or will he just return to the show as if nothing happened? The show continues to lack follow-through and long-term planning.

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