IMPACT WRESTLING HITS & MISSES 6/16: EC3’s music plays, Hernandez vs. Moose, untimely Cancel Culture skit with Joey Ryan, Rascalz vs. The North, Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwares, Rhino, Kylie Ray, Deonna Purrazzo, more

By Javier Machado, PWTorch contributor

The North: Josh Alexander & Ethan Page (photo


•Final impact – HIT: A good episode overall but, with the exception of the opening match between the Rascalz and The North, not the best example for in-ring wrestling. However, there is a whole host of mysteries being teased and playing out through the show. From the question of Trey’s attacker, to several promos setting up future matches, to several teases of free agents coming in to make an impact, there is a feeling of big changes coming. The potential for Impact is high right now, but it will be up to them to stick the landing.

•The Rascalz vs. The North, Impact Tag Team Championship match – HIT: Prior to the match, Trey jokingly pretends to attack Wentz backstage, almost to symbolize that Trey trusts Wentz isn’t the one who attacked him during the number one contender tournament, but Wentz seemed wary. There is definitely some distrust among the Rascalz. Commentary also pushed hard on that idea, distractingly so in fact. The match itself is very good with the North retaining when they hit their nameless finisher on Wentz. After the match, the North do a funny bit when they find the backstage area devoid of wrestlers watching their match, and they are upset that they have no serious challengers for their belt. Significantly less funny, Wentz and Dez find Trey laid out in the back once again. This time, Dez suspects Reno Scum is behind it. I like this mystery, with all the free-agents available in the wild, the culprit(s) can be anyone.

•Who Dunnit? – HIT: Woven thoughout the show, there are segments with various people trying to figure out who has been attacking Trey. Dez and Wentz accuse Reno Scum of attacking Trey at Austin’s behest. They deny it, claiming Austin still owes them money for their previous work and point the Rascalz at TJP and Fallah Bahh. Separate from the Rascalz’s investigation, Jimmy Jacobs first approaches Austin but is interrupted when Eddie Edwards accusatorially (and physically) attacks Austin to set up their match later. Later Jacobs approaches Elgin who denies that he’d attack someone in secret, he’d pull a cameraman to film it for the world to see. This was a good hook to follow throughout the episode.

•Kimber Lee vs. Nevaeh – MISS: Nevaeh wins her Impact debut in a rather lack luster match only really serving to set up a future match between the teams of Nevaeh and Havok, and Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan. This match did little to make me care for Nehaeh or Havok, and Steelz and Hogan feel more like a mild annoyance than actual threats. Still early days into the program so they have time to right the ship.

•Cancel Culture and Crazy Steve promos – HIT: In a video promo, Joseph Ryan claims that Jacob Crist will “cancel” “Unwell Steven.” Crazy Steve’s response is that he’s tired of being told “no” or “stop” (the bit about him being upset when “they” told him to stop running in the halls and put the scissors down, was especially charming for his character). He says that he is an artist. Most intriguing is Steve hinting at having allies.

•Rhino vs. Rohit Raju – HIT: There is no justice as the bastard bully, Rhino beats the sublime sun, Rohit Raju with the Gore. I share in your anguish at your loss Rohit, and eagerly await the moment the stars align, and you begin your meteoric rise.

•Kylie Rae and Susie backstage – MISS: So, Susie is contemplating becoming evil again since being good mean you get hurt. Kylie tries to talk her out of it, but Taya arrives and is dismissive of their goody-two-shoes personalities. Taya leaves yelling for Bravo. This is leading to a match between Susie and Taya, but I was hoping to see some fallout from Taya’s match with Jordynne Grace and how the Rosemary and Bravo… thing… cost her the championship.•

•Hernandez vs. Moose, TNA World Heavyweight Championship match? – HIT: Moose wins a good enough match against Hernandez, but then is stunned to hear EC3’s music playing instead. (If EC3 is indeed coming back, his song is an earworm for me and I’m going to be going to sleep with it blaring in my head every night now.) These were two comedy bits that missed the mark for me. The Deaners are happy to be back together and teaming with Willie Mack and they challenge Chris Bey, Johnny Swinger, and a partner of their choosing to a match. They also hurl some insults that are barely humorous, and Mack does his Stone Cold Steve Austin impression. Swinger, when informed of the challenge, tells Bey he has a partner in mind. While, the skits were MISSes, I’m interested in seeing who Swinger unearths.

•Reno Scum vs. XXXL – PUSH: It’s always nice to see XXXL in action, but this match is pretty much filler on this episode. Reno Scum winning is interesting. Maybe they have something planned for them coming up?

•Deonna Purrazzo video package with Jordynne Grace follow up – HIT: We get a package where Deonna Purrazzo establishes who she is and her journey getting here so its good to get to know her. Grace is interviewed to get her thoughts on Purrazzo, and the attack Grace suffered at her hands. Grace says that all she needed to do was come at her face to face and at that moment, Purrazzo attacks Grace from behind and lock her in an armbar, adding more fuel to the fire of their eventual match.

•Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards, Street fight match – HIT: The beginning of this match was a bit of a slog to get through, which is something I feel most Impact street fights have in common. But, usually, at some point the preformers turn on the jets, there are one or more memorable spots, and the match speeds up. For me, the time came when Edwards murdered Ace by doing a neck breaker on the legs of an upside-down table. Things turn out badly for Eddie though, when Madman Fulton reveals his allegiance to Ace after he attacks Eddie and helps Ace secure the win. Madison Rayne speculates that the culprit behind the attacks on Trey is Madman Fulton, doing Ace’s bidding.

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