7/1 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Bianca Belair vs. Billie Kaye (w/Peyton Royce) in new single-match format along with extended WWE highlights

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor


JULY 1, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, MVP


  • New show format: Down from two new matches to one
  • Belair continues her Main Event run

The show’s opening hung with the announcers for longer than usual. Tom, citing the Last Ride documentary, said that WrestleMania 36 was Undertaker’s “final match in WWE.” He referenced the Undertaker tribute on last Friday’s Smackdown, which fed into an Undertaker video package. The format of this episode deviated from the formula: In spite of 51-minute run time (compared to a typical 45), it only featured one new match among the recapped footage.

(1) BIANCA BELAIR vs. BILLIE KAY (w/ Peyton Royce)

The women engaged in a collar-and-elbow tie up to start, and Kay cartoonishly ran in place against the more powerful Belair. Belair threw Kay to the mat, then lifted her up onto the top turnbuckle. Belair immediately backed away from the corner, allowing Kay to slip down to the apron where she was momentarily counseled by Royce. Belair dragged Kay in through the ropes by her hair and dropped her face-first to the mat.

Belair scooped up Kay, but Kay reversed back down to her feet and slammed Belair back-first to the canvas. Kay struck her pose and shouted, “iIconic!” MVP indicated that Kay “looks like an ostrich.” Kay ran the ropes but stopped in her tracks when she noticed Belair was already to her feet, waiting. Belair shoulder blocked Kay then hit a standing moonsault before covering for two.

Belair, with a handful of Kay’s hair, landed a clubbing forearm to Kay’s back. Kay dodged a Belair attack in the corner, then yanked Belair’s shoulder out of its socket with a dropping leverage move. She covered Belair for two. We cut to break.

Kay maintained control through the break, and continued the punishment on Belair’s left arm and shoulder. Belair broke free from an arm bar, but Kay struck her down to the mat before applying another arm bar. Meanwhile, MVP was still hung up on animal comparisons: “When the iIconics were hitting their signature pose, were they paying homage to a wombat? I think that’s the Australian national animal.” Tom could not confirm.

Belair broke free and rolled up Kay with a sunset flip for a two count. Kay got to her feet and applied a chinlock / arm bar combo to Belair. Belair powered out of the hold and body slammed Kay, then hit a drop kick. Belair gripped her injured left arm, then laid in kicks to Kay’s midsection in the corner. Belair charged toward Kay in the opposite corner, but hit the brakes and turned her attention to Royce, who was being a distracty pants at ringside. Belair turned her back to Kay to address Royce, allowing Kay to run in from behind to roll up Belair. Belair kicked out at two. Belair dodged a Shades of Kay kick attempt, then hoisted Kay up onto her shoulders and planted her to the mat with the KOD. Belair covered for three.

WINNER: Bianca Belair in 6:30.

(Meyers’s Analysis: An improvement on last week’s Belair match against Ruby Riott. The iIconics’s comedy antics were dialed in surprisingly low, and Kay even targeted a body part which played a role in the match.)

-Main Event recap session:

  • Replay of men’s and women’s contract signing segment from Raw
  • Replay of Rollins in-ring promo, and Mysterio / Dominick’s response, from Raw
  • Replay of Rollins & Murphy vs. Black & Carrillo from Raw
  • Replay of Strowman in-ring promo from Smackdown
  • Replay of Banks & Ziggler vs. Asuka & McIntyre from Raw

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.8

FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s unclear why this episode only showcased one new match. When the commentators opened with talk of Undertaker, I thought they might replay the Boneyard Match, or show a lengthy tribute video. Instead, they only showed a three-minute package, then padded the rest of the episode with lengthy replays. We’ll see next week if they return with two new matches or continue with this single-match format.

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