8/6 NXT UK REPORTS (Ep. 107): Noam Dar vs. Kenny Williams, Toni Storm vs. Dakota Kai, Andrews & Webster vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 6, 2020

Hosted By: Andy Shepherd (from home).

-Andy Shepherd with a very brief introduction.

-Kenny Williams introduces the next match, which was his with Noam Dar. He stated that the two were friendly and had an argument, and the best way to handle an argument is in the ring.

(1) NOAM DAR vs. KENNY WILLIAMS (from Download Festival, July 24, 2019)

Dar took him down quickly and worked an armbar. They hit the ropes until Williams mocked Dar by rubbing his head. At that point he slapped Williams hard right in the face. William rebutted with a series of forearms that sent Dar outside. Williams kicked him from the ropes and followed him out. Williams tossed him back into the ring but Dar spring back and punch Williams in the face. He tossed Williams into the ring and went for a pair of near pinfalls.

Dar grounded Williams here and held him in a chin lock. Williams countered and sent Dar to the corner. Williams followed and the two exchanged blows before Dar was met with a weak superkick. Williams kept knocking into Dar and eventually sent him out of the ring. Obligatory dive through the ropes spot here. He rolled Dar back into the ring but he held onto the rope. Then Williams went to the top and knocked him back to the floor again. Dar went back into the ring while Williams went up to the top once again. A flying back elbow followed for two. Williams went for another pin but Dar rolled him up for another two. Dar then latched on with a Fishermans suplex for two. Dar went to corner and missed a Nova Roller as Williams connected with a big elbow. A two count followed and when Dar kicked out, he hooked the leg for two. Williams moved to the rope and Dar switched to an ankle lock. Williams escaped and connected with an uppercut. Both men were down.

The two slowly got back up and exchanged forearms. Williams grabbed the rope to flip over but Dar caught him in a knee bar and locked it in. Williams made it to the bottom rope. Dar pulled his leg and Williams’ shoe came off. Dar looked puzzled and Williams rolled him up for two. Dar went to hit him with the shoe but the ref took it. When he was putting the shoe down, Dar hit a low blow and a nova roller for the win.

WINNER: Noam Dar at 10:08

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fine match. I imagine it would be exciting to see in the atmosphere of the Download Festival. You got some hard hits and some high flying action, but this wan’t a show stealer at a pay-per-view.

-Summer Slam commercial

-Kay Lee Ray with an at-home promo. As the champion, she said that she already went down in the record books. She expressed her anticipation to get back into the ring soon. This is another promo in which they all essentially say the same thing, as we all hope to get some fresh matches from the NXT UK talent soon.

-Toni Storm introduces the next match and brought up her history with Dakota Kai. She wanted to show this match as it was the first time the two faced off in a WWE ring, although the two have roots going back to wrestling in Australia.

(2) TONI STORM vs. DAKOTA KAI (from NXT UK TV, November 7, 2018)

They lock up and go 50/50 for a minute before they pause the match as Kai offers a hand. The two shake and Kai went for a kick. Storm caught her leg and gently placed it down (for whatever reason). Kai unleashed a series of kicks and hooked her legs for a near pinfall. Storm got up and hit her with a big boot to the head. Her first near pinfall ensued. A suplex and her second attempt followed. Kai crawled to the corner but Storm pulled her away and connected with a couple of uppercuts before hooking in a modified STF. Kai almost tapped but she crawled her way to the bottom rope.

Storm then pulled her up and placed her on the ropes. She grabbed Kai’s arm to toss her but that led into the two of them slugging it out in the ring. Kai hit the ropes but Storm stopped her with a headbutt that left both women laying. Storm crawled over and the two exchanged blows as they worked their way back to their feet. A couple of kicks came from Kai until Storm countered one with a sharp German. Storm went to charge at her from the other side of the ring but Kai cleverly followed and kicked her straight into the post. Storm got up to charge again but ran right into a boot from Kai, who is famous for her kicks.

Kai then went for another boot as Storm was on the mat. Storm caught her and countered with a German of her own. Kai crawled to the corner but was immediately met with a double knee before being hoisted up into a Storm Zero for the victory.

WINNER: Toni Storm at 7:13

(Koenig’s Analysis: Like the previous match, this was fine and fun to watch but don’t see it as “Best of” material. Storm is fantastic and Kai put on a great display herself. Her kicks are fantastic.)

-WWE Chronicle: Jeff Hardy commercial

-Sam Rockwell selfie video. He mentions that he hasn’t been around in two years after a knee injury. He stated that he is coming back to NXT UK and said that he has been studying human behavior and holds many grudges. He said that there was a storm coming to NXT UK soon as he is ready to come back.

-A selfie video from Grizzled Young Veterans introducing their match of choice. They mentioned that they conquered everywhere in Europe and Morgan & Webster waste too much time with hobbies while they spend every minute working on their craft.

(3) MARK ANDREWS & FLASH MORGAN WEBSTER vs. GRIZZLED YOUNG VETERANS (Zack Gibson & James Drake) (from NXT UK TV, January 9, 2019)

Andrews and Drake start the match, but Drake hit both opponents with forearms before tagging Gibson right in. They double team on Andrews and tag each other in again as Drake went to the top. The Veterans with an Electric Chair double team for two. Andrews tried to escape outside but the Veterans doubled teamed some more. He was rolled back in for a cover and two.

Andrews did his best to fight the two off as Webster was making his way back up to the apron from being kicked out early on. Gibson however, held him to the mat in a chin lock. Drake tagged himself in and connected with a forearm and a near pinfall. Gibson then tagged himself back in and connected with a lariat for two. They continued to keep Andrews in their corner and torture him as Webster begged for a tag. Drake with a tag back in. They went for a double clothesline that he slid under, went for the hot tag but was pulled back. Andrews escaped and got the tag to Webster, who came in kicking and punching Andrews to the ground. Webster went to the apron and laid out Drake with a punch and flipped onto Gibson who was coming at him from the outside.  Webster went inside and hit a Baba O’Riley Buster on Drake for a near pinfall.

Gibson got the tag in and Webster sent him onto the floor. He tagged in Andrews here and went over the top and hit a rana, sending Gibson to the floor. they tossed him back into the ring and Andrews got the two here with a 450 Splash.

As Andrews held Gibson, he went for a tag but Drake was there to pull him from the corner. Gibson rolled him up for a pinfall attempt. Gibson then connected with a Ticket to Ride for two.

Gibson then tagged in Drake and put Andrews on his shoulders as the Veterans went for another Electric Chair. This time, Andrews got off of Gibson’s shoulders and started to hit him while he was on the top rope. Andrews with a Rana that took out both opponents. Webster then came out of nowhere with a senton. The tag was made to Webster. He went to pin Drake but that was halted at the last second by Drake as all four men lay in the ring. Gibson escaped the ring and Andrews followed. Gibson hit him with a Helier Skelter onto the ramp. Back in the ring, Webster and Drake battled while Gibson tagged himself back in. A Ticket to Ride” sealed the fate for Morgan.

WINNER: Gibson & Drake at 9:22

(Koenig’s Analysis: First, as a massive fan of The Who, I love how Flash Morgan Webster has a move called “The Baba O’Riley Buster”, and Zack Gibson has maneuvers called “Ticket to Ride” and “Helier Skelter”, after Beatles classics.

The Grizzled Young Veterans are masters of cutting the ring in two, and double teaming to keep their opponents far apart. From a writer’s perspective, their continual tags back in can be tricky to keep straight and often a nightmare keeping track of who the legal man is, but from a fan’s perspective, that makes them one of the best heel tag teams in the world. And  Morgan and Webster are fantastic in their own right. I love their mod characters and they are impressive as can be This was a fun and exciting match by two of my favorites.)

-NEXT WEEK: NXT UK Hidden Gems

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