10 YRS AGO – KELLER’S WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT (8-30-2010): Rey vs. Kane, plus C.M. Punk, Kingston, MVP, Ziggler, Swagger, Del Rio, Big Show, Gallows

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

MVP (photo credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


The following report was originally published ten years ago on the PWTorch VIP website…

AUGUST 30, 2010

[Q1] (Note: Q1 report by Greg Parks, as my DVR didn’t record on time.)

– Todd Grisham and Matt Striker opened the show, welcoming fans to their continuing West Coast swing. The first match they plugged was Rey Mysterio vs. Kane, a re-match requested by Mysterio, and this time, it’s a no-DQ match. Plus, Kofi Kingston challenges Dolph Ziggler once again for the Intercontinental Title. This is getting to be like the Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme from a year ago. Also, the Undertaker returns, and there will be vengeance. Or so they say.


The announcers discussed possible injuries Mysterio may be dealing with after his match against the debuting Alberto Del Rio last week. Usually when a match of this caliber starts the show, you can count on something screwy happening that will have an effect on the rest of the show. Kane threw Mysterio out of the ring under the bottom rope and draped him throat-first over the ringside barricade. After tossing Mysterio back into the ring, Kane went under the ring and grabbed a kendo stick. Mysterio kicked at Kane’s leg on his way back into the ring, then used the stick on them. However, Mysterio ran into a big boot. Pin attempt got two. Hard whip into the buckle by Kane. Neck vice applied to Mysterio. He got free and was going to springboard off the top from the apron, but he was booted down in mid-air and found himself prone outside the ring. Mysterio with a drop toe-hold on Kane on the steps. Off the announce table with a seated senton went Rey. They took a break about 3:30 into the match. [c]

Uppercut by Kane upon return, and he got a two-count from it. Still in control, Kane put Rey in a chin-lock. Once Rey broke out, he ran into a sidewalk slam. Kane retrieved a steel chair from ringside. Mysterio got his feet up and knocked the chair out of Kane’s hands. Seated senton off the top, then a headscissors into the 619 position. On the attempt, Kane caught him by the throat. Rey wouldn’t allow the chokeslam and went after Kane’s knee. He jammed the top of the chair into the back of Kane’s knee, then gave him a shot to the back. Another 619, this one connected. Springboard, but right into a chokeslam on the chair. Kane hooked the leg and was awarded the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Kane, at 9:28. This doesn’t hurt Rey much, as despite not being on offense a lot, he had the built-in excuse for the loss, with the arm injured by Del Rio. The announcers made very sure to get that point across throughout the match.

Rey was helped out of the ring by a trainer and referee after the match. As he was being checked over at ringside, Alberto Del Rio walked out with a mic. Loud “you suck” chants. And this was taped before his big debut aired last week. Del Rio asked if Rey was okay and then he asked the doctor if Rey would be okay. Del Rio said Mysterio looked like a dying dog. I think that’s what he said. Del Rio then said someone needs to put Rey down. He attacked Mysterio and threw him into the barricade. After some light trash talk, Del Rio hooked in his arm-bar submission. Del Rio just smiled after he broke the hold. He began to walk up the ramp, then turned back to the ring and hopped inside. He took the steel chair and put Rey’s arm in it, then shoved him arm-first into the ringpost. Del Rio gloated over Rey and picked up his jacket, threw it over his shoulder and walked to the back to a lot of heel heat. Del Rio just seems to do all the little things right already. [Greg Parks]

[Q2] [c] (Thanks, Greg. My report picks up here…)

-They replayed Alberto Del Rio taunting Rey as he was being helped away and then attacking his arm wrapped in a chair. His wide smug smile is such a heat-generator. Grisham wanted to know what was wrong with him.

2 — C.M. PUNK vs. J.T.G.

J.T.G. went after Punk fast at the start and scored two quick one-counts. Punk fought back a few seconds later and bashed J.T.G. in the corner aggressively with forearms and kicks. Grisham raved about WWE in China for the first time. Punk connected with his G.T.S. and then applied the Anaconda Vice for the submission win.

WINNER: Punk in 2:00. J.T.G. is clearly slotted in a “jobber” role at this point, but it’s a role he can hang on to for a while as he’s just the right size and overall look for that role in making others, such as Punk here, look good in winning.

-Afterward Punk had Mercury, Serena, and Luke Gallows kneel in mid-ring in front of him. He said what he just did was leading by example. He told Gallows to follow his example later when he faces Big Show. He told him to leave him unconscious face down in a puddle of his own drool. He closed with: “Be better or be gone!”

[Q3] -Backstage Rosa Mendez showed off her new fitness gizmo to G.M. Teddylong. Hornswoggle walked around disguised as a plant behind Long. Long thought he heard something and turned around, but shook his head and assumed he was imagining things. Hornswoggle then popped out and laughed. Long asked if he’s been spying on him and other people. Hornswoggle said yes and then went into charades and got Long to guess “Lay” and “Cool.” Long said he’s low on verbal, but there may be a way they can work together. That was really long and boring and maybe funny to the 8-9 year old audience.

-A commercial aired hyping Raw’s 900th episode celebration. [c]

-Raw Rebound aired.

-Grisham and Striker plugged Undertaker coming up later, and then threw to a highlight package on the Dolph Ziggler-Kofi Kingston angle last week. [c]

-Cody Rhodes Grooming Tip: “To achieve the masculinity you desire, shaving the entire body is” or equal importance to your face. He said your arms, chest, and “especiallyo u legs.” He demonstrated his shaving his legs. “A smooth, shaven body is sexually attractive to the opposite sex,” he said. Striker asked Grisham if he shaved his entire body.

3 — DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. KOFI KINGSTON — IC Title Match

The DQ-save rule was thrown out, so if Dolph is DQ’d, he loses the title. Grisham said Kingston is as nice a human being as you’ll ever meet, but Ziggler is really testing his patience. Grisham said Kofi is known for his “controlled frenzy, but lately it’s just been a frenzy.” After a minute of offense by Kofi, they cut to a break. [c] Kofi missed a top rope legdrop after the break. Ziggler took control at 6:00. Kofi came back at 8:00 with a near fall. The ref actually counted to three, but Ziggler grabbed the bottom rope before the third count and the ref retracted his third count. Kofi briefly protested, then went for another cover. Kofi missed a dive into the corner and went shoulder-first into the ringpost. Vickie slapped Kofi from ringside as the ref was scolding Ziggler for beating on him against the ropes. Ziggler yelled at Vickie, “Don’t screw this up!” Striker said, “Interesting! Insight into the relationship.”

[Q5] Ziggler catapulted Kofi into the corner. Kofi kicked Ziggler as he charged and then Superman punched Ziggler for a near fall. At 13:00 Vickie stood in the way of Kofi diving off the ring apron onto Ziggler at ringside. Kofi ordered her aside and dove onto Ziggler. Ziggler recovered enough, though, to fire back with a clothesline. Kofi entered the ring and beat the ref’s ten count. Vickie stopped Ziggler from re-entering the ring. The ref gave Kofi the win via countout, and Vickie applauded the countout loss at ringside, realizing the DQ stip being thrown out didn’t alter countouts. Kingston chased Ziggler up the steps through the crowd. Grisham said Kingston knows Ziggler pulled another fast one on him.

WINNER: Kingston in 14:00 via countout, so Ziggler retained.

STAR RATING: *** — Good match. I liked the finish as it’s a solid way to build heel heat in a series of TV matches, giving fans reason to believe Kingston can win, but blaming Vickie for “protecting her investment,” as Striker puts it. [c]

-A recap aired of Kane’s promo last Friday explaining his actions. Striker wondered what must be going through the mind of The Phenom after he nurtured his younger brother his whole life on to be stabbed in the back by him.

-Jack Swagger made his ring entrance. [c]

[Q6] 4 — JACK SWAGGER vs. MVP — Takedown Challenge

Swagger wore the wrestling headgear Rick Steiner-style. He acted very cocky and taunted MVP. MVP slapped him before the first challenge. Striker went over the rules of how points are scored for a takedown only. Swagger outclassed MVP with an early 3-0 lead. MVP got frustrated enough he threw a punch. The ref DQ’d him. Not soon enough as these types of gimmicky takedown matches, although rare, are never all that interesting. Swagger attacked MVP with an anklelock at ringside afterward. MVP tapped out frantically and clutched his ankle after Swagger released it.

WINNER: Swagger via DQ in 3:00.

-They cut backstage to LayCool and Kaval interacting. LayCool applauded when Kaval said “flawless” as if he was a two year old learning to speak. Layla anticipated being on the 900th Raw. They made fun of Melina’s outfit at Summerslam. “Big Bird meets a Vegas Showgirl.” [c]

-A video package aired on WWE’s visit to China. Striker bragged that the “historic show was, of course, sold out.”

-A clip aired of the Christian vs. Drew McIntyre match last week with Cody Rhodes at ringside.



Good to see WWE giving Del Rio a jobber match to show off his offense and body language and establish his finisher. He set Sanchez on the middle rope and looked like he was going to back off, but then smiled and shoved him hard to the floor. Striker said many people would consider his approach disrespectful and condescending, but he likes it. Striker applied the cross arm breaker for the tapout win. Grisham called it the “armbar breaker” which is either his sloppy attempt to call it by name accurately or WWE’s official name from the hold.

WINNER: Del Rio in 3:00. [c]

-A commercial aired hyping the Raw 900 episode celebration. They showed images of MASH, E.R., The Simpsons, Friends, and Seinfeld and bragged that they’ve had more original episodes than all classic TV shows.

6 — THE BIG SHOW (w/Kelly Kelly) vs. LUKE GALLOWS (w/Mercury, Serena)

Show slapped Gallows in the chest early. They cut to Punk watching on a monitor backstage shaking his head is dismay. Show threw Gallows under the bottom rope and he rolled to the floor. Show then went after Mercury at ringside as Serena tried to help Gallows to his feet. Show chopped Gallows on the chest again. Kelly then dove onto Serena at ringside and shoved her head into the mat on the floor a few times, then stood and kicked her. Gallows elbowed Show in the ring and then tried to drop him. Show came back from one knee and slapped Gallows to the mat. He then wound up and gave Gallows his KO punch for the win. Punk crushed a straight edge water bottle backstage.

WINNER: Show in 3:00.

[Q8] [c] -The Undertaker made his full ring entrance. He began by saying, “Although I may look dead, I’m not dead yet. This is still my yard.” He said Kane has “what I like to call a diseased soul.” He said he is guilty of a treacherous betrayal. Kane interrupted and said he’s not even a shadow of what he once was. He said he will have no trouble kicking him with his boot and dropping him on his head, just as he did at Summerslam. He said Taker is living a fantasy because he’s bigger and stronger than him and is now the dominant brother and has nothing left to prove.

Taker fired back that there’s a reason he always walked in his shadow. He asked him what he called himself since his memory isn’t quite what it used to be since his “cowardly attack.” He said he called himself “the Devil’s Favorite Demon.” He said, “The house that the Devil lives in, I built, brick by fiery brick. And when I come calling, the Devil still answers to me with ‘sir.'” He said he has never been worthy he never will be. He said is not worthy to carry that championship and he is not worthy of the power that he steals with the fear that he inspires. And, most of all, he said he’s unworthy of being his brother. He said he hasn’t taught him everything he knows, so when the mood strikes him, he’ll be waiting. Kane sneered and snarled and sniffed. Taker said when the fighting starts, it’s always going to end the same way.

Kane interjected, “Not this time… because I know and you know that this time it ends the same way it did at Summerslam with you sprawled helpless at my feet.” He promised and vowed on the grave of their mother that he would never rest in peace.

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