8/29 WWE TALKING SMACK REPORT: Reigns-Heyman discussion, Big E passionately says he knows what he is doing with his persona, Riddle talks Corbin, Sami rants

By Nick Morgan, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 29, 2010

Hosts: Kayla Braxton and The Miz 

This week’s guests: Sami Zayn, Matt Riddle, and Big E 

Kayla Braxton introduced the show in a voice over from the Thunderdome. Again, I keep hoping for Mel Gibson and Tina Turner, but no luck.  I was hoping that it would be revealed that Xavier Woods would be in the co-host chair. However it, was still The Miz.  He is not bad, but I really want to see what Woods can do here.

Kayla and Miz jumped right in talking about Roman Reigns teaming up with Paul Heyman. Obviously this was and is the biggest story coming out of Friday night’s Smackdown.  The hosts pushed the fact that Roman hadn’t actually signed the contract, trying to make an issue of this, but this is just kind of typical WWE writing that tries to create tension where none exists. Roman will be fighting Sunday night at Payback.

Kayla quickly moved on from this angle and introduced Sami Zayn. The show moved on to Sami’s shtick about he has “the” Intercontinental Title and that he is still the legitimate champion.  Sami went on a long monologue about how nobody called him and admitted that the whole Intercontinental Title tournament was a joke and that he was disrespected and should still be recognized as the champ.  The three of them tossed this around and said the same thing again and again.  Okay, we get it: Sami Zayn thinks he was disrespected and should be considered the champion.  Let’s move on already.

Next up was Matt Riddle, let the “Bros” commence.  Miz did a bad imitation of Riddle. Kayla congratulated Riddle on his victory against Chad Gable (yes, she used the “Shorty……” name, which I will not) and asked Riddle about his upcoming match with Baron Corbin.  Riddle did a good job outlining why he has a problem with Corbin, citing the fact that Corbin eliminated him at Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble and that he has been very disrespectful since Riddle arrived on Smackdown. Miz noted that perhaps Corbin has Riddle’s number, but Riddle came back with the fact that both those eliminations were after Riddle had been badly beaten up already and that Corbin just kind of came in to pick up the pieces.  I liked this.  In his laid-back style, Riddle clearly outlined his problems with Corbin while also taking some verbal shots at Corbin.

Miz questioned Riddle on whether he was worried about some interference at their match because of the “King’s Ransom,” but Riddle brushed it off, playing a bit with Miz as to why the Miz didn’t go after the ransom.  Miz used the opportunity to tout how rich he was and that his USA show Cannonball was having its finale this week.  Wow, do we really need that.

Big E returned next for another appearance.  Big E came out serious, no hugs or gyrations.  I was intrigued to see what would happen.

Big E started out by saying that he wasn’t really looking to do the show again.  He said that he felt that too often there is a good or interesting moment (I am paraphrasing here) on WWE and then they “beat it into the ground.”  Amen to that!  Basically, the discussion surrounded the disagreement that Big E and Miz had and, while both Big E and Miz noted that they had talked earlier, they agreed to have it out again on Talking Smack.

Big E started off by saying to Miz that he is not there to tell him or inform him on what is right or wrong, but only to lay out his own beliefs and go from there.  Miz told Big E that he thinks Big E should be in the championship picture, but he also knows how the top brass think and that they want either tough, ruthless types or buttoned-down, corporate types.  Miz stated that he doesn’t think Big E’s joking style fits what the brass wants.

Big E stressed that he understands those rules (or lanes, if you will), but that from his experience with New Day, he knows that there is another path and that New Day has done it differently and that he feels he can do it in this situation as well.  Big E was very passionate about this, about the fact that he, Woods, and Kofi did it their way despite everyone telling them it wouldn’t work.  He was on a roll and his passion was infectious.  You Go Big E!

Big E clearly stated that he knows who he is.  He knows when to get serious and when to “steer the ship” left or right.  He wanted everyone to know that he has a clear vision of his course and how he will get there and to trust that he knows what is best for himself.

This was a classic promo of a wrestler laying down his philosophy and mission with passion and strength and I think that this could signal that in fact Big E will be journeying up to the top of the card (I hope).  If this is not the case, then I don’t understand why WWE would let him come out and say all of this.

After this impassioned speech, Miz announced that Big E will take on Sheamus at Payback and laid it out that should Big E beat Sheamus, that he should be taken seriously and that after that he can be jokey if he wants cause he has shown he has the right stuff.

Miz asked Big E if Woods and Kofi will be there with Big E, and Big E said they will not be there but that they have given him their blessing and their support to go for the gold.  Miz questioned whether that would be a negative for Big E to not have his support system there.  Big E pounded the table and asked how many times he has to say it.  He has done the singles thing.  He was the second NXT Champion and was the Intercontinental Champion.  He has done thins before and can do it again.

At the end, Big E said that he is focused on this singles run, and while he didn’t mention it last week, he is heavily involved in the social justice movement and that he has new merchandise where the proceeds go to the NAACP legal defense fund.

As they signed Big E off the show, Kayla said she loves Big E and that finally, next week, Xavier Woods will be in the co-host chair.  Thank you for the heads-up Kayla.

Kayla gushed some more about Big E and touted Payback on Sunday (Let us see if Roman signs that contract… okay, we will wait and see), and they went off the air.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  In general, I like this show, it is quick (this week 24 minutes), while they can be a bit heavy-handed at times, they generally do a good job promoting the talent and the upcoming matches or storylines.  We will have to wait and see how this show rolls when they don’t have a pay-per-view the next day to promote, when the promotion is more long-range.  I am hopeful.  I am also glad that Xavier Woods is finally coming in as Miz is way too over-the-top and Kayla (unlike Renee Young) does not have the chops to keep him under control.  Thanks for the substitution on short notice Miz, but bon voyage.

As for this week’s show, Sami Zayn and Matt Riddle were fine, but it was almost like you could see the producers screaming in Kayla and Miz’s ears to wrap them up so they could get to Big E.  This is a big move for WWE, and it appears they are serious about pushing Big E.  Could he be a baby face challenger to a heelish Roman Reigns?  Does he turn a bit heelish and move over the Raw to take on Drew McIntyre?  Does he go for a run with the Intercontinental Title before moving up to the main title?  Lots of options and I am excited to see it.  I also hope that they let Big E to continue to speak his mind, it makes him that much more compelling and his story and struggle that much more interesting.

Definitely worth a watch this week.  You can totally skip the first 10 minutes and go right to the Big E segment (and if possible, try and filter out the Miz, who is just annoying with his antics).

See you all next week.  Until then, take care and stay safe.

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