FEUD TRACKER – IMPACT WRESTLING: Up-to-date tracking of the length and key developments with top feuds including Young vs. Swann, EC3 vs. Moose, RVD vs. Sami, more

By Jeffery James, PWTorch contributor



(1) Eric Young vs. Rich Swann

New Developments: Rich Swann asked Scott D’Amore to meet him in the ring.  Swann made his case as to why he should be able to challenge Young at Bound for Glory.  D’Amore said that Swann wasn’t medically cleared for action and said that if Swann fought Young, he might end up crippled.  Swann turned up the intensity pleading for the title shot when Young came out and attacked D’Amore.  After Swann forced Young out of the ring, D’Amore granted Swann the title shot at Bound for Glory.

Highs & Lows:  Swann was great in his promo asking for the title shot, he seemed to speak from the heart and really wants to get revenge against Young.  It seems a bit unrealistic that Swann went from retiring last month to challenging for the Impact World Title next month, when this could have just been an injury angle.  If Impact wanted to keep the illusion that Swann really had to retire due to the injuries sustained from Young’s attack, Swann should have been out of action for more than two months.  Swann is also jumping ahead of what should be Edwards’s rematch, so maybe that could play into an angle in the future.

Start of Feud: July 18, 2020

Forecast & Prediction: Young vs. Swann will take place at Bound for Glory.  Edwards seems to have been forgotten quickly, but maybe he will get a blow off rematch against Young before the PPV.

(2) EC3 vs. Moose

New Developments:  Moose confronted Scott D’Amore backstage and started frantically ranting about EC3 stealing his title, taking pictures of him in the gym, and brainwashing his high school football coach.  D’Amore said that this might all be in Moose’s head, which seemed to resonate with Moose.  As Moose walked away another EC3 video played.  EC3 said that as more time passes, the closer he gets to destroying the TNA title.  EC3 called the “Demo God” and asked for advice on how to deal with a stolen title belt.

Highs & Lows: These segments have been the best things on Impact over the last few months.  Moose has been great in his role and has become more of a sympathetic character who is feels threatened by a guy who seems to always be one step ahead of him.  EC3 has been great in the videos as well.  The brainwashing last week was a weird turn, but this week’s segment got me hooked again. 

Start of Feud: July 18, 2020

Forecast & Prediction:  It’s not a bold prediction to say that these two will finally face off in the ring at Bound for Glory.  That being said, I have no idea what happens between now and then, but I’m excited to see what will happen.


(1) Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kylie Rae

New Developments:  Kylie Rae and Susie took on Deonna and Kimber Lee in a good opening tag match.  Susie took a lot of punishment from Deonna and Kimber Lee throughout the match until Kylie got the hot tag.  This match did a great job of showing how dominant Deonna and Kimber Lee can be together and showcased Kylie and Susie’s friendship.  Susie showed some signs of transitioning back to her Su Yung character, so we’ll see how that develops.

Highs & Lows:  Kylie Rae showed a lot of intensity when she had a chance to be in the ring during the tag match, indicating that she will be a good challenger for Deonna when the one-on-one match finally arrives.  Kylie and Deonna didn’t get much in the ring together which helps to build anticipation toward that match.

Start of Feud: September 1, 2020

Forecast & Prediction: This build has been pretty solid, but I would expect to see a mix of one-on-one matches with Kylie Rae or Susie taking on Deonna or Kimber Lee.  We will see Susie vs. Kimber Lee next week.

(2) Motor City Machine Guns / The Good Brothers / Ace Austin & Madman Fulton / The North / Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

New Developments: Dez and Wentz were attacked backstage, which removed them for the 8-man tag match.  The Guns were talking as if they expected to take the other two teams on by themselves when the Good Brothers offered to be their partners for the main event.  The 8-man tag was alright and solidified the idea that each of these four teams were working individually and had their own interests in mind.  Ace Austin got the pin after stealing a tag from the North.

Highs & Lows:  There are five good teams at the top of the tag division but throwing all of them together and not establishing clear conflicts does not help anyone.  The 8-man tag may have given an indication as to how the four teams will pair off in future weeks.

Start of Feud:  September 8, 2020

Forecast & Prediction: Based on which teams seemed to be paired off more often in the 8-man tag and the fact that Austin got the pin on Sabin, I think we move to feuds between Motor City Machine Guns vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton and The Good Brothers vs. The North.

(3) Rohit Raju vs. TJP vs. Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel

New Developments: Trey caught up with Rohit backstage and challenged him to an X Division Title match, since Rohit had said that he welcomed all challengers.  Rohit dodged the challenge recounting the confusing number one contender situation within the X Division.  Trey said that after he beats TJP, maybe Rohit would change his mind.  Trey and TJP went one-on-one in a really good match where TJP and Trey spent the entire match showing off both of their offensive capabilities.  Trey was able to get a win after a splash off the top rope.  The three contenders caught up with Rohit backstage and told the three of them to get in the ring to solve the problem.  Rohit then said that the winner of the triple threat match is the number one contender.

Highs & Lows: Rohit has been a good cowardly champion by creating excuses and situations where all of his challengers go after one another to try and earn their title shot.  TJP, Bey, and Trey have put on some of the better tv matches over the last few weeks.  I don’t know if Rohit’s dodging of challengers can maintain its novelty until we get to Bound for Glory, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.

Start of Feud: August 18, 2020

Forecast & Prediction: I think Rohit will continue to dodge challengers and not put the X Division Title on the line until Bound for Glory.  A triple threat match to set the number one contender is set for next week.


(1) Sami Callihan vs. RVD

New Developments:  Neither of these guys were on the show, despite RVD saying that a new segment would premiere this week.

Highs & Lows:  Evidently this is going to keep going forward in some form.  Their first match wasn’t great and I’m not really looking forward to seeing another one, especially after what I’m assuming are going to be more cringe-worthy segments featuring these three.

Start of Feud: July 28, 2020

Forecast & Predictions: Sami will probably interfere with RVD’s segment by tormenting Forbes.  This will probably lead to a few more weeks of backstage attacks and promos before we can finally finish this feud.

(2) Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers

New Developments:  Mack and Myers went one-on-one for the third time this week.  Myers looked strong and intense throughout the match.  Early in the match he removed a turnbuckle cover and unsuccessfully tried to throw Mack into it.  Late in the match, Mack knocked him into the turnbuckle and got a stunner for the win.

Highs & Lows: Myers has looked strong and his “most professional wrestler” gimmick is fun to watch.  Over the last couple of weeks, he has also showcased more of his actual wrestling ability that was mostly forgotten over the last few years.  Mack finally got his win after persevering through a number of Myer’s cheating attempts, although it would have been better for Mack if he saw the cheating coming in the second match as well.

Start of Feud: August 18, 2020

Forecast & Prediction:  Mack got the win after Myers’s cheating backfired, so perhaps this is the conclusion to the feud.  It’d be best if Myers is able to move on to another babyface who he can try and cheat to win against.

(3) Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood

New Developments:  Jordynne interrupted Tenille’s photoshoot and challenged her to a match next week.

Highs & Lows: Even though we’ve had a few weeks of build-up, there still isn’t much to this feud.  Jordynne being upset that Tenille thinks she deserves a title shot was a good start to the feud, but this feud hasn’t really developed past the reintroduction of Tenille a few weeks back.

Start of Feud: September 1, 2020

Forecast & Prediction: A match is set for next week.  I think Tenille will find a way to get out of the match, extending the feud and building Tenille’s gimmick of not wanting to actually work.

(4) Kiera Hogan (and Tasha Steelz) vs. Taya Valkyrie

New Developments:  Keira got the win over Valkyrie after Valkyrie was distracted and attacked by Tasha Steelz on the apron.  Keira got talked up the entire match by the commentary team, potentially elevating her to bigger things in the Knockouts Division.

Highs & Lows: Kiera being built up throughout the match through her work and by the commentary team against a former Knockouts Champion is a great way to make new stars.  I am still weary of Hogan and Steelz being involved in any way with the wedding angle, but it is a good way to build up personal heat between the three women.

Start of Feud: September 8, 2020

Forecast & Prediction:  With Kiera getting the win via distraction, I expect this feud to continue a few more weeks and for Valkyrie to get the win back somehow.


  • Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards – DORMANT
  • Rhino & Heath vs. Reno Scum – CONCLUDED

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