9/22 AEW LATE NIGHT DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Ben Carter vs. Scorpio Sky, Brandi Rhodes vs. Anna Jay, Matt Sydal vs. Shawn Spears

By Nick Morgan, PWTorch contributor


SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

Commentators: Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Shiavone with Guest Commentator Chris Jericho

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

– The announce team welcomed the fans and introduced their special guest Chris Jericho and then ran down the card and got quickly to the ring for the first match.


The announce team noted how Ben Carter is a young (22) and talented newcomer. As Scorpio Sky entered Jericho noted that he didn’t really like Sky but gave him props for his talent. The match started quickly with Carter and Sky exchanging holds in the middle of the ring.

While this was going on the announce team promoted the three big matches on Dynamite this week: The Six-Man tag featuring Jon Moxley, Thunderosa & Shida vs. Diamante & Ivelisse, and Orange Cassidy vs. Mr. Brodie Lee for the TNT championship.

Back to the action in the ring. Several quick rapid-fire moves led to a quick roll up for Sky for a two-count and a very deep arm drag for Carter. After Carter missed a second rope moonsault, Sky hit a second rope cross body for a one-count. Carter continued to show off his speed as both wrestlers ran the ropes with Carter hitting a drop kick sending Sky to the floor for a break. As Sky reentered the two exchanged a handshake (which Jericho derided). Sky landed a knee to the face followed by a drop kick, a punch to the stomach and a Russian leg sweep for a two-count.

Sky followed up with a clothesline and an abdominal stretch, but Carter escaped throwing Sky into the corner and hitting a series of chops and rather ineffectual slaps that sounded good but did little damage, despite Sky selling them (Ross kind of undercut the whole thing by saying the slaps weren’t going to kill Sky but were “annoying as hell”). Way to undercut the performers, Jim. Sky recovered and came out of the corner with a right hand that floored Carter, Sky then applied both feet to Carter’s forehead and Ross sent us to commercial [c]

We came back from commercial with Sky applying a camel clutch and a clothesline off the ropes for a two-count. Carter then hit second rope elbow drop for a two-count and a shooting star press for a two-count, with Sky kicking out at the last moment each time. Sky rolled to the floor to take a break, Carter attempted to hit a flip out on the floor but missed and Sky landed a running knee. Sky rolled Carter back to the ring and set him up on the apron and went for a leg drop, but Carter rolled out of the way. With Sky trying to walk it off on the floor, Carter did a summersault dive over the top rope which wiped out Sky. Carter pushed Sky back into the ring and quickly went to the top turnbuckle and nailed Sky with an impressive frog splash but could only get a two-count. At this point, Sky was showing some blood by his eye that the announce team also pointed out.

Sky hit a neck breaker for a near fall and went for a fisherman buster for another two-count. Sky was clearly showing frustration. A series of very rapid strikes and counterstrikes followed ending with Sky landing a double stomp to Carter’s back. After hitting Carter with a foot to the face, Sky put Carter up on his shoulders and face planted him with a TKO and was able to get the pin.

WINNER: Scorpio Sky in 14:00

(Morgan’s Take: A very good match that showed off both wrestler’s talents and was entertaining with several highspots and near falls. I could say that there may have been a couple too many kick outs, but I would be picking nits here. I think Carter has some real potential, and the match kept Scorpio in the mix with his win over a tough newcomer.)

– After the match Scorpio Sky helped up Ben Carter and the two embraced showing each other respect.

– They then went a video promoting the six-man tag match featuring Jon Moxley. Will Hobbs, and Darby Allen vs. Lance Archer, Brian Cage, and Ricky Starks on Dynamite this week which featured clips from the last two weeks of Dynamite leading up to this match. Nothing special but a good quick promo.

– After Anna Jay’s entrance for the next match versus Brandi they went to commercial. [c]

(2) ANNA JAY (w/The Dark Order) vs. BRANDI RHODES

Interestingly, Brandi entered without any accompaniment from anyone in the Nightmare Collective and went right after Anna Jay before the bell. After exchanging some shots, Brandi planted Anna on the apron and went for a stroll on the floor. Brandi continued to punish Anna with a series of blows in the corner and taunted her in the middle of the ring. Anna Jay was able to reverse and coming off the ropes applied the rear naked choke sleeper to Brandi. As Brandi sunk to the mat, she was able to reverse Anna into a pinning combination but could only get a two-count.

Brandi mounted Anna and laid in several shots to the face. The ref backed Brandi off and after exchanging blows Anna Jay took control hitting a back suplex and proceeded to abuse Brandi from corner to corner. Anna hit a flipping neck breaker for a two-count. Brandi reversed Anna into the corner but as she ran in, Anna connected with an elbow. Both wrestlers were slow to get up. As they were exchanging shots, Stu Grayson came out, but Anna was unable to take advantage of the distraction. As Evil Uno escorted Grayson away from the ring, Brandi connected with a pump kick, but the ref was also distracted and while as a result Brandi only got a two-count on what should have been an easy three.

Anna landed a nice-looking rear leg whip kick to Brandi’s head and quickly applied the sleeper choke hold. She took Brandi down to the mat and wrapped her legs around Brandi and really cinched the sleeper in. Brandi went out and Anna Jay took the win.

WINNER: Anna Jay in 6:00.

(Morgan’s Take: Not a great match. Neither of these women were that crisp in the ring. Anna Jay has some potential and with time could be a solid performer. Brandi on the other hand looks very tentative (except for when she delivers a spear) and telegraphs her moves and moves slowly during a move. When she is performing (gesticulating, talking trash, etc.) she is good, but actually wrestling, not so much. Stay on the outside of the ring, Brandi, it’s where you excel.)

– After a quick mention of the main event upcoming, Matt Sydal vs. Shawn Spears, Ross threw to a commercial break. [c]

– After the break, Ross threw to the back to Alex Marvez for a promo with Scorpio Sky. Nothing super special here, just a good solid promo where Sky complimented his opponent (nice of him) and made a point to position himself as coming off a win and looking to move up the ranks. As he was talking, Sky was interrupted by Matt Sydal who noted that he eliminated Shawn Spears in the casino battle royale and was looking forward to beating him tonight. The promo was good when it was just Sky, Sydal’s contributions were weak and took the segment down a notch.

Prior to the match the announce team built up the match between Sydal and Spears as a grudge match because of what happened at the Casino Battle Royale (Sydal eliminating Spears) and then threw to a video promo of the match between Orange Cassidy and Mr. Brodie Lee. The video featured Taz and Jim Ross breaking down the match and I enjoyed it. Quick, clean, and to the point.

(3) MATT SYDAL vs. SHAWN SPEARS (w/Tully Blanchard)

During the entrances, the announcers, especially Jericho, harped on the black glove gimmick and the fact that Matt Sydal actually beat Jericho several years ago.

As the match started, Sydal used several chain wrestling moves to maintain control of Shawn Spears. Sydal continued to control Spears until Spears was able to slam Sydal into the corner. As Spears came off the ropes, Sydal connected with a leg lariat and again took control and grounded Spears in the middle of the ring as they went to commercial. [c]

Back from the break Sydal hit a leaping hurricanranna off the top turnbuckle and landed several kicks for a one-count. Sydal also connected with a twisting standing flip senton for a two-count. Sydal went for another hurricanranna, but Spears countered it into a power bomb for a two-count. The two exchanged several moves in the middle of the ring culminating in a vertical spike to Sydal. Spears was the first man up but was unable to capitalize.

Sydal hit a top rope meteora for a very near fall, and Spears went to floor to recoup. Sydal went right after him and hit a flying drop kick while Spears was sitting in a chair. Sydal brought the chair into the ring with him and while Spears was prone on the floor, Tully was able to load up the glove with the metal slug. The camera zoomed in on this, while the referee was totally oblivious.

Sydal came down to the floor and rolled Spears back in and set him up for his top rope shooting star press. Spears recovered enough to get up and avoid the move. Spears missed with the left hand and went for the Death Valley Driver as Sydal came off the ropes. Sydal squirmed out and went for a sunset flip but Spears blocked it and nailed Sydal with the load glove right on the forehead. With Sydal already out, Spears hit the Death Valley Driver (or C4 as spears calls it) and got the pin.

After the bell, Tully distracted the ref while Spears went back after Sydal to deliver another shot with the loaded glove, but Scorpio Sky ran out and chased Spears out of the ring and Spears and Tully retreated while Sky went to check on Sydal.

WINNER: Shawn Spears in 13:00

(Morgan’s Take: I liked this match. Matt Sydal kept the action moving and despite the size difference (about70 lbs.) I never thought that Sydal didn’t have a chance. His high-flying moves and leg strikes are convincing, and I could see him taking down a bigger opponent. As for Spears, he has a very plodding style and the nature of his brooding gimmick can be a bit off-putting and somewhat of a downer. However, in this match with the energy created by Sydal it did not become a negative factor. Not a match of the year candidate by any stretch of the imagination but as the final match of a special edition of Dynamite in Late Night, I give it a thumbs up.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A nice, quick, three match show with several good video promo pieces to promote the big events on this week’s Wednesday Night Dynamite, I have to give this show a solid thumbs up. Had the women’s match been a bit better I would have said it was a strong thumbs up, but Brandi is just not very good and with another pretty green wrestler to work with, the match was clunky with several weak moments.

The match between Scorpio Sky and Ben Carter was very good and enjoyable (I think Carter has a real solid future), and the main event was good too, especially if you look at it as the real introduction of Matt Sydal, who can really do some great things in the ring. Down the road I can see some great matches between him and the likes of Darby Allen, Orange Cassidy, Ricky Starks and even Cody, when he comes back.

If you get a chance check it out, the whole thing is on YouTube as well as the individual matches, but I would watch the whole show so you get the full impact of Chris Jericho’s presence on commentary. It’s worth the price of admission itself.

Be safe and take care.

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