10/14 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on AEW’s Anniversary Episode Moxley vs. Archer for the AEW Title, Cody vs. Cassidy for TNT Title, Shida vs. Big Swole for the AEW Woman’s Title, FTR vs. Best Friends for Tag Titles, More.

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


October 14, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Best Friends got control of the match to start with Trent and Chuck tagging early and often on Dax Harwood. Dax and Trent traded chops, leading to Dax getting slight edge. Dax was able to tag in Cash Wheeler and the two did FTR tag moves in order to get Cash in control on Trent in the FTR corner. FTR hit a tandem move to use the bottom rope against Trent, who ended up on the outside of the ring.

Dax got Trent back into the ring, Dax then tagged in Cash who continued to get worked over. Chuck was shown in the corner reaching for the tag durning the duration of this portion. Trent was able to counter at one point with a lariat, but was so winded he collapsed after. Dax was tagged in, continuing the abuse, especially with a top rope back drop. Cash was then tagged in and he briefly worked on Trent. But, Trent was able to get a counter and finally tag in Chuck Taylor.

Chuck ran wild in the ring and did a top rope flip to the outside of the ring, he got Dax back in the ring and hit a Falcon Arrow for the near pin. Tully then interfered, causing Chuck to get distracted and balance the control of the match. Soon after, Best Friends hit a duo of moves together, Trent got tagged in during this, and Trent got a near fall on Cash Wheeler.

Trent got in several stiff shots in on Cash, Cash responded and FTR hit an assisted power bomb to get a near fall on Trent. Dax hit a backdrop suplex almost immediately after the two count. Harwood then hit a second tope rope back drop, which Trent reversed and got a near fall. The two teams then traded momentum and falls quickly over the next 30 seconds.

The Best Friends hit a Strong Zero, Wheeler came in a broke up the certain fall that was about to occur. Wheeler then hit a Brain Buster to the outside on Chuck. Trent responded with a dropkick through the bottom rope. Trent then broke Kip Sabian’s arcade machine, which was outside the ring. The match made its way back into the ring with Chicj and Dax being the legal men.

Cash Wheeler hit Chuck with one of their title belts, while the ref was distracted. Dax got the pinfall.

WINNER: FTR in 18:00

(Sage’s analysis: This was a pretty good match, especially the last half once Trent stopped taking that 6 minute beating. But, the finish is something that feels so foreign in AEW. I know what FTR are as characters, but they are quickly having the exact same match over and over. This was officially and FTR match. Best Friends are really great by the way.)

-Miro came out after the match to attack Trent and Chuck, presumably for breaking their game. [c]


This match started literally as soon as the show came back form break. With Miro really dominating both members of the other team. Kip was tagged din for one move, then Miro was tagged back in. Miro tapped out Muluta.

WINNER: Miro & Kip Sabian in 2:00

-Kip Sabian and Miro yelled and said game over to The Best Friends after.

(Sage’s analysis: A squash match. I am really not into this pairing. Kip Sabian is hands down the most disappointing originally signed AEW talent, I do not think there is anyway to salvage this character.)

-Lance Archer was attacking Jon Moxley backstage. Archer was quickly removed form the situation.

-The announce team talked about the AEW title shot tournament. [c]

-MJF arrived to the ring. MJF tore down the crowd, he said he is on top and wants to stay on top. He then introduced Chris Jericho. MJF brought up the jacket that MJF got for him. It was three sizes too big to make Sammy look like a little kid. MJF then complimented Jericho’s arms, and hair. Which MJF wanted to and got to touch. Jericho said to cut the shit and told MJF to get his big announcement over with. MJF said he and Jericho are the two biggest draws. MJF proclaimed he was the ratings ruler, which died a slow death with the limited live crowd. MJF said they have never gotten in the ring, MJF said that two piranhas don’t eat each other, they respect each other. MJF suggested that they work together, he tried to say that he wanted to join the inner circle. He finally did ask, kinda, maybe ask that is. Ortiz jumped in and said they don’t want him. Jericho said they needed some time to make a decision. Jericho then challenged MJF to have a steak dinner next week on Dynamite.

-A segment showing tOny and Dr. Brit Baker is shown. Tony got his chest waxed a la 40-year old virgin. She talked about how she was a bad bitch and how she would have the biggest comeback ever. She has a match next week. [c]


Cody (with blonde hair again) tried to get Cassidy to tie up to start the match. Orange did not oblige, instead he put his hands in his pockets. The physicality then started as they did a headlock/test of strength lock up. Cody waist lock slammed Cassidy and kept control of Cassidy’s midsection. The two traded high end athletic wrestling moves, with Cody ending up on the winning end of the exchange. [c]

Cody had control through most of the break, the two men were on their feet and they traded strikes, Cody and Orange varieties of strikes. Members of The Dark Order came out to mess with Cody. The ref threw all of the out. Orange Cassidy had the belt and could have struck Cody with it, but he did not and gave the belt back to Arn Anderson.

The two ended up back in the ring, Cody missed the Crossroads and hit a cutter get control once more. Orange then came back a bit, but Cody quickly took back the match. Cassidy countered and got a near fall from a school boy. Darby Allin was shown several times during the match. Cody hit a reverse suplex off of the top rope, both men were left laying after. Cody was the first to get up. Justin Roberts annoyed there was five minutes left in the match.

Cassidy started to get in some offense after Cody pushed the corner. A driver led to a near fall for Cassidy. Three minutes now remained in the match. Cody was able to get into a figure four hold, Cassidy attempted to reverse it, the two countered and recounted the hold. The two went under the ropes and the hold was broken. Cassidy hit a Beach Break on the apron, both men were laid out on the ground. Cassidy was able to get Cody back in before the 10 count. One minute remained in the match. Cassidy hit another Beach Break for a near fall. Cassidy had Cody in the mousetrap and was about to get the 3-count, but the match ended in a time limit draw.


(Sage’s analysis: This was a really solid match that ended in a draw. The story was layered and a little confusing at times. The Allin in the crowd and Dark Order part was a little much. I did like the Cassidy character work when he could hav attacked with the belt. But that finish. I absolutely hate the one second away from a pin move. Just have a draw, now a really good match is spoiled by the memory of a WWE like finish)

-Archer was cutting a promo, Moxley came in and attacked Archer.

-Tony interviewed Matt Hardy who was with his family. He announced that he was cleared to return to the ring. A video of Sammy burning pictures of Matt Hardy was shown, Sammy admitted that he was the one that attacked Hardy. [c]

-A lottery for a four team tournament to face FTR happened, it was even more confusing and abrupt then my explanation. The four teams 1) Private Party 2) Silver & Reynolds 3) Butcher and the Blade 4) The Young Bucks. The bucks came out and shook the hands of FTR, aggressively. The Young Bucks Super Kicked some people and everyone brawled. The Bucks finished by Super Kicking Private Party. [c]


The two locked up to start a few times. The hold led to submission moves and holds that led to the mat. Both women were countering chain wresting moves. Shida got up and tried to get the match accelerated, but Swole grabbed her to slow the match down once more. Shida was able to get out and the two hit arm drags on each other. Shida won the battle of the drags. Shida was then able to get swole on the apron, Shida hit a running knee and the match spilled out to the outside as the commercial break started. [c]

The show returned with Big Swole in control. But, Shida quickly countered. Big Swole hit a cutter through the ropes and onto the ramp. Swole then got a near fall after getting Shida into the ring. The two then traded strikes. Shida got wrist control and got a near fall. Shida hit a running knee and a Falcon Arrow for  another near fall.

Swole hit Dirty Dancing and got a near fall. Shida hit another knee to the dead and a dropkick to get the pin.

WINNER: Shida in 9:00

(Sage’s analysis: A really solid match, it didn’t feel like a world title match, just a solid match. I think Swole could be the one to take the title of Shida in a few months with more of a sustained build)

-Eddie Kingston came out and joined commentary.

-A video about Shawn Spears is shown, he talked about his issue with Scorpio Sky. This all happened on late night Dynamite a few weeks ago. [c]


Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift to start this no DQ match. Archer kicked out at two. The match then went to the outside of the ring. Then back into the ring, then a dive by Moxley led us back to the outside. Archer took control and threw Moxley around. Back in the ring the two stared down and traded big shots and power moves. Archer did a Cannonball Senton to Moxley who was outside the ring. [c]

Upon the return, two tables had been set up outside the ring, I am sure those will be addressed later. Archer beat up on Moxley in the ring. Moxley was able to hit a Snap German, the two men were winded, but Moxley hit a drop kick to get Archer down. Moxley grabbed some chairs and threw them in the ring. Mox threw a chair in the face of Archer, Moxley set up two chairs, which Archer Choke-slammed him through.

Archer was about to strike Archer with a chair, but Moxley got him in an ankle lock. Archer went to the outside, and it Moxley with a trash can. Moxley hit a low blow on the apron and Moxley hit his Paradigm Shift threw the two tables. Moxley hit a third Paradigm Shift and Archer kicked out. Archer his a DDT and threw Moxley into the corner, and hit the Blackout for a pinning attempt. Moxley countered and rolled up Archer.

WINNER: Jon Moxley in 11:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match is exactly what I expected. AEW needs to change a title on Dynamite at some point if they are going to keep booking shows like this)

-Archer attacked Moxley after the bell rang. Eddie Kingston sent the Lucha Bros to save Moxley. Kingston got on the mic and talked to Moxley, how they have been friends since 2009. Kingston then hit Moxley and choked him out to end the show.

(Overall show analysis: This was not a good show here is why. 1) FTR continue to have the same match every week. That is pretty good then it is absolutely ruined by them cheating. Which would be fine if they let obvious count outs happen like this weeks match. But no, they work a good style that makes you think they want to win it in the ring, then the flip switches near the end and its WWE time. 2) The Miro character is already on life support. I personally do not need to see Kip Sabian on my TV for a long time, Miro is suffering as a result. 3) The TNT Title match was a classic Cody match, like FTR earlier, this is not helping the show feel very fresh. Also, the ending with the time limit draw happening in-between the 2 and 3 count is so dumb. Tony Khan should come out and extend the match 5/10 minutes and Cassidy should have lost on the reset. This story is more sports like and not Sports entertainment like. 4) No titles changed hands tonight as was expected. It really feels like titles defended on TV mean an absolute win (or tie) for the champion. On a positive note, I love that Eddie Kingston is getting booked for a PPV title match.)

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