10/24 IMPACT WRESTLING BOUND FOR GLORY PPV REPORT: Lilly’s complete results and analysis of Impact’s showcase annual PPV event headlined by Young vs. Swann

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 24, 2020

Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

-Opening video featuring the Eric Young/Rich Swann feud.

(1) TJP vs. CHRIS BEY vs. TREY MIGUEL vs. JORDYNNE GRACE vs. WILLIE MACK vs. ROHIT RAJU (c) – X Division Title match

Rohit rolled out of the ring and some of the wrestlers followed. Bey and TJP battled it out in the ring. Trey dropkicked TJP from the top rope. Trey and Bey went back and forth before Bey bailed from the ring. Trey fought Rohit for a bit, then Rohit left the ring, leaving Trey and Willie to fight. Jordynne successfully shoulder tackled Willie Mack after several attempts.

TJP put Trey and Willie in a double submission, then he front facelocked Bey. Jordynne jumped on TJP’s back. Rohit broke up the submission and kicked TJP and Willie. Rohit clotheslined Jordynne and kicked her, then landed an elbow. He scored a two count on her, then continued his attack. Willie Mack pulled Jordynne out then elbow smashed Rohit. Everyone took turns punching and kicking Rohit.

Willie got a standing moonsault on Rohit for a two count. Everyone battled for a while then Jordynne dove on the outside onto TJP and Rohit. Willie dove on them. TJP and Trey fought on the apron. Bey dropkicked Trey, who was on TJP’s shoulders. Bey dove on the crowd that was outside the ring.

In the ring, Rohit hit a flying knee on TJP for a two count. Jordynne broke up TJP’s pin on Rohit. Jordynne and Trey battled in the corner. Bey and TJP joined them. Jordynne suplexed all three off the top. Rohit climbed to the top and stomped Jordynne. Willie and Rohit traded moves. Bey did a cutter on Willie. Trey took out Bey. TJP tried to submit Trey. He then put Jordynne in a kneebar. TJP put Trey in a knee bar. Jordynne broke it up.

Jordynne did the Grace Driver on Trey, but Rohit broke it up. Jordynne dove on Willie Mack on the floor. TJP splashed Trey, but Rohit threw him off and stole the pin for the win.

WINNER: Rohit Raju in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Really fast paced match and a great way to start the show. The action was non-stop and Rohit emerged victorious with his usual sneaky tactics).

-Josh and Don ran down the card.

-Footage of a clean-shaven Rich Swann arriving to the building. Backstage, the wedding party celebrated. John E. Bravo was yelling at Fallah Bahh. Bravo and Rosemary chatted. The Deaners called Bravo a “Groom-zilla”. The wrestlers were informed to get ready for the gauntlet match.

-Heath asked Rhino if he was ready for the gauntlet match. Rhino apologized for losing on Tuesday. Heath fired up Rhino for the match.


Rhino and Shawn Daivari started it out. They mixed it up on the outside and fought near the announcer’s title. Back in the ring, Rhino took over with a clothesline. Next up was Larry D. He and Rhino went at it. Larry splashed Rhino. Larry and Daivari tried to throw Rhino over. Out next was Crazzy Steve. Steve went after Larry. Acey Romero was out next. Acey and Larry teamed up on Steve. Larry and Daivari tried to throw out Rhino.

Next up was Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K). Kaleb took pictures of Tenille as she went to the ring. Kaleb climbed in the ring and avoided both members of XXX. Havoc was in next and she clotheslined Kaleb. Havoc headscissored Acey. Havoc threw Kaleb out. Brian Myers entered at #8. He punched a series of people and squared off with Crazzy Steve. Myers hiptossed Steve out for the first elimination. Swoggle was out next. Daivari was thrown out by Myers and Swoggle. Myers threw out Swoggle.

Tommy Dreamer came out next in Road Warrior Animal facepaint, shirt, and haircut. He went after Myers. Swoggle was back in to hit the Doomsday device on Myers, with the help of Dreamer. Alisha Edwards was out next. She had a parking sign. Myers pulled Tenille in front of him to protect himself for Dreamer. Myers threw out Dreamer and Alisha. Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) was out next.

Myers posed with Tenille then threw her out. Tasha went after Havoc. Taya was in at #13. Bravo and Rosemary were with her. Taya went after Larry and Acey. She dropkicked Acey and splashed him and Acey in the corner. Fallah Bahh was next. He cautiously held the money roll under his shirt. Havoc threw out Kiera, who took a nasty spill on Tasha. Taya threw out Havoc.

James Storm was next. He battled Larry and Acey. Storm threw out Larry. Next was Adam Thornestowe of Reno Scum. Luster The Legend of Reno Scum was #16. Reno Scum worked together. Number seventeen was Heath. Heath went after Myers, then fought Acey. Heath threw out Acey. Heath threw out Myers. Sami Callihan was next. Hernandez was the last entrant. Hernandez eliminated Bahh, who held onto the cash.

Rhino threw out Thornstowe. Rhino threw out Luster. The final four were Heath, Rhino, Storm, and Callihan. Rhino and Callihan fought, while Storm fought Heath. Calliahan eliminated Storm. Callihan threw out Heath. It came down to Rhino and Sami, who battled in a singles match. Sami hit a piledriver for a two count. Sami got a chair from under the ring. The referee made him put it down. Sami turned around into a spear from Rhino, who got the pin and the victory.

WINNER: Rhino in 26:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Fun match and it was good to see the surprise names such as Daivari, Swoggle, and Storm. Myers was the MVP of the match. It was refreshing to see that Rhino didn’t turn on Heath).

-Gia Miller interviewed The North. They vowed to win back the titles and to hurt someone.

-Recap package of the EC3/Moose feud

(3) EC3 vs. MOOSE

EC3 was in a Fight Club style warehouse fighting a guy in a ring. People in EC3 hoodies were at ringside. Moose entered with the TNA title belt and called out EC3. EC3 walked out and joined Moose in the ring. They had a stare down then started swinging. Moose slammed EC3 and EC3 laughed. EC3 suplexed Moose. EC3’s group pounded the mat. Dramatic music played in the background.

EC3 had the advantage but Moose turned it around with a low kick. EC3 punched away at a bloody EC3. Blood was on Moose’s white shirt and pants. Moose grabbed a chair from ringside. He demanded to know why EC3 had been taunting him. EC3 took Moose down and punched him. Moose made a comeback with a big boot.

They fought on the outside. EC3 threw Moose into some rails and then into the post. Moose missed a charge into the post. EC3 threw him back in the ring. He stood on Moose’s hand. Then he held the belt. EC3 was about to do his finisher as black and white clips played of his previous appearances in Impact. Moose got out of it and speared EC3. Moose hit EC3 with the belt and asked if EC3 wanted him to be a monster. Flashback clips aired of EC3 taunting Moose. Moose stood over EC3 and said “is this what you wanted?” EC3 screamed “YES!” The people at ringside chanted “MOOSE”. EC3 said “enjoy your narrative” then Moose finished him off by hitting him with the belt. Moose left the ring and the people at ringside carried EC3 out.

Josh said it was dark and grueling. He said that EC3 sacrificed himself so that Moose could control his narrative.

WINNER: Moose in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: If you are into cinematic matches, this was well done. The storyline finally concluded and it looks like this might be the last of EC3 in Impact).

-A clip aired of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson congratulating Ken Shamrock on being inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame from the Countdown to Glory pre-show.

-Recap package of the Eddie Edwards/Ken Shamrock feud.

(4) EDDIE EDWARDS vs. KEN SHAMROCK (w/Sami Callihan)

Sami fired up Shamrock on the way to the ring. Shamrock had MMA gloves. They squared off to begin and Shamrock landed punches. Shamrock knocked down Edwards. Back on their feet, Shamrock took Eddie down and stayed on top of him. Eddie fought his way out. Back on their feet, they traded punches. Edwards rolled to the outside.

Shamrock kicked Edwards on the outside and delivered a knee to the face. Shamrock continued with punches and kicks. Shamrock rolled Eddie back in the ring and continued with punches and knees. Edwards came back with a big boot, forearms, and a Blue Thunder Bomb. Edwards legwhipped Shamrock and slid Shamrock out of the ring.

Edwards dove outside onto Shamrock and Sami. Edwards dropkicked Shamrock from the top rope and got a two count. Edwards went for a power bomb and pin attempt, but Shamrock turned it into an armlock. Edwards battled back and hit a backpack stunner. Shamrock turned it into a sleeper, but Edwards got out of it. Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party, then went for a single leg Boston Crab. Sami climbed on the apron and clicked his phone to make the lights go out. Sami had a bat when the lights came back on. Edwards pulled out a kendo stick though and knocked out Sami. Shamrock took advantage of the distraction and got a belly to belly suplex and an ankle lock. Edwards tapped out.

WINNER: Ken Shamrock in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good match. You can always depend on Eddie for a good match and Shamrock did well also. It will be interesting to see if they have more plans for Shamrock).

Recap package of the four-way tag team feud.

(5) THE NORTH (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) vs. ACE AUSTIN & MADMAN FULTON vs. THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS (c) (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) (Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title match)

The North jumped The Guns on the ramp to start the match. Alexander piledrove Shelly on the stage. Referees and officials came out to check on Shelley. They got Shelley to his feet and carried him to the back. Sabin decided to go alone. The bell rang to start the match. Sabin fought both members of The North, but Ethan Page caught Sabin with a crisp dropkick to turn the tide. Fulton made a blind tag and punched Sabin. Fulton tagged and continued the assault on Sabin.

Alexander tagged in. He and Page tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Sabin. Alexander missed a moonsault off the top. Fulton tagged himself in and took over on Sabin. Austin tagged in with high flying offense on Sabin. Austin and Fulton double teamed Sabin. Page broke up a pin attempt. Fulton delivered a big suplex on Sabin. Sabin battled back but was cut off by Fulton. Ace tagged back in. Sabin got a DDT on Fulton.

Anderson made the hot tag and was all over Austin. Josh Matthews touted that The Rock had retweeted about Ken Shamrock’s Hall of Fame induction. Callis said we would never hear the end of it. Gallows tagged in. Gallows clotheslined Fulton over the top rope. The North double-teamed Gallows but Gallows double clotheslined them. Sabin tagged himself in and fought the North.

Anderson tagged and fought with Sabin. Sabin dove to the outside on the North. Anderson and Sabin battled in the ring. Ace tagged in but got dropkicked by Sabin. Sabin flipped onto Alexander on the outside. Sabin got a two count on Ace, but Page broke it up. Page and Alexander exchanged tags and worked on Sabin. They got a really close two count. The match broke down and various combinations paired off. Page was on the outside and hit Anderson with a title belt. Alexander pinned Anderson to regain the belts.

WINNERS: Ethan Page & Josh Alexander in 15:00 to regain the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles.

(D.L.’s Analysis: The action here was nonstop and I was surprised to see The North win the belts back. All of the teams looked good. Looks like we’re headed to a Guns vs. The North rematch, which is just fine).

-Rosemary, Taya, and Bravo were backstage. They were joined by Havoc. Rosemary left with Havoc. Bravo snapped at Taya and told her that he wears the pants in the family.

-Recap package of the Kylie Rae/Deonna Purrazzo feud.

Madison Rayne joined the broadcast team for the next match. Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee made their entrance. Kylie Rae’s music played but she didn’t come out. Deonna took the mic and said she’s not surprised that Kylie wasn’t there. She challenged any man or woman to come out. Su Yung came to the ring. Deonna and Kimber Lee looked scared.

(6) SU YUNG vs. DEONNA PURRAZZO (w/Kimber Lee) (c) – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title match

Su attacked Deonna at the start. Su and Deonna fought on the ring apron. Su slammed Deonna on the ring apron. Su got a chair. Su continued the attack back in the ring. Deonna turned the tide with a kick to the back. She stomped Su in the corner. Deonna took Su down and worked the arm. Deonna continued to work the arm and had Su in a submission hold.

Su fought her way back but Deonna eventually tied her up in the ropes, then dropkicked her out of the ring. Kimber Lee taunted Su on the outside. Deonna stomped Su in the ring. Deonna hit a series of German suplexes on Su. Su came back with a DDT. They fought back and forth with Su getting the upper hand. The match continued outside the ring. Su put Deonna in a chair then did a flip dive from the apron on Deonna.

Back in the ring, Su hit a double underhook piledriver for a two count. Su pulled out her blood-stained glove. Deonna accidentally kicked the referee down. Su got a piledriver for the pin but the referee was down. Su checked on the referee. Kimber Lee entered the ring and hit Su with a chair. Kimber Lee put the chair over SU’s arm and Deonna jumped from the top rope but Su caught her and blew mist into Kimber Lee’s face. Deonna got the armbar, then Su got the mandible claw on Deonna. Deonna got a series of pump kicks then they exchanged elbows. Su got the Panic Switch on Deonna for the pin and the victory.

WINNER: Su Yung in 16:00 to become the new Knockouts champion.

(D.L.’s Analysis: It was a disappointment for Kylie Rae not to be there, but with that said, Su Yung was a great replacement and they had a really good match. I would have preferred that Deonna kept the belt since she is so good right now, but I understand making the title change to try to make up for the substitution).

-Josh and Madison announced that the Knockouts Tag Team Titles will return and would be decided at the Hard To Kill PPV in January.

-Recap package of the Eric Young/Rich Swann feud.

(7) RICH SWANN vs. ERIC YOUNG (c) – Impact Wrestling World Hvt. Title match

Dave Penzer made the in-ring introductions. Eric charged Swann at the start but Swann avoided him. Eric went for the leg early. Rich hit a leapfrog, spectacular flip, and a dropkick. Eric fled to the outside. Eric went for the ankle again, but Swann kicked Eric into the post. Swann chopped Eric on the outside then rolled him back in.

Eric took Swann down, but Swann battled back and did a flip dive off the apron onto Eric. Rich tried to do a flip on the apron but landed on his head. Back in the ring, Eric crotched Swann on the ropes. Eric worked on the neck and landed a neckbreaker off the top rope. Eric worked to capitalize on the neck. Swann battled back, but Eric cut him off with a back body drop. Eric continued to work on the neck.

Eric stomped on Swann in the corner. Swann came back with chops, but Eric caught him with a suplex onto the neck. Eric continued on offense with kicks. Eric talked trash to Swann and followed up with punches. Eric continued to punch but Swann wouldn’t stay down. Swann fired back with punches of his own. Swann met Eric on the top rope and slammed him off the top. Swann landed a series of kicks on Eric and flipped him off the top. Swann got a frog splash for a two count.

Eric bit Swann then landed an elbow off the top rope for a two count. Eric had Swann in a crossface, but Swann made the ropes. They exchanged punches. Eric got a cutter for a two count. Eric hooked on an ankle lock. Swann managed to roll to the ropes to break the hold. Eric went for the piledriver but Swann rolled out of it. Swann landed a side kick. Swann got a handspring and splash for a two count. Eric had Swann’s ankle tied up in the tree of woe. Swann landed a handspring and a cutter then climbed to the top for a spinning splash and the victory.

WINNER: Rich Swann in 21:00 to become the new Impact Champion.

The babyface locker room emptied and lifted Rich on their shoulders for the feel-good ending.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Excellent main event. Swann’s high-flying moves were terrific and Eric is a great heel. It was the perfect time to change the title and Impact delivered).

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, it was a really good show. All of the matches delivered. The only disappointment was that Kylie Rae wasn’t there, but Su Yung as a substitution worked out fine. Thumbs up show.

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