10/27 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: BTE Championship Golf Tournament semi-finals, Dark Order throws Halloween Party,  Matt Jackson reveals phone that allows him to see into the future

By Zack Heydorn, PWTorch columnist

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 227  – “Dark Order Halloween Party”
OCTOBER 26, 2020

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 Top Three Points

  1. Matt Jackson, John Silver, and Trent all advanced to the finals of the BTE Championship Golf Tournament.
  2. Dark Order throws Halloween Party
  3. Matt Jackson reveals special iPhone that allows him to see into the future of whoever he takes a picture of.

–  A graphic flashed that read “The Phone Of The Future.”

Matt Jackson walked into the EVP office where Nick Jackson and Brandon Cutler were hanging out. Matt said he just got the new “iPhone F.” Matt said the F stands for “Future.” He rattled off some things it does, but Nick and Brandon were quick to point out that the current iPhone does all of those things too and Matt admitted he isn’t sure what the future aspect of the phone is yet, but there’s only two out for testing and he has one of them. Matt said they always upgrade the camera and decided to test it out. He took a selfie, then a picture of Nick and Brandon.

They flashed to video from earlier in the day when Matt was playing on his phone and Christopher Daniels walked in to talk to him. Daniels ran down a list of the things he’d done so far in the day including waking up Kenny Omega twice, and signing Frankie Kazarian up for anger management classes. Matt cut him off and said he’s just the best talent relations guy in the world. Daniels said he was needed by someone else and got up to leave, but Matt stopped him and took a picture of him with his new phone as well. As Daniels exited the room he yelled at Kenny to wake up again.

The camera cut back to Matt playing on his phone with Nick and Brandon in the room. Nick asked him to put the phone away, but then asked to see the photo from earlier because he was curious about the camera quality. Matt opened the pictures and admitted he never even checked to see what they looked like. Matt looked at his phone in horror as Cutler commented that Nick had a singles match scheduled for tonight. The photo on Matt’s phone was finally revealed and it showed Nick holding the TNT Championship and posing as his alter ego the Merch Freak. Matt then freaked out at the idea of Nick having a singles match and said he can’t do that because they’re tag team wrestlers. Cutler then tried to leave to go film the Best Friends BTE bit. Matt looked at the picture of Cutler on his phone and it showed Cutler dead with the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy posing next to his body. Matt then went and blocked the door to keep them both in. Christopher Daniels walked in followed by Frankie Kazarian who yelled at him for signing him up for anger management classes. Daniels shooed Kazarian away then said he has a text from someone named Paul with a 203 area code. Matt pulled his phone back out to find the picture of Daniels and it was a headline that read “Christopher Daniels becomes head of Talent Relations for NXT!” with Daniels posing next to Triple H. Matt grabbed Daniels’ phone and threw him out. Matt told them to stay put and he left the room.

As he walked down the hallway, Tony Schiavone approached him and asked if he’s been having phone problems. Matt said no, why would he ask that? Schiavone asked if he’s taken any good selfies lately, so Matt pulled out his phone to look at his selfie from earlier. He turned his back to Schiavone who pulled out a pen and grabbed Matt like he was going to stab him in the neck. The selfie was then shown which showed Schiavone doing just that.

– BTE open aired with a deeper singing voice than usual.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were backstage at Dynamite and Nick said they need to practice their entrance. Nick pointed to the left tunnel and said they need to come out from that tunnel, the baby face tunnel. Matt said he’d rather come out through the other tunnel this week, but Nick didn’t like that. They argued about which tunnel to go through until Kazarian walked up. He scolded them for not knowing which tunnel to go out through. Kazarian said for years there has been an unwritten rule that good guys go out one tunnel and bad guys go out the other. Kazarian yelled at them and said Karl Gotch and Lou Thesz are rolling over in their graves at the thought of them going out the wrong tunnel. Matt said he hates going out the baby face funnel and Kazarian cut him off and said nobody gives a shit what he hates. Kazarian then threatened to kick both of their asses if they go down the wrong tunnel and left. Nick then turned to Matt and asked if they were too hard on Brandon last week. Matt ignored the question and asked Nick if he’d rather just take the stairs and Nick said okay.

– John Silver and Alex Reynolds were in their Halloween costumes in the Dark Order lounge excited for the Dark Order Halloween party. Silver asked Reynolds who he was supposed to be and Reynolds said he’s a history buff, but also a fan of buff history so he’s “Slutty George Washington.” Silver loved it. Reynold asked him who he was. Silver decided to give him a hint and started to sing in a female voice. Silver stopped and asked Reynolds if he’d have sex with him, because he’d have sex with himself. Silver and Reynolds high fived each other and laughed. They turned and say Anna Jay sitting nearby and asked what she’s dressed as and she said she’s dressed as Zatana. Five walked up dressed as the Joker, but they mocked him for it and said it’s a terrible costume. Ten then walked in wearing a wig and quoted a couple of lines from Batman. Silver and Reynolds loved his “costume” of the Joker. Evil Uno walked in as the Riddler then turned to reveal Stu Grayson, who was wearing a Robin costume that was two or three sizes too small for him. They laughed at him and Grayson angrily asked who picked this costume for him. Jay got down and said she picked it for him and Grayson backed down immediately. They showed Wardlow who was the bouncer at the door then said they have a lot to get done before the party.

– Brandon Cutler went around asking various people who was going to win, him or Peter Avalon. He asked numerous people who they picked to win. Sammy Guevara was shocked to learn it’s not a part of Full Gear or even Dynamite. Kip Sabian was surprised this was still an angle at all. Best Friend picked Sean Deen to win.

– John Silver complimented all the other members of Dark Order on how great the place looked and on their outfits. They asked Wardlow to start letting people in and Broken Matt Hardy was the first to come inside. They all complimented the Broken Matt costume, but Matt corrected them saying he is Broken Matt, but they didn’t believe him. Evil Uno said he’s never popped so hard for a costume and Hardy yelled to pause the multiverse.

Hardy then explained that pop is when a pro wrestling reacts very loudly, whether it be positively or negatively.

Everyone unfroze then started screaming because Broken Matt was gone. Grayson and the rest of Dark Order freaked out because he teleported and was the real Broken Matt.

– The BTE Championship Golf Tournament bracket was shown. The semifinal round including Matt Jackson vs. Fuego Del Sol, John Silver vs. Colt Cabana, and Trent vs. Matt Hardy. All three groups of competitors were shown in sped up video. John Silver, Matt Jackson, and Trent all advanced. Hardy and Trent’ game was the worst of the three with Trent needed 22 strokes to finally win.

– Matt Jackson was standing with Eddie Kingston backstage. Matt handed him a pumpkin candy bucket and told him to cut a promo on it. Kingston looked at it for a minute and asked for a count down. Kingston started by talking about trick or treating and kids dressing up with their little buckets. They go out for candy and it’s supposed to be fun, but he never had that. He threw the bucket on the ground and said instead of trick or treating. Where he comes from they don’t believe in Santa Claus. He said don’t give him any trick or treat or Happy Halloween, it’s just October 31st. He broke eye contact with the camera and asked if that was good. Matt laughed and said yeah, but Santa Claus is Christmas. Kingston said there is a Santa Claus, he just doesn’t visit him.

– Dark Order was still partying. Leva Bates joined the party and they complimented her costume. Nyla Rose walked in and they all said hi. Sammy Guevara hesitated at the door, but Wardlow nodded to let him in as well. Griff Garrison walked up to the door. Wardlow asked if it was Jungle Boy and he said yes. Wardlow apologized for whooping his ass last week and complimented his “Griff Garrison costume” and let him in. They all started chanting Jungle Boy. Private Party tried to get in, but Wardlow stopped them. They insisted they’re on the list and Wardlow agreed. Wardlow showed them a list of those not invited. It just had Private Party and Brian Pillman Jr. John Silver yelled that this is a public party and told them to get out of there. They stormed off angry. Reynolds then invited Cutler to join so he joined them inside.

– The clip of FTR attacking Matt Jackson last week on Dynamite aired. Matt was shown sitting in a chair as clips from the attack were shown. A clip of the text from Hangman’s phone telling them to never speak to him again was shown as well. More clips of the Young Bucks’ random super kicks were shown from Dynamite too as Matt sat there thinking about it all. Nick walked in and asked if he was ready. Matt said yeah and Nick helped him up. They walked out of the room and down the hallway as the camera faded to black.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This wasn’t a very news worth episode of BTE. The first segment was just a series of jokes about a fake phone Matt got his hands on including joking that Christopher Daniels was going to be stolen by Triple H and NXT for an executive role. The Dark Order party stuff was mostly filler with no real payoff at the end of the episode either. The only intriguing part of this episode was the end with Matt contemplating what’s happened lately with him and his brother Nick and where that may go following the attack by FTR last week on Dynamite. We have to wait another week to see Kenny Omega or Hangman Page developments, hopefully that comes soon. It would be nice to get something weekly on those two major BTE storylines, even if it’s small, but that hasn’t happened. Hopefully next week we get more developments there.

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