12/7 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: Glimpse at Sting backstage before surprise debut, BTE Championship challenge, Matt Hardy and Private Party argue, Dark Order throw Page a party to entice him to join

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 233 – “Heel Turn”
DECEMBER 7, 2020

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  1. Shawn Dean wins Number One Contender game of Uno. He will challenge John Silver next week for the BTE Championship
  2. Matt Hardy and Private Party argue over Battle Royal incident from Dynamite
  3. Dark Order try to recruit Hangman Page to Dark Order by throwing him a party.


–   Sting was standing backstage ready to walk out onto the AEW stage. A production assistant signaled him to go and he walked through the tunnel.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– John Silver introduced himself clumsily as the BTE Champion and said there’s a number one contenders match. Silver introduced Evil Uno to announce what the contest would be. Uno said they are going to be playing a game of Uno to determine the number one contender. Evil Uno, Trent, Aaron Solow, Chuck Taylor, and Shawn Dean were the participants. Highlights of the game were shown with Shawn Dean eventually winning. Silver and Dean then posed next to each other and Silver announced they would be playing a game of Skits. Silver then teased that “Skits” involves throwing Skittles against a wall. Everyone laughed and walked away.

– The clip of The Acclaimed rapping and mocking the Young Bucks was shown followed by TH2’s attack. Evans was shown throwing Nick Jackson into a garage door and into a laundry cart.

The camera went black and Nick was speaking to himself trying to figure out where he was. He said he was thrown in the dumpster like Norm McDonald in the movie Dirty Work. He complained about the smell then called for help. Nick said it would be really embarrassing if anyone saw that, like over 1.1 million people. A tweet flashed of AEW’s ratings for the Winter is Coming special. Nick said since the Young Bucks were involved they won’t get any credit for that rating, so it doesn’t matter.

– Diamante and Dasha Gonzalez were sitting with Ortiz and asked him where “he”  is. Diamante then remembered that he has the new “Mi Phone” so they decided to call him. Dasha pulled out their phone and they started walking as they tracked the person they were looking for. They heard a laugh and behind a curtain they found Alex Abrahantes on his phone. They asked him what he was doing and he pleaded with them that he was just watching YouTube. The video on his phone was playing a Dark Order skit and he had a bottle of Purple Kool-Aid with him as well. They yelled at him as he tried to say he’s just watching past episodes of BTE. Abrahantes then realized how much time he’d been on his phone and ran away saying he was late to a meeting.

– John Silver and Alex Reynolds were standing outside a room. Reynolds poured a shot into a glass and set it on the ground as he told Silver this would absolutely work. Silver picked up the shot and drank it and Reynolds told him that wasn’t for him, it’s for Hangman Page. Silver looked at him confused and said he thought they were doing shots together. Reynolds gave in and took a shot himself then refilled the glass and said that one is for Hangman and told him to put it on the ground. They put two shots on the ground leading into the Dark Order lounge. They entered the room and told the rest of Dark Order that everything is ready.

Uno said he wrote him a nice note to help cheer him up too. They asked what they should do until he arrives and they decided to start drinking, but only one shot. Colt Cabana said he doesn’t drink and they all seemed offended. Silver called him a nerd and told Cabana if it means getting Hangman to join them, he’s going to drink tonight. They handed out glasses and Reynolds poured them all a shot, but Cabana’s glass was completely full. Anna Jay was sitting behind them and asked for a glass so Stu Grayson gave her his, but there weren’t enough glasses so Grayson was left without a glass, so he used the bottle. They all toasted to Hangman and drank as Cabana continued to protest.

– Frankie Kazarian was walking down a hallway talking to himself about how he doesn’t need anger management classes. He swore he wasn’t angry and shoved a door in frustration. Kazarian walked past Brandon Cutler and said hi. Kazarian complimented Cutler on not “being a Mark” this week. Cutler turned around and was wearing a “Do Ya?!” shirt and said he was wearing it in support of Kazarian. Kazarian didn’t appreciate Cutler using his catch phrase. Kazarian called him a mark for wearing someone else’s merch. He asked if he’s bought a Brandon Cutler shirt, but didn’t allow him to answer and said of course he hasn’t because nobody has. Cutler said he’s just trying to get the boys over and Kazarian said he can’t even get himself over. Kazarian walked away calling him names.

– Marko Stunt was sitting in a hallway. Matt Hardy walked by and Stunt stopped him to tell him good luck in his match. Stunt laughed and asked Hardy why he’s wearing gear as old as him. Hardy looked appalled and said he’s wearing it because his outfit is iconic. Hardy said if it wasn’t for the Hardy Boys, someone as small as Marko would have NEVER had an opportunity to become a wrestler and he should be shining and licking his boots. Hardy then asked Marko what he was reading and it was a copy of the Young Bucks book.

The segment was interrupted for a Young Bucks book promo.

Back with Marko and Hardy, Hardy said there’s a book from a better tag team, the Hardy’s and it’s a New York Times best seller. Hardy said the Bucks have a bad attitude and Marko should want to be better than them Hardy said next time he crosses Stunt, he better put some reverence on his name. Marko sat there soaking up Hardy’s words when Chris Jericho popped up next to Marko and told him he should write a book himself. Marko said that’s a great idea and Jericho walked away.

– Dark Order were still drinking in their lounge area. Ten was laid across a table and Silver was encouraging Five to do a body shot out of Ten’s stomach. Five did it and they celebrated.

– Brandon Cutler said he was going to film some BTE bits and walked out of the EVP room. In the hallway, Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol were filming something. Cutler said he was going to wrestle Fuego on Dark. Cutler then gave his camera to Guevara who filmed Cutler and Fuego together. Fuego said he’s going to break Cutler’s streak, but Cutler was confident and said dragons don’t get burned by fire. They started arguing which is better, Sammy’s blog or BTE until the camera cut.

– Matt Hardy walked into the bar and said hi to Private Party and said he knows they wanted to talk. Hardy said he hadn’t heard from them in a couple days. Isaiah Kassidy asked him what he wanted to drink and said his favorite is “betrayal on the rocks.” Hardy acknowledged they may be a little upset, and Kassidy said he is very upset. Hardy turned it around on Kassidy and said he’s disappointed in him because he was trying to eliminate John Silver and expected Kassidy to hold on to the ropes and not fall. Hardy blamed Kassidy for not knowing what Hardy was thinking. Hardy then pointed out that he did the same thing with Quen when he eliminated Reynolds and he held on to the ropes to avoid elimination.  Hardy then said he was also disappointed with Quen as well because they tried to hit the Silly String move, but couldn’t and, once Quen was eliminated, Hardy was so worried about his well-being he lost focus and got eliminated. Hardy then got upset and asked if they have a problem with his mentorship and leadership of their group. Hardy told them to relax, there’s no need to get heated. Hardy said he’s like their parent and kids get mad at their parents sometimes. Hardy said that match was a test and they will learn from their mistakes and be better. Hardy called himself a gift in their life and he has something he wants to show them in his locker room. Before they left Hardy clarified that they’re good and they all said okay. They left the room, but Hardy rolled his eyes as they left.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were walking down the hallway with their AEW Tag Team Championships. Matt stopped and said he smelled something and Nick reassured him he changed his shirt after being thrown in the dumpster. They walked up on Omega and said his match is next and it’s finally his time to get his belt. Omega agreed and said tonight is the night. Nick said they’re going to prep the EVP room for another championship celebration so they can party after he wins. Omega said okay and awkwardly said he’ll be back after the match and walked off. Matt and Nick entered the EVP room to get it ready for the celebration.

– Hangman Page heard cheering as he rounded the corner. He noticed two drinks on the ground and picked them up. He opened the door where Dark Order were having a party in their lounge room. Colt Cabana was lying face first on the ground. Page put down the two shots and grabbed a full bottle, but Evil Uno spotted him and cheered that he was there. They all said hi and they said he did great tonight. Silver drunkenly told Page he wants to be just like him and started crying as he told Page he’s really good at wrestling. They tried to wake up Cabana, but he wasn’t moving. They showed Stu Grayson waking up and taking another shot, but he had a penis drawn on his face. Grayson crawled up and sat next to Anna Jay. Uno then tried to read his power to Page, but he couldn’t. Uno drunkenly asked Page to join Dark Order, but Page shushed him as Justin Roberts could be heard yelling “and new AEW World Champion” from in the ring. Page got upset and stormed off with the bottle in his hand. Cabana sat up and asked if they got Hangman and John Silver spit up on his shoulder before passing out.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were standing together trying to process what happened with Omega, who took off immediately after being Moxley. They went in to the EVP room and Cutler started congratulating Omega, but Omega wasn’t with the Young Bucks. Cutler realized Omega wasn’t with them and asked where he went. Cutler admitted as soon as Omega won he started setting the room up so he didn’t see what happened. Matt and Nick told Cutler that Kenny finally did what he’d been teasing for a while and said It was “something despicable.” They hesitated for a moment before Matt finally looked into the camera and said “Kenny turned heel.” Cutler cried in pain as the episode ended.


There were a lot of interesting things on BTE this week. Matt Hardy and Private Party discussing the battle royal incident was nice to see. It will be interesting to see how their relationship evolves with Matt’s latest character shift. The Young Bucks were seen reacting to Omega’s actions, but they didn’t play it straight forward, they played it up for comedy. Hangman Page was also being teased as joining Dark Order again. I’m glad we are finally getting some storyline developments and I can’t wait to see where they go from here!

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