12/14 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: John Silver beats Shawn Dean to retain BTE Championship, Dark Order throws cowboy themed party for Hangman Page, more

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


DECEMBER 14, 2020

Watch it HERE.


  • John Silver defeated Shawn Dean to retain the BTE Championship in a Skittles throwing competition.
  • Dark Order continue recruiting Hangman Page by throwing him a cowboy-themed party.


– A clip from Dynamite last week aired where Hangman Page agreed to team with John Silver and Alex Reynolds for a match. Page told them this doesn’t mean he’s joining Dark Order or anything, it’s just one match. Silver and Reynolds celebrated as Alex Marvez threw it back to the commentary team.

The camera picked up from where the Dynamite coverage stopped. Hangman took a sip of his drink and walked away. Silver and Reynolds celebrated getting Hangman to team with them. They speculated that their cowboy hats are what won Hangman over. Reynolds said he had an idea and said they need to turn it up a notch and revealed his idea: “Cowboy Day.”

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Clips aired from ringside of the Young Bucks vs. TH2 match on Dynamite last week.

– Hangman Page was walking down a hallway and was flagged down by John Silver and Alex Reynolds. Hangman seemed annoyed, but stopped to talk to them. Reynolds said they just want to talk strategy and Hangman reluctantly agreed. Page walked backwards towards the Dark Order Lounge which had been decorated to look like an old saloon. Page turned around and saw the decorations and immediately tried to leave, knowing what they were up to, but they talked him in to staying. Page reiterated only five minutes and they said okay.

Page walked in and all of Dark Order was waiting for him wearing cowboy hats. They cheered because it was “Cowboy Day.” Stu Grayson asked Page if he wanted to try and ride Ten. Page was confused until Ten crawled out from behind the group. He was on all fours and wearing a fake horse mask and he made noises. Ten stood up and Page gave in to temptation and jumped on his back. Ten carried Page around the room as they all cheered him on. Silver yelled and stopped them and said Ten is his horse and nobody can ride Ten but him. Page called his bluff and asked what he’s going to do about it. Dark Order tried to calm Silver down as he stood there. Silver then pointed his hands at Page like they were finger guns and they all laughed, except Page who seemed frightened by Silver’s finger guns.

– Leva Bates and Kip Sabian were sitting next to each other. Miro and Penelope Ford were with them. Sabian asked if Bates was ready and she said yes. Sabian promised to prove he’s the better gamer. They started playing and Sabian was very into it while Bates was casually sitting next to him. Sabian appeared to beat her and celebrated. Bates faked being upset by losing and pat Sabian on the look before walking away. Sabian talked some trash and Miro told him Bates let him win. Sabian didn’t believe him at first, but as Miro walked away, Sabian asked if he was being serious. Ford also left as Sabian sat there contemplating if she really let him win or not.

– Dark Order were all in a circle pointing finger guns at one another. Uno yelled for them all to stand down as they all pointed at each other. Anna Jay had Stu Grayson and was holding him in front of her like he was a hostage. Page said they have a hostage situation.

Jay said she has good news and bad news. The good news is she’s saving money on her car insurance. They asked her what the bad news is. She paused and said, “I’m the bad news” before acting like she fired her finger gun at Grayson. Grayson dropped to the floor and they all screamed and started pointing their finger guns at each other.

A slow motion video aired with added gunfire sound effects and puffs of smoke coming from their fingers. The slow motion video stopped and they were all making “pew, pew” sound effects at each other. Everyone acted as if they’d been shot with only Hangman Page remaining. Page put his foot on Silver’s chest and asked if he’s “feeling hungy.” Silver said he doesn’t have the balls and he shot him with his finger to “kill” him. Page then thanked them all for that and said it was fun as he left. Uno sat up and said bye. Uno then realized nobody asked Page if he’d join them and they all threw up their hands in frustration.

– Alex Abrahantes said hello and introduced this week’s Speaking Spanglish. As he started hiintroduction, he was interrupted by Dasha Gonzalez who said they need to talk to him. They walked together to a table with other AEW talents sitting around it. Dasha said this was a Spanglish Intervention. Abrahantes reluctantly sat down. Dasha said they’re all concerned. They all took turns pointing out they know he’s with Dark Order and drinking the Kool Aid. Abrahantes questioned Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz pointing out they they’re with Inner Circle and they jump people all the time, isn’t that just as bad? They said he has a point there. Abrahantes said maybe they’re right and offered to pray with them. They all touched fists instead of holding hands. Abrahantes pulled out his phone until someone walked up and said he brought them empanadas They all celebrated having food as Abrahantes sprinted away while they were distracted.

– John Silver was with Shawn Dean and introduced this week’s BTE Championship game. He said you win by throwing Skittles at the wall and the one who gets the closest without it landing in the sidewalk crack wins. Chuck Taylor then did introductions for Shawn Dean and Alex Reynolds did an introduction for John Silver.

The camera cut and Silver was standing in front of the camera holding up the title. Silver said Brandon Cutler’s camera died and they didn’t get any footage of what happened. Silver said he already won so now they have to play again. Silver pointed out that, if Dean wins, they will play a third game since Silver won the first time. They were shown rolling Skittles into a wall, trying to get it as close to the wall as possible. Silver managed to sneak out a win with his last Skittle.


This was a very short and uneventful episode of BTE this week. The only story that advanced (which is a bit of a stretch) is the Hangman Page Dark Order recruitment. The shows are always entertaining, but this one isn’t very eventful.

I continue to be confused by the lack of Brodie Lee. He hasn’t been mentioned or seen on Dynamite or BTE in weeks at this point and they all appear to be acting as if he doesn’t exist. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but the group appears to be more centered around Evil Uno as the head at this point. The focus on BTE is still John Silver and Alex Reynolds, but the Dynamite presentation seems to have shifted to Evil Uno as the leader again. It’s really interesting to see that change. I miss Brodie Lee on BTE, as he was one of the best characters on the show and his interactions with John Silver is what made Silver the star of this YouTube show. Hopefully everything is okay and Lee comes back, but the sudden shift within Dark Order raises some questions about Brodie Lee’s future with AEW.

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