NXT UK HITS & MISSES 1/14: Walter vs. A-Kid and Bate vs. Gradwell


Tyler Bate (photo credit Ryan Tailor © PWTorch)


Ed Harvey vs Joe Coffey – Hit

Good to see them start right with a match to kickoff the show. Ed Harvey is a newly signed wrestler to NXT UK. He’s a long-time vet of the UK scene name Sha Samuels. The match started as a back & forth hard-hitting affiar. Both guys had their moments, but Coffey took over and got the win. This was a good showcase match for the Iron King, Joe Coffey.

Tyler Bate vs Sam Gradwell – Hit

I enjoy all of Tyler Bate’s matches. This match was set up last week after Bates sit-down promo. Within that, he talked about the loss he took to A-kid and how he would use that loss to refocus on pushing himself to add more to himself so he could be better. The match itself was solid. Sam Gradwell was used as a wall that Bate had to climb over. The pace of the match was set for Bate and he was able to show off a  unique in-ring style. Bate controlled the majority of the match, but Gradwell did have his spots here and there. Overall, a nice bounce-back match for Bate after his last loss.

Backstage Segment from Ilja Dragunov – Push

This was a simple pre-tape at the UK performance Center where Dragunov talked to Jack Starz and asked him to have another match with him. He told Starz that he wanted to start back at the beginning and since his first match was against him, he would like another one. Clearly, Dragunov is on a new path, but time will tell how it grades out in the end.

Jinny & Kay Lee Ray Promo – Hit

Jinny came down to the ring with Joseph Conners. She talked about how she won the number one contender’s match, how she comes from money & power, and how the title belongs to her. Kay Lee Ray came down to confront her and let her know that the championship was hers. She said she had beaten everyone put in front of her. Jinny then said that Ray might have beaten everyone, but not her. Jinny continued and suggested that Ray should thank her as well because she was the reason she won her last match. Jinny wrapped things up and said that Ray only had a week left with the championship.

Walter vs. A-Kid – HIT

Every time Walter has a match it seems to be a match of the year candidate. This match featured two different styles, two different forces, and just two different types of guys. Walter is unique in that he can work with anyone. The match started slowly with A-Kid trying to break Walter down. Kid uniquely countered Walter’s offensive moves as well. Once Walter took over the match, that’s when everything picked up. A-Kid showed great heart in this match and hung in after taking a beating.

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