Trademark filed for “Battle of the Belts” (w/ Heydorn’s Analysis)



AEW has filed a trademark on “Battle of the Belts.” Is this a special event? A PPV? Something new altogether? We’ll see soon enough.

According to Wrestling Inc, All Elite Wrestling filed the “Battle of The Belts” trademark for general pro wrestling and merchandise use on January 18th. There are no additional details around this concept or this event at this time.

The timing of this trademark makes sense seeing as AEW has started a crossover storyline with Impact Wrestling. The story began with AEW World Champion Kenny Omega appearing on Impact television and then wrestling in the main event of Impact’s Hard to Kill PPV alongside the Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers. This week Impact announced that Private Party would face The Good Brothers for their tag team titles at No Surrender.

Heydorn’s Analysis: It’s pure speculation at this point, but this trademark could easily mean an Invasion-esque episode of television or PPV event between Impact Wrestling and AEW. The seeds are certainly planted given all the crossover we’ve seen from both companies. The crossover between both Impact and AEW worked for me when the angle was rooted in getting over Kenny Omega’s heel belt collector character. That fit, as it presented Omega as above the Impact stars and highlighted the notion that he’s the best in the world, can operate how he wants, and go where he wants. A head to head event between Impact and AEW puts both companies on a level of a playing field. To this point, I don’t see how that helps AEW. They are the bigger company and they need to be shooting up. Omega throwing his weight around on Impact is one thing. AEW “selling” for Impact up and down its card is something entirely different.

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