2/2 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: Young Bucks talk “Bullet Club” with Good Brothers and Dark Order’s slumber party


Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


FEBRUARY 2, 2021

Watch it HERE.

 Top Points:

1. Nick Jackson insults the Bullet Club before definitively saying they are not all working together.

2. Sammy Guevara defeated John Silver to win the BTE Championship.

3. Private Party tried to play mind games with Gallows & Anderson before their Tag Team Championship match in Impact

– Gallows and Anderson were standing together in front of the green screen with a video of a young deer behind them. Gallows was awkward moaning and Anderson told him “you can’t do it Gallows. You can’t f— that buck.”

Matt and Nick Jackson walked in confused and asked what they were talking about doing to them. Gallows said they weren’t talking about them, they were talking about the video and they pointed to the green screen. Anderson reminded Gallows he can’t do that to Matt and Nick either. Matt and Nick quickly changed the subject. Matt told them they can’t swing their titles between their legs like that on TNT and Nick joked that they’re going to have to “edit the hell out of that match” as they all laughed about it. Clips were shown of some of the things they were referencing including them mimicking smoking a joint. Nick commented that it feels like 2013 Bullet Club, not 2021 Bullet Club because “those guys suck.” Nick turned to the camera and said “guys, this is not a storyline, we are not working with them. It’s not going to happen.” Matt then congratulated them on a good match and noted that they don’t have heat with Gallows and Anderson, just Don Callis. They chatted for a moment and after, Gallows pretended to hump the deer on the green screen before they all walked off camera.

– The Being the Elite open aired.

– Clips from Brandon Cutler’s camera at ringside were shown during the Young Bucks entrance and the match with Gallows and Anderson vs. The Dark Order from Dynamite.

– Anna Jay and Tay Conti were walking and chatting. Stu Grayson was walking the other direction and said hi to Anna as he tried to walk past, but Jay shoved him over a railing and he fell over the ledge and landed on the ground below. Conti reacted with a yell and seemed concerned for Grayson before asking Anna if she likes him. Jay asked if she was being serious, before she grabbed her and they walked off.

– Luchasaurus was talking to himself as he was playing out chess scenarios in his head. Brandon Cutler walked up and called for a truce. Cutler acknowledged that Luchasaurus destroyed him in their match. Cutler then showed Luchasaurus his shirt as a peace offering. Cutler then apologized. Luchasaurus said Cutler should learn a little bit about Jurassic history. They then went around on a golf cart looking at mechanical dinosaurs set up in a parking lot and were chatting together about them as they drove by.

– Dark Order were all in their pajamas ready for their slumber party. They complimented Stu Grayson on his fort. Five and Anna Jay walked in carrying a bowl of candy. John Silver snatched the bowl of candy away from Five before saying no girls were allowed. He told Five he needed to leave, but that Anna can stay. Five left upset and they all entered the tent.

Cabana was telling stories about his investments like they were ghost stories. Silver encouraged Anna to go next and yelled directly in her ear since she wasn’t responding to him. She finally cut him off and left. Uno then said they should talk about their crushes. As Jay left the tent, Hangman Page was in their lounge grabbing a bottle of Jack Daniels. Jay asked him what he’s doing there and he tried to come up with something to say. Jay pointed to the bottle and said of course he’s there for that. She scolded Page and said he broke the Dark Order boys’ hearts. Page hung his head and Jay told him he needs to move on so Dark Order can move on and be a real family again. Jay told Hangman to leave, he tried to say something, but Jay cut him off and demanded he leave. Page left the room and Jay turned back around to reveal Five sitting at the top of the pillow fort. Jay told him he didn’t see or hear anything and threatened to treat him like Grayson if he said anything. All of the Dark Order members then made fun of Five from within the tent.

– Matt Hardy and Private Party were standing together while Hardy was on the phone. Hardy bragged about how much money he won from a bet. Private Party laughed as Hardy said he got Brandon Cutler so fired up, he actually believed he could beat Luchasaurus. Hardy then bet money on it and won. Hardy gestured towards the camera and called Cutler an idiot and told him he should just stay behind the camera. Cutler’s hand appeared and flipped Hardy off as he turned and talked to Private Party about what an idiot Cutler is. Hardy then hung up the phone and asked Private Party if they were ready to get inside the head of the Good Brothers. Marq Quen held up the ring bell and said he’s way ahead of Hardy.

Kassidy and Quen then walked into a room where Gallows was sitting on a couch snoring with his tongue out. Quen rang the bell and Gallows jumped up yelling in anger. Anderson quickly ran over to calm Gallows down. Anderson asked Gallows what happened and Gallows said that when he rang the bell “it turned me into Festus, with a Ph just in case Vince still owns the name.” Anderson said if he’s Festus with a Ph, then that would make him Jesse and he doesn’t want to be Jesse. Gallows yelled at Private Party for making fun of him and his former terrible gimmick. Private Party quickly ran out of the room as Gallows and Anderson continued yelling.

Hardy asked Private Party if they got them and they said yeah and Hardy said he’s very happy because now they’re in Gallows and Anderson’s heads, which means they have the advantage. Hardy told them they are well on their way to being the second greatest tag team of all time. Hardy then offered to buy them lunch and they walked off.

– Nyla Rose was talking on the phone and said donations are going really well. Rose said they might have too much money now though. Rose said she has an idea for that, but she thinks she’s being followed so she hung up the phone.

The camera cut with a dramatic sound effect and Griff Garrison was shown dancing for 5 seconds before the camera cut again with the same sound effect.

– John Silver awkwardly introduced himself as the BTE Champion on the Jaguars practice field. Silver said he and Sammy Guevara are going to kick three field goals each and whoever makes the most will win. They both missed their first kicks horribly. Guevara missed his second, but Silver managed to make his second shot. Silver tried to get in Guevara’s head, but he made his final shot to tie it up. Silver missed his third so they went to sudden death. Guevara managed to hit his fourth attempt and hit a back flip in celebration. Silver missed his fourth, which means Sammy Guevara is the new BTE Champion. Silver dropped to the turf in disappointment. Guevara bragged and said that, if someone wants the title back, they’re going to have to come over to his blog to win it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a shorter episode of BTE, but a worthwhile watch. Gallows and Anderson continue to be creepy sexual deviants with the Young Bucks. Them poking fun at Gallows as Festus is a funny callback. Anna Jay scolding Hangman Page was an interesting twist in the Dark Order story and I’m interested to see where that leads. Hangman looked hurt by it, but also like he understood why she was upset. The Dark Order story is the most interesting story happening on BTE right now in my opinion. The Young Bucks story with Gallows, Anderson, Omega, and Callis would top it, but the Young Bucks are just a mess. They don’t trust the Good Brothers, then they do trust them. They were mad at all of them for the tag team switch on Dynamite a couple weeks ago, but now they’re just blaming Callis for the whole thing? The problem is the Young Bucks have gone from a story with FTR that had a murky baby face/heel dynamic to another and that isn’t helping them. I’m sure most people are willing to let it play out, as am I, but I’d really like it if they start to have some development because it just continues to be a confusing mess.

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