2/8 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: Matt Hardy pursues Hangman Page and Statlander sings for Orange Cassidy


Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


FEBRUARY 8, 2021

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Top Points:

  1. Matt Hardy continues his pursuit of Hangman Page as Private Party seem jealous of Hardy’s new found interest in Hangman
  2. Dark Order give Wardlow Valentine’s Day cards.
  3. Kris Statlander sings a song she wrote for Orange Cassidy.

– Gallows and Anderson were standing together in front of the green screen with a beach scene behind them. They appeared to be naked and Anderson was singing a song. The Young Bucks walked into frame and Gallows and Anderson began changing “hung bucks’ at them.  Matt said that they’re out of their minds, but he’s glad they asked them to come. Nick said they are getting them in trouble. Matt reminded them that the match they all had a couple weeks ago was the most heavily edited match in AEW Dynamite history. Matt also pointed out that last week on BTE they had the whole “bestiality thing.” Gallows defended himself saying he was talking about them and Anderson put his head in his hands and said it was a fake deer on a screen. Matt pulled out his phone and read an email he got complaining about that segment of BTE and threatening to complain to the TNT executives. Matt said he loves them, but it’s not 2013 anymore and they’re executives now. Gallows and Anderson apologized and went for a Too Sweet, but Matt asked if they could do it when there aren’t so many people around. Anderson accused them of being embarrassed by them, but Matt and Nick denied that.

Matt then asked them why they weren’t wearing any clothes as the camera zoomed out with a black bar to hide everything. They started shaking their hips and laughing as Anderson said he did this in front of his grandma once. They kept laughing about it as Matt and Nick looked annoyed by their childish antics. Gallows and Anderson then suddenly thanked them and walked off. Matt and Nick took a second to reflect on what just happened.

– The Being the Elite open aired.

– Matt Jackson said he and Nick were taking reference photos for their new video game, but he still isn’t sure when it might be coming out, but he’s seen a sneak peek and it looks great. Nick Jackson was behind Matt working with the photographer in his ring gear. Matt laughed and said Nick hates taking photos and laughed as they showed the photographer working with Nick trying to position him properly.

– Clips of Jurassic Express and the Young Bucks making their entrances were shown followed by clips from the tag team battle royal on Dynamite last week.

Matt walked over to Cutler after being eliminated. He was holding his back and laughed saying he didn’t do very good this year. Marq Quen walked over after Matt and Cutler asked him what happened and Quen said they dropped him as he walked away. Gallows and Anderson were then shown running from where Cutler was stationed out to ringside to distract and eliminate Isaiah Kassidy.

– Dark Order were all sitting around their lounge table and appeared to be working on some arts and crafts. John Silver told them all that their valentine’s cards look great. Silver said they all have the same crush and talked about their hair and other physical features they all liked. Before they could say who it was, Stu Grayson asked if he could read his out loud because he’s nervous about messing this up. Stu’s card read “You push hard, you pull hard. You are hard, and so am I.” They all marveled at how beautiful it was. They all took turns reading their cards and making fun of Five as he attempted to open himself up. Cabana mentioned Hangman and wondered what it would be like if he was there with them. Alex Reynolds said he was close to inviting him to the slumber party, but decided against it. They all decided it was time go give their Valentine their cards and all got up to leave.

– Matt Hardy was on his phone and was leaving a message for Hangman Page. He thanked him for the match and wanted to say thanks because he came backstage and he was already gone. Matt then tried to explain away why he stole the pin to Hangman as Private Party walked in to talk to Hardy. Hardy said he was going to go for a Twist of Fate, but the Buckshot Lariat Hangman hit was so powerful he was already down. Hardy said he hope they get to team again soon.

Kassidy and Quen seemed very upset that Hardy was talking to someone else. Kassidy asked Hardy if he’s not satisfied with them. Hardy said he’s very happy with them, especially the last couple of weeks. Hardy told them to trust him and tried to reassure them that they are his top priority, but they seemed skeptical. Quen said Page never paid them the money he owed them and Hardy got upset and promised to take care of it for them. Kassidy said he thought Hardy was cheating on them, but he promised he wasn’t and Kassidy sighed a big sigh of relief.

Hardy changed the subject and told them that Chris Sabin and James Storm are getting a title match on Impact and somehow jumped the line. Hardy said they are not going to let that happen. Quen asked what they’re going to do and Hardy said they’re going to go to Impact to make sure the Good Brothers don’t lose those titles because Private Party is going to be the team to beat them, especially after what they did on Dynamite. Hardy said they’re going to Impact. Kassidy wanted Hardy to promise he isn’t cheating on them and he promised.

– Luke Gallows was yelling at Karl Anderson’s crotch before Anderson told him to stop it as Matt and Nick Jackson walked up behind them. Nick asked them if the forbidden door is open now and Matt quickly said no, it’s still shut. Anderson asked if Tama Tonga is booked and Matt and Nick both said no. Anderson said good, he doesn’t want to deal with him.

Nick quickly changed the subject and wanted to know why Gallows and Anderson screwed him in the battle royal. Matt told them not to go out there and then reminded them that if they had won they could’ve chosen anyone to wrestle for the titles and they would’ve picked them, but now that’s done for. Matt called them alcoholics and Gallows pointed out they’re also drug addicts and sex addicts too. They apologized to the Young Bucks and promised to win them back over. Matt and Nick left and Anderson leaned in with Gallows and said he’s glad they didn’t win because he doesn’t want to wrestle. Gallows started acting crazy again and Anderson walked off.

– The Dark Order guys were all standing in front of Anna Jay, who was playing on her phone. Silver said it’s time for them to give their cards to their Valentine. They all walked up to Anna and Silver nervously said her name. When she acknowledged him he asked her to get out of the way because she was blocking the door. She stepped aside and they walked up to Wardlow. Silver got really nervous and told Wardlow he got him a Valentine’s card. Wardlow opened it and it read “I want you Wardlow..” Silver giggled and turned away. They all took turns giving Wardlow cards. Wardlow took turns thanking them all as they gave them their cards and shook his hand. Five went to leave with his card, but Wardlow thought it was for him. Five told him it’s actually for someone else and Wardlow yelled at him and told him to get lost and he scurried away.

Five was walking through the hallway and he approached Hangman Page. Page asked if Five could see his nipples through his shirt. Five said he wanted to talk to him about what Anna said, but Page cut him off and said it’s okay. Page said, months ago, he filled out their form online and he had so much fun with them, but he’s sorry for everything. Page reassured Five they don’t need him. Page walked off and Five left his card on Page’s chair.

– Kris Statlander walked up to Brandon Cutler and asked if he could film something for her, but it’s not an abduction this time. Statlander said there’s a holiday coming up and she believes she has something with Orange Cassidy. Statlander said he wrote him a song and Cutler said he can record her singing it for Cassidy. Statlander walked up to Cassidy and Cutler followed her. Cassidy was sitting in a chair next to a water jug. Statlander sat down next to him and tried to talk to him, but Cassidy didn’t move. Statlander then turned away, because of her nerves, and started singing her song. Throughout the song, Cassidy didn’t move. When Statlander got to the end, she was so nervous she didn’t even look back at Cassidy, instead she immediately got up and ran away. Cutler told Cassidy to chase after her, but Cassidy still didn’t move. Cutler lifted up his sunglasses to reveal Cassidy was asleep the whole time.

– Anna Jay walked into the Dark Order hideout holding a Valentine’s card. She looked over her should to make sure nobody was in there besides Stu Grayson. She approached Grayson and gave him the card and left. Grayson got excited and opened the card and it read “F— Off.” Grayson nodded his head in approval and walked away with the card in his hand.

– Sammy Guevara, wearing the BTE Championship belt covered in Sammy Guevara Vlog stickers. Fuego Del Sol introduced himself and Sammy Guevara. Sol said it was time for the number one contenders challenge, but noted John Silver is not allowed to participate. Sol said they are going to do some trivia and it appeared the contestants were Brandon Cutler, 10 & 5 from Dark Order, Marko Stunt, Fuego Del Sol, and Griff Garrison.

Guevara read off the trivia questions. Marko complained about how stupid it was.

The camera cut and they were now all in the Dark Order lounge, they had been kicked out of their other spot because someone else was recording things for AEW and they= were being too loud.

Marko Stunt continued to complain. Tony Schiavone walked in and insulted them all for being stupid and cursed at Marko for cursing at him. The trivia continued until Schiavone walked in and said they are filming in the hallway and told them to shut up. Guevara then said they have a three way tie between Fuego Del Sol, 10, and Brandon Cutler.

– Matt Hardy walked into his locker room and found the Valentine card left by 5 for Hangman Page. He read it and looked very angry. He ripped it to shreds and stormed off.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s getting harder and harder to write a PG version of the opening skits between Gallows & Anderson and the Young Bucks. It gets more strange and sexual by the week and I just don’t find it to be very funny. It’s an attempt at crude humor that just misses the mark for me. Outside of finding Gallows & Anderson more and more annoying, I don’t know what this is intended to accomplish. The Matt Hardy dynamic continues to dominate this show. It’s interesting that Private Party seem so jealous of Hardy interacting with Hangman. It’s obvious Hardy is going after Hangman and is trying to prey on him being isolated from everyone else to try and get him while he’s down. The idea of Hangman being a part of a group or resisting joining another group is kind of a letdown since he just got out of that with Dark Order. I think most people feel the same way, so they have some work to do to make it feel different. They have time and I’ll be interested to see how the story evolves.

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