VIP AUDIO 2/27 – WKH – 10 Yrs Ago Hotlines including Rock-Cena promo battles, has TNA made wrestling industry better, Sting’s return to TNA, Lawler vs. Cole, Michaels talks about his rep, more (135 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Wade Keller Hotline, a week’s worth of Wade Keller Hotlines from ten years ago. Details follow:

•Feb. 22, 2011 episode features a look at the latest news including Jim Ross speaking about his potential role at WrestleMania, Christian talks about when he’ll be cleared to return, NXT news, Austin Aries consider retirement and idea for a great role for him, Raw off-air happenings including Michael Cole as special referee, plus a disagreement with Al Snow over the history and origins of the term smart-mark.

•Feb.23, 2011 episode features a look at the latest news including Raw popping a big rating but they’re kicking themselves for one anomaly that cost them a 4.0, McMahon on WrestleMania venues in the future, Bobby Lashley, Brazil, Tough Enough, more.

•Feb. 24, 2011 episode features a look at the breaking news out of TNA that Sting has returned to TNA with in-depth analysis of whether this is a good fit, whether the WrestleMania buzz regarding Sting translates to interest in Impact, and more. Plus, items on Mistico’s WWE press conference, skepticism about Jerry Lawler’s claim on why Jim Ross isn’t announcing, Kevin Nash, Tough Enough, and more.

•Feb. 25, 2011 episode features the latest news including Shawn Michaels talking about WrestleMania and Hall of Fame and his rep, odds on who will induct Michaels at the HOF, Rey Mysterio forecasts his WWE future, Mistico’s big upcoming push, an idea for how Sin Cara could have a huge WrestleMania match next year, TNA Impact ratings breakdown, and more.

•Feb. 26, 2011 episode features the Ask the Editor format with a single-topic – is pro wrestling better off today because of TNA’s existence? What has TNA contributed? What’s on the negative side of the ledger looking at history? Would another company have filled a void if TNA didn’t exist and done a better job? This question addresses in-depth from multiple angles.

•Feb. 27, 2011 episode features a look at the latest news including a look at weekend news including several assessments of the ROH PPV, an update on the NWA Title defense tonight and X-Pac vs. Tatanka, Jerry Lawler comments on facing Michael Cole at WrestleMania, Steve Austin returning to Raw next month, more thoughts on Rock-Cena battle, could or even should Mistico (Sin Cara) debut at WrestleMania this year, WWE house show thoughts, and more.

•Feb. 28, 2011 episode features a look at the entire episode of Raw tonight including expanded analysis of pros and cons of Rock’s promo, Cena’s odd gay and OCD jokes, Triple H’s imagined deafening cheers and laborious pace to speaking, Michaels touting the epic nature of Taker vs. Hunter, The Miz replying to the Cena-Rock hype, and a walk through the entire show.



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