4/15 IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Omega and Swann press conference, Jazz’s retirement ceremony, TJP vs. Josh Alexander, more




Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-Video package of highlights from Hardcore Justice.


No show open this week, it was straight to the action. TJP took Alexander down after a test of strength. After some mat work, Alexander put TJP in a headlock, then the action was back on the mat with the wrestlers trading the advantage. Alexander got the upper hand after a series of stomps. TJP made a comeback and had Alexander in an octopus submission. Alexander fought out and applied an ankle lock. Alexander took over with stomps, punches, and chops in the corner.

Alexander carried TJP on his back in a unique submission. The action spilled to the floor and TJP had Alexander in a standing submission. Alexander power bombed TJP to get out of it. Alexander rolled TJP back on the apron, then they fought on the top rope. TJP gave Alexander a superplex. Alexander countered with an ankle lock. They fought in the corner, then TJP landed a kick to the back of Alexander’s head.

TJP continued his assault in the corner. TJP put Alexander in an armlock. Alexander rolled over and turned it into an ankle lock. TJP turned it back into an armlock. Alexander reversed it back to an ankle lock and TJP applied one of his own. Alexander made the ropes to break the hold. Alexander battled back with punches. TJP hit a back suplex then climbed to the top. TJP missed a splash and Alexander turned it into an ankle lock. They traded the advantage. Alexander power bombed TJP then hit a piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: It was the great back and forth battle that I thought it would be. The action was too fast to call at times. The unique submissions and reversals were impressive. Excellent match. I’m looking forward to Alexander challenging Ace Austin for the X Division title.)

-D’Lo and Striker ran down the schedule of shows for next week on AXS-TV, then talked about the matches for tonight. [c]

-Vignette for Taylor Wilde, with a graphic that said she was returning soon. Her face was seen this week and she was smiling.

(2) CRAZZY STEVE (w/ Rosemary & Black Taurus) vs. KARL ANDERSON (w/Doc Gallows)

Both wrestlers traded punches at the bell. Steve got a two count after a backslide. Anderson went to the outside to regroup. [c]

Anderson was on the attack coming out of the break. Anderson had Steve in a chin lock on the mat. Steve made a comeback and took Anderson to the mat. Steve had a DDT for a two count, then went to an STF. Gallows distracted the referee and Steve broke the hold. Steve had Anderson tied up in the ropes in a submission. Steve argued with Doc on the outside. Anderson hit a spinebuster for the win.

WINNER: Karl Anderson in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic match. Decay hasn’t fared too well in this feud with the Good Brothers.)

-Swinger’s Palace: Ace Austin and Madman Fulton walked into the room. Ace asked Jon E. Bravo his odds of retaining the X Division title at Rebellion. Bravo said the odds weren’t that good. TJP walked in and Bravo said he was the favorite to win the title. Josh Alexander walked in and he liked his own odds of winning. Petey Williams joined in also. He was wearing chain mail head gear, then proceeded to do a parody of Scott Steiner’s infamous mathematics promo. Petey left and Alexander said he liked his odds. Swinger laughed and said he would be known as the Million Dollar Swingman. [c]

-Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack were in the ring. Eddie called out Eric Young and Violent by Design for an ass whipping. VBD came out. Young bragged about their recent attacks, but said he had nothing to do with the attack on Tommy Dreamer at Hardcore Justice. VBD got on the ring apron. James Storm and Chris Sabin ran in to even the odds and the fight began. The faces quickly cleaned house. Storm took the mic and called VBD cowards, then challenged them to a match at Rebellion.

-Deonna Purrazzo and Susan were walking backstage and ran into Scott D’Amore. Scott told them under no circumstances could they interrupt Jazz’s retirement ceremony. Deonna said she hadn’t planned to. Everyone walked off. [c]

-All About Me segment. This was Tenille Dashwood’s new segment. Tenille and Kaleb were seated on a sofa and chair. Tenille introduced Gia Miller (after asking Kaleb her name). Gia asked if this was the old Locker Room Talk segment that Madison Rayne had. Gia Miller tried to ask a question but Tenille interrupted and talked about why she would win the Knockouts Title. Tenille said she started the women’s revolution and now it was her time to win the title. Tenille vowed to beat Deonna Purrazzo at Rebellion. Gia tried to ask another question but Tenille cut her off, then ended the show.

-Jazz Retirement Ceremony. Jazz and Jordynne Grace walked to the ring. Striker and D’Lo had a serious tone and thanked Jazz for her contributions. Jazz said she came to Impact hoping for one more title reign but it didn’t happen. She said she felt the fire she had 15 years ago. She called Deonna the present and the future of women’s wrestling. Jazz talked about teaming with Jordynne and thanked her for teaming up. She called Jordynne the truth.

Jazz thanked Jordynne and Impact Wrestling for welcoming her with open arms. She said the last few months let her go out with a bang. Fire N Flava’s music hit. They had tissues and were fake crying. Kiera Hogan said it was about time. Tasha Steelz said that Jazz couldn’t win anymore so it was time for her to retire. Kiera said good riddance and it was a pleasure to be in the ring with Jazz, then they mocked her.

Jordynne said Fire N Flava talked too much. She said it was Jazz’s time to talk. Jordynne challenged them to say what they wanted in the ring. A referee walked out. He informed Fire N Flava that Scott D’Amore said they had a match tonight. Jazz and Jordynne attacked Fire N Flava and threw them in the ring. The bell rang with all four wrestlers fighting in the ring.


Jordynne splashed Tasha and Kiera broke up the count. Jazz tagged in and punched Tasha. Kiera tagged in and Jazz rocked her with punches. Jazz slammed Kiera and got the three count.

WINNERS: Jazz and Jordynne Grace in 2:00.

Jazz took the mic and said Fire N Flava had been disrespectful. She said what brought her here tonight was that it was time to announce her retirement. She thanked the fans for their love and support. The locker room emptied and walked to the ring (heels and faces). They surrounded the ring and clapped for her. Jazz hugged Tommy Dreamer. Wrestlers pounded the ring and said “thank you, Jazz”. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: Wow, what a really nice segment. It was cool that Jazz went out with a win and the ceremony was really touching. Very classy by Impact to do this.)

-Fire N Flava were arguing with Scott D’Amore backstage and complained that they weren’t ready for the match that just happened. Scott told them to put the titles on the line at Rebellion against Jazz & Jordynne. Fire N Flava agreed then walked off. Jazz and Jordynne walked up. Jazz said there was nothing she would like better than to win the titles, but she said she would honor the retirement stipulation, however it didn’t mean that Jordynne couldn’t still challenge for the belts. Jazz said she had just the right partner for Jordynne. Scott agreed to the match.


This was a Pick Your Poison match. Matt Cardona came out and announced that he had selected Jake Something to face Myers. After some back-and-forth action, Jake hit a series of moves then chased Myers in and out of the ring. Myers hit his Roster Cut clothesline just as Jake was getting back in the ring for the win.

WINNER: Brian Myers in 3:00.

-After the match, Myers took the mic. He said it was tough to see with his eye patch, but it was tougher to see in the dark. The lights went out and Sami Callihan’s logo appeared on the screen. The lights came back on and Sami attacked Cardona on the ramp from behind. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: During the commercials on AXS-TV, they have aired a series of commercials for CarShield starring Ric Flair. In one of them, he chopped NXT’s L.A. Knight.)


Back from the break, Sami was still attacking Cardona at ringside. The bell rang and Cardona hit his running legdrop for a two count. Sami made a comeback but Cardona fought back. Sami rolled to the outside. Cardona kicked Sami, then suplexed him. The fighting continued outside with Cardona getting the upper hand. Cardona threw Sami back in the ring. Cardona missed a crossbody block and sailed over the top rope and to the floor.

Sami tried to go for a suplex but Cardona blocked it. Sami bit Cardona’s hand. Cardona threw Sami into the rails. They brawled on the floor. Sami suplexed Cardona on the mats. [c]

The action was back in the ring after the break and Sami had Cardona in a chin lock. Sami took Cardona down with a clothesline. Cardona fired back with a dropkick off the second rope and a clothesline, followed by a boot to the corner. Cardona got a two count after an elbow drop. Cardona missed Radio Silence. Sami back suplexed Cardona for a two count. Cardona fought back. Cardona got a Frankensteiner off the top rope. The referee got in the way and Sami used the distraction to rake Cardona’s eyes. Sami hit the stuff piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Sami Callihan in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good back and forth match. Sami was solid as always and this was Cardona’s best match in Impact so far.)

Cardona left the ring. Sami kneeled in the ring and took the mic. Sami called out Trey Miguel. Trey walked to the ring. Sami said he was so proud of Trey for fighting in the main event at Hardcore Justice. Trey said he was just doing the right thing by filling in for Tommy Dreamer. Sami asked if it felt good to give in to the rage and get revenge against XXXL last week. Sami said teaming with him is what will get Trey to the next level.

Sami offered his hand. Trey said no. Sami said Trey should show him gratitude because he wasn’t even on Hardcore Justice but because of Sami, he had the opportunity in the main event. Sami revealed that he was the one who took out Tommy Dreamer. Sami gave Trey one more chance to shake his hand. Trey punched him, but Sami kicked Trey low and Trey crumpled to the mat. Sami clotheslined Trey.

Sami left the ring then attacked Trey with a chair. Sami picked up Trey and suplexed him into the chair. Trey writhed in agony. Sami left the ring and walked up the ramp. Trey fought and managed to get to his feet. He had an angry look. [c]

-Finjuice promo. Juice Robinson said he enjoyed seeing the Good Brothers struggle. They talked up their accomplishments in New Japan. David Finlay said he proved they were number one and they would prove it again at Rebellion.

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera and promoted Wrestle Week on AXS-TV, including the Good Brothers watching Meatballs and Hard to Kill airing. They also ran down matches for Rebellion and for next week, including:

  • The Good Brothers vs. Decay
  • Tenille Dashwood vs. Susan
  • Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards

-Press Conference. It was a press conference set up like a major boxing or UFC fight. Josh Matthews was the moderator. On the left side was Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn representing AEW. The other side had Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore representing Impact. Kenny Omega and Don Callis weren’t there yet. The press conference proceeded anyway. Reporter Andreas Hale asked Swann a taped question. Swann talked about what he has overcome and how he could make history by winning. Josh Matthews read a question from reporter Mike Johnson. Khan said he thought Omega would win the match and whoever wins would be able to accommodate being on Impact and Dynamite. Scott said there would be a winner. Khan promised a winner also.

Before Matthews could get to the next question, Omega’s music hit. Omega and Callis walked up the steps and to their side of the table. Callis said that the champ is here. A reporter from London on tape asked when Callis would stop playing both sides and asked if he was with Impact or with Omega. Callis asked if this was a roast and mockingly asked if Don Rickles was there. He took Josh’s place and said let Daddy take over.

Callis bragged about his accomplishments and introduced the greatest living athlete and the best wrestler ever, the God of Wrestling, and the King of the Death Matches, Kenny Omega. Omega (wearing a suit) stepped to the podium and Callis sat down. Omega said he has done this before and explained why he would win the big match. He said he takes things seriously, including how he was dressed. He said Swann has never been in this position and he was probably nervous and scared. Omega said that Swann got his outfit from the bargain bin of Target. Swann stood up and confronted Omega. Omega said he was here to make a difference and Swann was here because he loves wrestling. Omega said he could respect it. Omega said that Swann didn’t belong on this stage or in the ring. He said Swann was a means to end and when everyone looks back, they won’t know, care, or remember Swann. Omega said he meant no disrespect and he hopes Swann brings his A-Game. Omega offered his hand. Swann attacked him. Security broke it up. The show went off with security trying to break up the brawl.

(D.L.’s Take: Really good segment. I would have liked for Swann to have had a verbal comeback but he showed good fire in the brawl. Callis and Omega played their parts well.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Impact is in full hype mode with their biggest PPV in years just two weeks away. They’ve built a really compelling card for Rebellion and they’ve done an effective job of promoting the event. This week’s highlights were an excellent TJP vs. Josh Alexander match, the Jazz retirement ceremony, the Sami Callihan/Trey Miguel angle, and the press conference. Good show.

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