4/27 AEW DARK TV REPORT: The Acclaims back in action, plus Archer, Varsity Blondes, Brian Cage, Leyla Hirsch, Penelope Ford, Cabana, SCU, Private Party


APRIL 27, 2021

Announcers: Excalibur and Taz

Additional Commentators: Jake Roberts

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-Excalibur and Taz on the call, welcoming us to the show, giving us a rundown.

(1) THE ACCLAIMED (Max Castor & Anthony Bowens) vs. D3 & FUEGO DEL SOL

Platinum Max once again delivered a fantastic freestyle during their entrance that had Taz & Excalibur cracking up. D3 popped a quick hurricanrana early on Castor, but Bowens got a blind tag and The Acclaimed hit a sunset flip/neckbreaker combo. A very nice Angle Slam by Bowens, but D3 fought back and tagged Fuego, who was, pardon the pun, on fire. That was until he tried his Tornado DDT, but Bowens countered into a Northern Lights into the corner as he tagged Castor and they hit The Acclaimed to Fame to put away Fuego.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Two shows, two wins for The Acclaimed as a team as they’re back to their winning ways now that Bowens has returned to action. Hopefully they’ll start skyrocketing up the tag rankings because I can’t get enough of this team; they’re fantastic.)


Taz fills us in that he talks yoga with The Sydal Brothers, including Downward Dog Jones. Matt & Mike ground Ali in the early going before Matt just starts chopping down Ali with kicks before both brothers lock on a double bow & arrow submission, which Aubrey forces them to break, since it’s illegal. Standing moonsault by Mike gets a two count as Aaron Frye breaks it up, first time he got in the match. Mike tried to suplex Ali from the apron into the ring, but Frye held his partners legs and they hung up Mike over the top rope. Frye & Ali make quick tags as Frye hits a Sky High on Mike, but Matt ultimately tags in and wipes out both Ali & Frye. Fisherman Buster on Frye, then a Double Meteora off the second rope got a close near fall. Ali broke it up, but was quickly dispatched as The Sydals hit the double Lightning Spiral on Frye for the victory.

WINNERS: Matt & Mike Sydal in 6:00

(Howard Analysis: Matt Sydal is coming off a victory over Joey Janela last night as The Sydal Bros prepare to face The Young Bucks tomorrow night. This was an impressive victory heading into the battle of the brothers on Dynamite.)


Palace suckers in Martin with a handshake early, but Dante uses his speed and a springboard dropkick to take control, followed by a springboard cross body for two. Palace was able to battle back, hanging Martin up on the ropes & hitting a suplex for two of his own, then dropping Martin on his head with a back drop driver. Palace wasted way too much time posing & trash talking as he missed a splash, allowing Martin to fight back with a dropkick & hurricanrana. Palace again fought back, tossing Martin to the mat, but again, posed, allowing Martin to spring to his feet and hit a standing somersault head scissors, followed by a 450 splash off the top for the win.

WINNER: Dante Martin in 4:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Martin keeps racking up victories, as I hope he does something in this singles run before his tag partner comes back. Dante has been looking pretty impressive on Dark.)

(4) VARSITY BLONDES (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) vs. DUKE DAVIS & GANON JONES

Excalibur points out The Blondes have officially cracked the Top 5 rankings in the tag division as Jones and Pillman start with the bigger Jones using his size early to avoid being taken down by Pillman. Nice dropkick delivered by Pillman, but the big man doesn’t go down as Griff tags in and they hit a double-team flapjack on Jones, then a double back drop on Davis. Abdominal stretch applied by Pillman on Jones, until the big man gets free amd drops his opponent with a back breaker. Tag made to Davis, who manhandles Pillman until Jones tags in and misses a big time moonsault allowing Pillman to tag in Griff, who cleans house with big boots, clotheslines, corner splash, and a spear. Tag back to Pillman as The Blonds hit the powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for the win.

WINNERS: The Varsity Blonds in 4:30

(Howard’s Analysis: Chalk another up in the win column for the Blondes, who remain undefeated on Dark & Elevation in 2021. Despite not getting a victory yet on Dynamite, I like that this young team is getting wins on shows like Dark & Elevation as I enjoy them taking their time establishing Griff & Pillman as a tag team. Meanwhile, this was the debut for Davis & Jones, who clearly have the look as they did good in their first time in AEW.)


This is the AEW debut for the former Marty the Moth as this is the battle of the Lucha Underground boys. Cage almost immediately cracks Marty in the chops with a dropkick. He starts slamming Marty’s head into the turnbuckle, which Marty no sells and unloads rights & lefts on Cage in the corner. Marty hits the ropes, tries a cross body, but Cage catches him and drives his opponent down with a DVD. Cage launched Marty to the corner for a hard buckle then delivers a spin kick right to the bread basket before planting Marty with a release German for two. Taz reminds Excalibur how impressive Cage has been his entire career, even before Cage hit the big time when Excalibur was calling his matches. Marty was able to hit a Northern Lights Suplex for two, then a series of clotheslines before dropping Cage with a Samoan Drop and dropkick to the floor. Marty barely made it, but he launched high over the top and wiped out Cage on the outside. Back in the ring, Marty planted Cage with a full nelson slam for two. After all of this so far, Marty gets a neck crank, then reaches into Cage’s mouth, I guess, as Cage just quickly rises up, levels Marty with a discus clothesline and Drill Claw for the win.

WINNER: Brian Cage in 6:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I liked this match quite a bit until that odd finish. Marty got a ton of offense; hit a series of moves that ended in a mouth hold? Then Cage just got right up and hit two moves to win. Very odd series of moves to end it, but aside from the ending, I liked the back & forth, even if Cage is about to face Hangman tomorrow night. This made me nostalgic for Lucha Underground.)

-Matt Hardy cuts a promo with the Hardy Family Offices, minus Butcher, who they say is out with a hand injury caused by Darby Allin, his butchering hand. Hardy says tonight, his family will embarrass Dark Order and force them to leave AEW.


Please make sure you check out the AEW profile piece they aired on Elevation about Leyla Hirsch, it’s fantastic, like all of the Rising Star vignettes they do on that show. Leyla was successful in tag action last night with Ryo Mizunami and now is in singles action as Leyla grounds Renee repeatedly in the opening moments. Renee hit the ropes and tried a cross body, but Leyla literally just side stepped and Renee went splat. Cross arm breaker applied quickly, but Renee got the ropes immediately and works over the leg of Hirsch. Low dropkicks to the leg & the head get Renee a near fall as she tried a moonsault out of the corner, but just barely got over, as Leyla avoided it, hit the V-Trigger and slapped on the arm breaker for the quick submission win.

WINNER: Leyla Hirsch in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I wish they’d start showing some of these video packages they do on talent on Elevation on Dark or Dynamite as well, get more eyes on them as they are excellent, especially this one on Leyla. I hope Renee is ok, that moonsault at the end she tried out the corner was scary looking as she just made it without landing badly.)

(7) LANCE ARCHER (w/Jake “The Snake” Roberts) vs. JAKE ST. PATRICK

St. Patrick attacked Archer before he got in the ring, tried a dive off the top rope, but Archer caught him in mid air and destroyed him with a chokeslam on the ramp! Bell actually sounds like 10 seconds later and Archer starts chopping away as Jake joins commentary putting over his client. Archer hit a snap suplex with so much intensity it launched St. Patrick clear across the ring. Roberts tells commentary he’s never trusted anyone and is skeptical of Archer trusting Sting. Archer takes turns slamming St. Patrick down as he avoids another Archer choke slam, but Lance just punches Jake right in the face. St. Patrick was able to fight back with some kicks, tried a moonsault off the second rope, but Archer booted him in mid air, then ragdolls St. Patrick down before hitting a Helli-coaster for the win.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: If you’re like me and enjoy watching guys get absolutely demolished, Lance Archer has the matches for you. I can’t believe this went three minutes honestly, but I assume it’s so Jake could at least talk a bit about the Sting story on commentary.)

-Evil Uno cuts a promo backstage talking about Dark Order’s accomplishments, Grayson being trained in martial arts and 10 being the strongest of them all as the Hardy Family Offices will find out tonight why they are Dark Order.


Diamante hopes to get back on the winning track after her tag team loss last night on Elevation. Early back & forth ground work to start until Diamante tries a tilt a whirl leg sweep, but Rose held onto the ropes to avoid the first try, but Diamante caught her with the follow up. Shotgun dropkicks clock Rose in the corner before Diamante hits a double stomp on the small of the back for two. Rose battles back until Diamante hit a wheelbarrow stunner and Code Red for the quick win.

WINNER: Diamante in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Pretty quick impressive showing for Diamante as for the little offense that Raychell Rose got in, I liked. Hopefully we see more of her in the future and she’s able to get off more offense.)


Last week, Allday had a really good match with Joey Janela, as this should be solid as well. There’s a show of respect by both to start as they end up in a stalemate after an early scrap. Both men trade arm drags and head scissors, which Johnson flips to his feet out of before dropkicking Allday to the ropes. Allday battles back, misses a superkick, allowing Johnson to hit a series of clotheslines & a neckbreaker before he kipped up, they trade waist locks before Allday drives Johnson into the corner, hitting a moonsault for two. Allday tried a springing corner hurricanrana, but Johnson caught him into a buckle bomb, planting Allday with a follow up ushigoroshi for the victory. Post match, QT Marshall ran in and laid out Johnson with a Cutter before Dustin Rhodes made the save with the bullrope.

WINNER: Lee Johnson in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Really wish this match went longer as three minutes and change is way too short. I hope we get a rematch down the line on Elevation as this felt like it was just getting going and was another week where Allday looked good. Johnson was impressive in his own right, as I’m glad they’re giving him more singles matches.)


D’Amboise is making her debut here as Penelope chokes her in the ropes early, getting a smooch from her husband as Taz says this is what love is all about “choking a woman’s esophagus while you kiss your husband on the Youtubes” yes, the “S” was included there. Ford gets a spin kick to the ribs and knee lift before hitting a handspring elbow in the corner, then the handspring stunner before planting D’Amboise with a Fisherwoman’s Suplex for the win.

WINNER: Penelope Ford in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Super quick, but honestly, kind of sloppy win for Penelope, who honestly didn’t do a whole lot in this one. Penelope remains undefeated in 2021 as she heads into the showdown with an alien tomorrow night on Dynamite. I have a bad feeling her husband might be in for it with Miro looking for him. D’Amboise barely got anything off in this one.)


Taz is super happy we don’t have to hear the Boom Boom Colt Cabana theme song, which he sang, so Excalibur said he owes Cabana money for singing it. Colt gets in some early takedowns before Karter got a dropkick, only to miss the corner splash. Cabana delivered a Flying Apple, Superman Pin for the win in less than two minutes.

WINNER: Colt Cabana in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Excalibur pointed out this was the most alliterative match of the evening as Classic Colt Cabana clashes with Charleston’s Cole Karter. Luckily it didn’t go long enough for commentary to get their words jumbled calling each guys name.)


Dani Jordyn doesn’t have her usual burn book with her, is called “The Real Mean Girl” but she came out through the babyface tunnel. Early headlocks & shoulder block by King as Jordyn bounces back, with a spinning side headlock takedown of her own grounding KiLynn before hanging up King throat first over the top rope to the floor. Dani tried a cross body off the apron, but King caught her in mid air and nailed a fall away slam on the outside as you could hear Jordyn go splat. As King was getting back in the ring, Jordyn was able to cut her off with the draping DDT for a near fall. Jordyn hits almost a reverse Sling Blade, then shot to the side of the head for another two. King fought back in the corner with brutal loud chops, charged, but Jordyn got a boot up connecting with a Blockbuster off the top for a close two. KiLynn fights back with clotheslines and a high kick to the dome before nailing a release German suplex for two. Dani avoided Kingdom Falls the first time, threw a kick, but KiLynn blocked and hit Kingdom Falls for the win.

WINNER: KiLynn King in 6:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I enjoyed this match quite a bit as both ladies looked impressive in this one. I’ve talked about how much I’ve liked KiLynn’s matches on Dark, but Dani Jordyn deserves a lot of credit as well, she hung tough and both women worked super hard in this match. I’d say this was the best Jordyn has looked in her time in AEW.)

(13) SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. ADRIAN ALANIS & LIAM GRAY

Excalibur says SCU has The Bucks in their sights, but have to get passed these two men before that can happen, which, I have a pretty good feeling they will. In fact, Excalibur points out how huge it would be for Gray & Alanis to end SCU as a team tonight, which Taz no sells perfectly saying “yeah, that’s not going to happen, hate to stooge you off” which broke Excalibur. After an early advantage by Daniels on Gray, it was Alanis who would fight back against Kaz, only for Kazarian to lay out both men before tagging back in Daniels. Atomic drop/face buster combo from SCU on Gray as Daniels & Kaz hit a high low on Alanis. SCU put away Gray with the Best Meltzer Ever for the win. Post match they showed JD Drake & Cezar Bononi watching ringside, so potentially that could be next for SCU?

WINNERS: SCU in 4:00

(Howard’s Analysis: At this point I’m beginning to wonder if they have a tumbler backstage with enhancement guys’ names in it and they just pick two for Daniels & Kaz to wrestle each week. I know Daniels & Kaz have wrestled TH2 a few times, but I wouldn’t mind seeing that match again or even SCU vs The Varsity Blonds would be fun. Maybe The Acclaimed down the line? I wouldn’t mind Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page being a team to push SCU to the limit or even potentially breaking them up, how fitting would that be? I’d just like to see more competitive matches for a team we’re supposed to view at the #1 ranked contenders.)

(14) THE BLADE & PRIVATE PARTY (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy)(w/Matt Hardy & The Bunny) vs. EVIL UNO & STU GRAYSON & PRESTON “10” VANCE (w/Alex Reynolds & Colt Cabana & Alan “5” Angels)

10 pulls six man tag duty this week ahead of his TNT Title shot tomorrow night against Darby. The Dark Order boys were going to go to the back, but opt to stay ringside. 10 and Blade have a staredown to start as Blade lights up 10 in the corner, but 10 tries his Full Nelson, only to be backed into the Private Party corner, as Quen & Kassidy get in a few cheap shots. 10 is able to battle back, laying out Kassidy with a lariat as Stu quickly throws him to the Dark Order corner, where Stu & Uno take turns double teaming for a two count. Dark Order take turns hitting vertical suplexes on Kassidy, isolating them before Bryce for some reason gets distracted by Grayson, allowing Quen to attack Uno from behind. Evil Uno tries fighting back, but suffers a hard series of chops by Private Party, who hit Poetry in Motion for a two count. H.F.O. continue to have Uno isolated before he caught a Quen boot, threw it to referee Bryce & hits an assisted neckbreaker, but can’t manage to get the tag. Blade cut him off, tossed Uno outside as Matt Hardy was about to attack Uno, Bryce saw it and stopped him, allowing The Bunny to put the boots to Uno, taking out all those times he’s killed her playing Among Us. Cabana runs around and shows Bryce what’s happening, so he tosses Bunny and Matt out of here. Stu Grayson with the hot tag, hitting the springboard tumbleweed on Kassidy for two, then tagged 10, who hit a pump kick, as Uno and Stu hit an assisted pop-up powerbomb for another two. Private Party was able to hit the Silly String on Grayson, frog splash and hit Drag the Lake on Stu, but 10 broke up the count. Match breaks down with everyone hitting a high impact move as Blade tries a powerbomb on Grayson, but 10 sneaks up from behind – he’s the legal man – slapping on the Full Nelson on Blade, forcing him to submit.

WINNERS: Dark Order in 10:00

(Howard’s Analysis: This was a very fun main event that was given a lot of time, for Dark at least, as the HFO was able to work over Uno quite a long time before the match broke down and we got a fun little chaotic finish to give Dark Order a win, especially 10, heading into tomorrow night.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: I enjoyed this episode of Dark quite a bit. I also like a show that gives the main event time to actually happen instead of ultra quick squashes like last week when we literally had two matches in the span of three minutes, entrances and all. Matches of the Night go to the main event six-man tag and the King-Jordyn match, which I just thought was flat out fun. Also most of the Cage-Marty match was fun too aside from the quick finish. You had your quick squashes, but also pumped up people who are going to appear on Dynamite tomorrow night like Brian Cage, The Sydals, Preston Vance, Lee Johnson, and Penelope.

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