NXT UK HITS & MISSES 6/3: Brown and Coffey thrive in the main event, Dragunov continues his story, more


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Ilja Dragunov vs. Noam Dar – HIT

This was an unexpected match given that you wouldn’t think they would fight each other. It’s happening because of a segment from the Supernova talk show. The match started slow and that’s how many of Dragunov’s matches have been going during this story they have been telling. As the match went on Dar kept trying to push Dragunov over the edge. The early part of the match was being run by Dragunov until his knee went out. After that, Dar took over. We see Dragunov fight from the bottom while trying to keep the uncontrollable rage at bay, but Dar keeps playing mind games throughout the match. Dar manages to make Dragunov unleash that rage near the end of the match, which helps him look past the knee and focus the rage for the win. A good match and another step that adds to the long story of Dragunov. Dar was a perfect foe for this chapter of the story.

Pretty Deadly vs Jack Starz & Nathan Frazer – HIT

Pretty Deadly is a very nice young, heel team who still has a lot to show. The match between Deadly and Starz/Frazer is a good TV match up. With Frazer being someone they are slowly building and Starz as a person they have been giving time to, this match was fun as a look into the future of the brand. It started with a quicker pace showing off both teams’ styles. Being that Starz and Frazer hasn’t tagged before, this played right into Deadly’s style with their unique ways of breaking rules as a team. Both teams had their time in the match to lead with the offense. They gave Starz and Frazer a few near falls, but with Deadly’s crafty tag style, they were able to take advantage of an opening to get the win. Overall, a good television title defense.

Flash Morgan Webster vs Joseph Conners – PUSH

Love the entrance of the new Subculture faction (Flash, Mark Andrews & Dana Luna). The match started hot with both guys going at each other. It wasn’t a long match, but it felt like a fight. The match ended with Jinny throwing in a helmet, which the ref saw before Conners could use it. He then pushing Webster off the top ropes and Conners used that to get the win.

Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey – HIT

Another hard-hitting affair from these two guys in this main event. This lives up to the build-up they provided around the match. These two came out ready to fight and they added new things to the match that weren’t there in the first encounter. When you have bruisers in the ring, you expect them to tear each other apart no matter how much they respect each other. In this case, they both worked on different things. Coffey worked on the hurt ribs of Brown from his last match and Brown worked on Coffey’s hand injury that he came back from a while ago. Both men put each other through the ringer. Coffey pulled this out, avenging his loss from earlier in the year. Overall, a great main event for the show. Before the program wrapped, we see Dragunov come up to stare both guys down to end the show. I think this is to clearly show who the top three acts on the brand are.

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