6/10 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Final hype for Against All Odds, Mack vs. Morrissey, Rosemary vs. Havok, more



JUNE 10, 2021 (RECORDED)

Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-Clips from last week including Josh Alexander beating TJP and Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers beating up Moose and Sami Callihan.

-The show started with Scott D’Amore in the ring. He talked about how he and Don Callis haven’t been on the same page recently. He brought out AEW CEO Tony Khan (who entered the ring to the Dynamite theme music). Khan took the mic and said it was good to be here. Scott talked but was cut off by the entrance of Don Callis, who came out to his classical music theme. Khan held the ropes for Callis to enter.

Callis asked if Scott and Khan were scheming. Callis said that Omega was Khan’s greatest investment. Callis said there is talk about adding Sami Callihan to the championship match at Against All Odds. He said that Sami was on the blacklist of many promotions and talked about Sami hitting Eddie Edwards with a baseball bat. Scott pointed out why Sami was in line to get a title shot after being attacked by the Good Brothers. Callis said that Sami was dangerous and even split him open three years ago.

Callis asked Scott how many times they’ve had to work to deal with problems from Sami. Callis asked to take the best athlete in Impact (Moose) to go against the best athlete in AEW (Omega). He said there was no reason to bring Sami into it. Scott and Khan conferenced briefly. Scott said that Callis brought up some good points. Scott said that it would be Moose vs. Omega one-on-one. Khan said if he knew how much he would be dealing with Callis, he wouldn’t have been thrilled. He said that he knows Callis wanted to see a good clean match at a big event.

Khan said that no arena the past year has had more big matches than Daily’s Place. He said the Moose vs. Omega match should take place at Daily’s Place. He said that Sami would not be there; Sami and the Good Brothers would be at the Impact arena. Callis was happy and tried to walk away. Scott said that whoever walks out as the winner, will face Sami at Slammiversary. Callis said this was awful and walked out.

-D’Lo and Josh appeared on camera and talked about the situation that just happened. They ran down the rest of the matches for tonight and for Against All Odds.

-Gia Miller tried to interview Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and the Good Brothers backstage. They walked past her. Callis told the Good Brothers to do what they do best and put out a hit or a bounty. Scott D’Amore approached. He said that while Kenny is in Jacksonville, the Good Brothers would be at the Impact arena facing Sami Callihan and whoever he wanted to team with. Scott said it would be a street fight. Callis and his team were outraged. [c]

-Brian Myers Presents How To Be A Professional, Part Two: Communication. Myers asked Sam Beale what a promo is. They were in front of a screen with color bars and a post-it note that said “Promo Class Today”. Beale had to cut a promo at the Deer Park Community Center against Matt Cardona. Beale cut a promo and tried to build Cardona up, as cheesy graphics played on the screen. Myers said that his promo was horrible, insulted Cardona, and walked off disgusted.

-Scott D’Amore talked to someone off camera. Sami Callihan walked up and asked who would be in their right mind to team with him. Sami said he didn’t care if he had to do it himself. The camera revealed that it was Tommy Dreamer that Scott had been talking to. Dreamer said they had Callis as a common enemy. He offered to tag up with Sami. Sami said “what the hell, let’s have some fun.” Sami said if Tommy messed up, he would beat his ass again and walked off. Scott explained that Callis is an EVP and was technically Dreamer’s boss. Dreamer pointed out that Callis is their enemy. They both walked off.


If Havok wins, she will be added to the Knockouts Title match at Against All Odds. Rosemary hit Havok with two spears right at the bell. She went for a pin, but Havok kicked out at two. Rosemary continued the attack and put Havok in a submission on the mat. Havok powered out. Havok suplexed Rosemary, then followed with boots to the corner. [c]

Havok had Rosemary in a full nelson, then took her down with a clothesline and got a two count. Rosemary came back with another spear. They traded punches, then Rosemary got another spear for the win.

WINNER: Rosemary in 8:00.

Rosemary and Havok had a discussion on the mat after the match. Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan attacked them from behind. Deonna put Rosemary in a double arm bar submission. Susan grabbed the mic and demanded that the match with Tasha Steelz happen right now. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan walked down the ramp. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: Hard hitting, physical match. This made Rosemary look strong leading into the title match at Against All Odds.)


Kimber Lee pounded Tasha on the mat and had her in a partial camel clutch. Josh and D’Lo plugged Impact merchandise. Lee choked Tasha with her boot and dragged her face on the ropes. Lee chopped Tasha in the corner. Tasha fired up but got clotheslined by Lee. Lee sent Tasha to the outside. Lee stomped and punched Tasha when she rolled back in the ring. Lee hit a sidewalk slam for a two count. Lee suplexed Tasha three times.

Lee missed a swanton bomb off the top rope. Tasha attempted a few moves, then got the win after a suplex into a brainbuster.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz in 5:00.

Deonna, Susan, and Lee attacked Fire N Flava after the match. Rosemary and Havok ran in for the save. Rosemary hit her sit-out powerbomb on Deonna. Keira got caught between Rosemary and Havok and got double choke slammed. Rosemary and Havok celebrated together.

(D.L.’s Take: The match was pretty much all Kimber Lee on offense, but what they did was good.)

Steve Maclin vignette: The promo took place in a dark room. Maclin talked with intensity about things he’s done to make sure his brothers made it home. Sirens were heard in the background. He said that his back is against the wall and it’s do or die. He said that he will meet Mr. Mayhem or you will.

-Gia Miller asked Josh Alexander how he feels after the Iron Man Match. Josh said that he has been waiting 16 years for that opportunity. He said that he was welcoming new contenders and would watch the five-way match at Against All Odds to see who the next contender would be. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton approached. Ace said he would be the only one that Josh would have to worry about. Ace said he always has an ace up his sleeve. He walked off. [c]


Rohit and Petey squared off. Petey dropkicked Rohit in the back, then put on the sharpshooter. Bey and Trey tagged in. They had a back-and-forth exchange of quick, crisp moves. Trey and Petey double teamed Bey. Rohit tagged in. Bey stomped Petey on the floor. Rohit suplexed Petey. Bey tagged in and beat on Petey. Rohit kept Petey from making a tag and hit a back suplex. Rohit and Bey tried to double team Petey, but Petey escaped to make the hot tag to Trey.

Trey ran wild on Rohit and Bey. Trey knocked Bey off the apron then hit a German suplex on Rohit. Petey hit a Russian Leg Sweep on Bey. Trey and Rohit had an exchange. Rohit landed a knee strike. Trey hit a codebreaker on Rohit then made Rohit tap to his leglock submission hold.

WINNERS: Trey Miguel & Petey Williams in 7:00.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton attacked everyone afterwards. Josh Alexander ran in for the save but got overwhelmed. Alexander escaped the attack then all the wrestlers started fighting. Trey, Bey, Petey, and Rohit attacked Madman Fulton in the corner and they set it up for Petey to hit an impressive Canadian Destroyer on Fulton from the top rope.

(D.L.’s Take: Fast paced X-Division action and a good preview for Saturday’s match.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Mack talked about his match against W. Morrissey tonight and said he would take a piece of Morrissey’s ass. Swann asked for Mack to save a piece for him. Swann said he would be in Mack’s corner. Mack made Swann promise not to interfere. [c]

-All About Me segment. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb said this would be the best episode yet. Tenille plugged her social media. They introduced Rachael Ellering. Rachael and Jordynne Grace showed up. Tenille and Kaleb weren’t happy that Grace was there. Kaleb said there was really only room for one of them. Rachael said they were a team and did things together. Rachael and Grace had a set on the couch. Kaleb presented them with a Tenille & Kaleb t-shirt, then gave it to Tenille.

Rachael asked why she was there. Tenille asked why Grace was there. Tenille pointed out that things were rocky with their team. Rachael said that Tenille was disrespecting them. Rachael said they could settle it in the ring. Grace said she would settle it with Tenille at Against All Odds. Tenille said it had to be in the form of a question. Grace asked if she wanted to face her, then said it didn’t matter and she would ask Scott D’Amore to make the match. Rachael and Grace walked off, leaving Tenille and Kaleb to awkwardly end the segment.

-Clip of Crazzy Steve beating Deaner on the BTI pre-show.

-Violent by Design promo. Eric Young said he was putting his faith in Deaner at Against All Odds. Young said that Joe Doering was the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling and he would make his mark tonight and against Kojima at Against All Odds. [c]


Doering backed Eddie in the corner, but Eddie came back with punches. Doering put Eddie in a headlock. Doering steamrolled Eddie then choked him in the corner and over the ropes. Doering clotheslined Eddie in the corner, then worked on his neck. Doering booted Eddie. Eddie suplexed Doering. Rhino pulled Eddie off the apron then they fought on the floor. Eddie sent Doering to the floor. Deaner tripped Eddie. The ref saw it and called for the bell. Violent by Design attacked and Kojima ran in for the save. Doering and Kojima squared off. Kojima clotheslined Doering over the top rope. [c]

WINNER: Eddie Edwards by DQ in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Short match. Doering got to show some power moves, but the match was too short to get going.)

-Moose video package. Moose talked about his title match at Against All Odds and said that he has never won the Impact World Title. He talked about bringing the Impact title back home.

-D’Lo and Josh talked about the title match at Against All Odds. D’Lo picked Moose to win. They ran down the card for the show.

(5) WILLIE MACK vs. W. MORRISSEY – No Disqualification Match

Morrissey won a test of strength and sent Mack in the corner. Morrissey went on the attack and punched Mack. Mack came back with punches, but Morrissey recovered and battled back. Morrissey was in control as they went to break. [c]

Morrissey continued his attack on the floor as the match resumed. Mack sent Morrissey into the steps. Mack attacked Morrissey with a chain and a chair. Mack splashed Morrissey in the corner. Morrissey came back with a big boot. Morrissey brought the chair in the ring and hit Mack in the back. Morrissey wrapped the chain around Mack’s eyes. Morrissey went to the outside and continued to attack Mack with the chain.

Morrissey put Mack on the top rope and attacked him with the chair. Mack made a comeback and slammed Morrissey. Mack hit a standing moonsault. Mack attacked Morrissey with the chair. Mack missed a frog splash and landed on the chair. Morrissey missed an elbow drop and hit the chair. Morrissey booted the chair into Mack’s face and got the pin.

WINNER: W. Morrissey in 16:00.

Morrissey stood over Mack after the match then dragged him to the corner. Morrissey put a chair on top of Mack. Rich Swann ran down for the save and landed a series of kicks on Morrissey. Officials ran down to break it up. Morrissey broke through and hit Swann. Swann came back with a hard chair to the back. Morrissey went to the floor and officials stepped in to stop Swann from attacking further.

(D.L.’s Take: The match accomplished what it set out to do: to continue to establish Morrissey as a credible threat in Impact. The match was okay and these two didn’t seem out of place in the main event.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The first part of this go-home show was heavy on talk. The segment with Callis, Khan, and D’Amore made the matches at Against All Odds and Slammiversary seem like a bigger deal. We didn’t really hear from Omega about the match though and only heard a little from Moose. Still, the matches for Saturday’s show look solid and it should be a good show.

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