6/3 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Moose vs. Callihan, Alexander vs. TJP for the X Division Championship, more




Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

(1) JOSH ALEXANDER (c) vs. TJP – Impact Wrestling X Division Title Match

This Iron Match started during the BTI pre-game show and was joined in progress. Wrestlers including Sam Beale, Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, Fallah Bahh, Rachael Ellering, Jordynne Grace, Willie Mack, Chris Bey and more surrounded the ring to get a closer look at the action. TJP had Alexander in the Tree of Woe in the corner. TJP took off Alexander’s headgear. A graphic showed that Alexander was up one fall to none. There were less than eight minutes left in the match.

Alexander kicked out of pin attempts. Wrestlers clapped at ringside to encourage both wrestlers. Both wrestlers clotheslined each other and they both fell to the mat. Alexander bled from the head. TJP got a near fall after a Tiger Driver. TJP gave Alexander the boot wash in the corner. Alexander got TJP in an ankle lock. TJP kicked Alexander in the head and got a near fall. TJP hit a Mamba Splash and Alexander kicked out at one.

Three minutes remained. TJP went for another kick, but Alexander turned it into an ankle lock. TJP reversed it into a leg lock submission hold of his own. Alexander re-applied an ankle lock. TJP tried to make the ropes, but Alexander kept the hold applied. Less than a minute remained. The wrestlers at ringside got even closer to the ring to see the action. With five seconds left, TJP got out of the hold and got a pin out of nowhere.

Time ran out and both wrestlers laid on the mat. Dave Penzer announced that the wrestlers would go to a sudden death period and the winner of the fall would be the winner.

The bell rang to restart the match and the wrestlers slugged it out. TJP got the upper hand after a kick. TJP missed a splash. Alexander slammed TJP and hit a moonsault off the ropes. TJP kicked out of a pin attempt. Alexander power-bombed TJP over his knee. Alexander hit a stuff piledriver and got the win.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 1:03:00 to retain the Impact Wrestling X Division Title.

(D.L.’s Take: Was there any doubt these two would put on an excellent match? The portion of the match that I saw was everything that I love about a pro wrestling match. It was dramatic and looked like an athletic contest. The announcers did an excellent job in adding to the drama. Having the wrestlers at ringside really helped to add to the atmosphere as well. Great job by both.)

-Matthews and D’Lo appeared on camera and talked up the match. D’Lo called it an instant classic. They ran down the matches for the rest of the show.

-The Good Brothers and Don Callis were talking backstage. They were discussing the upcoming Sami Callihan vs. Moose match. Don Callis called out “Stooge Alert” when he noticed the camera. They charged the camera. [c]

-Josh Alexander (with Petey Williams) talked about his victory backstage. Eddie Edwards came up and congratulated him. TJP approached and thanked Alexander for the match. Scott D’Amore walked up and complimented them and said he was glad they were on the roster. Alexander said he was the only Impact wrestler holding gold and he was the king of the mountain. He walked off. Chris Bey walked up and asked Scott for an X Division title match. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton walked in too, followed by Trey Miguel. Everyone argued about who deserved a title match.

(2) ROHIT RAJU vs. JAKE SOMETHING – Tables Match

After the feeling out process, they fought on the apron near a table that was set up. Rohit escaped and rolled out of the ring. [c]

The action spilled to ringside. Rohit had the upper hand back in the ring. Jake came back with a hard clothesline. Jake charged Rohit in the corner. Rohit hit a double stomp to Jake’s back. Rohit attacked Jake with a chair. Both wrestlers exchanged punches. Rohit got Jake in a crossface submission. Rohit hit a cannonball on Jake in the corner. Jake set up a table in the ring and Rohit set up chairs. Rohit gave Jake a drop toehold into the chairs.

Rohit hit a jumping knee to Jake, followed by a running knee. Jake caught Rohit with his fists as he was charging. Rohit threw Jake into a corner post. Rohit DDT’d Jake on the ring apron. Rohit put Jake on a table on the outside. Rohit climbed to the top rope but Jake got up and tried to suplex him. Rohit got out of it and kicked Jake in the corner. Rohit went to the top rope and double stomped Jake through the chairs.

Rohit continued on the attack. Jake caught Rohit with a Black Hole Slam. Jake hit another Black Hole Slam. Rohit threw a chair at Jake. Jake charged at Rohit and drove him through a table that was set up in the corner for the win.

WINNER: Jake Something in 16:00.

(D.L.’s Take: After receiving a nice hype package last week, these two delivered in the ring. Good intensity by both. Here’s hoping they both get a chance to move further up the card.)

-W. Morrissey approached Scott D’Amore backstage and said he wanted a match with Rich Swann. Scott said he could have the match next. [c]

-Rosemary vowed to beat Deonna Purrazzo and take the Knockouts title. Havok approached and said that she is still set on winning the title. Rosemary said she was hoping Havok would join the family. She said that it sounded like Havok wanted to go to war one more time. Rosemary said that Havok would have to take the title shot. Havok said she would take it.


As Swann danced at ringside, Morrissey stalked from behind and attacked him. Morrissey threw Swann into the railing. He threw Swann in the ring and kicked his jacket. Swann fired back with a kick and punches. Swann came back with a big boot. Morrissey stood over Swann. Security ran out and got Morrissey off of Swann. Morrissey choked a security member in the corner. Willie Mack attacked Morrissey with a chair. Morrissey no-sold it. Security stood between Morrissey and Mack. Morrissey left the ring.

WINNER: No contest. The bell never rang.

(D.L.’s Take: Basically an angle to further the Swann/Morrissey feud. Good job of getting over Morrissey as a big threat.)

-Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb approached Rachael Ellering and complimented her. Tenille said she felt a vibe between them. Tenille wanted to team with Rachael. Jordynne Grace approached and wanted to know what was going on. Tenille lied and said she was asking Rachael to be a guest on her talk show next week. Tenille wished them luck tonight in their tag team title rematch. [c]

-How To Be A Professional vignette. Brian Myers taught Sam Beale how to be a professional. The lesson was on presentation. Myers suggested Beale cover his tattoos with a Brian Myers t-shirt. Beale worked on his ring entrance. Myers didn’t like Beale’s attempt. Myers showed him how he does his own ring entrance. Beale questioned why Myers wore a mask. Myers blew up and said Beale needs a lot of work.

-Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo backstage. Miller announced that if Havok beats Rosemary next week, Havok gets added to the Knockouts title match at Against All Odds. Purrazzo was outraged. She said that she has defeated both of them. She declared this is the Age of the Virtuosa and she will always beat the odds.

(4) FIRE N FLAVA (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz)(c) vs. RACHAEL ELLERING & JORDYNNE GRACE – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title Match

Tasha and Grace squared off to start the match. Grace swung Tasha around and dropped her. Rachael tagged in and hit a senton on Tasha. Tasha pulled Rachael down by using her headband against her. Kiera tagged in and kept the advantage on Rachael. Tasha and Kiera tagged in and out. Josh plugged the upcoming Impact Wrestling trading cards. Rachael made a comeback and made the tag to Grace. Grace hit a powerbomb on Kiera.

Kiera kept the advantage with power moves. Rachael tagged back in. Tasha hit a codebreaker on Rachael. Grace broke up a pin attempt on Rachael. Tasha worked on Rachael’s arm. Grace got a muscle buster into a powerbomb for a two count on Tasha. Tasha got a crucifix bomb for a two count on Grace. Tasha threw Rachael out of the ring and DDT’d her on the floor. Fire N Flava double teamed Grace. Tasha hit a splash off the top on Grace for the win. Fire N Flava taunted Grace after the match.

WINNERS: Fire N Flava in 9:00 to retain the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

(D.L.’s Take: Fire N Flava took a serious approach in this match and worked really well. The Grace and Ellering breakup story continues. They don’t look to be a team much longer, but they worked well together also.)

-Sami Callihan cut a promo. He said he wasn’t afraid of Moose. Don Callis approached and said he was pulling for Sami to win. Callis said everyone else is behind Moose. Callis said everyone would always recognize him as a journeyman. Sami told Callis to leave. Sami said tonight he would beat Moose’s ass.

-Kojima was shown warming up backstage. Eddie Edwards approached and shook hands. [c]

-A peppy Sinatra-style 60’s pop tune played as the screen showed someone with a bottle of liquor and contracts on a table. The camera pulled back to reveal Steve Maclin (formerly Steve Cutler of the Forgotten Sons in WWE). A graphic came up at the end with a skull and the word “Maclin”.

-Fire N Flava celebrated their victory backstage. They told Scott D’Amore that they had beaten everyone and they were looking for competition. Scott said he knew someone looking for a shot. Kimber Lee and Susan walked out of the office. Susan said she had been touched inappropriately by Fire N Flava last week. Fire N Flava were angry and walked off. Susan said they were done here. Scott said “if only that were true” as they walked off.


After some initial back and forth action, Deaner got the upper hand. Kojima took over with a series of fast chops in the corner. Kojima went to the top and dropped an elbow on Deaner for a two count. Kojima had the upper hand. Violent by Design got on the ring apron for the distraction. Eddie Edwards came out and fought Violent by Design with a kendo stick. Kojima hit Deaner with a Falcon cutter and a clothesline for the win.

WINNER: Satoshi Kojima in 5:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Short showcase match for Kojima.)

-Moose was cutting a promo backstage and was interrupted by Don Callis. Callis said he was supporting Moose. Callis advised Moose to put Sami away quick. Moose said he stopped listening after Callis said “Hey baby, how’s it going?” Moose told Callis to keep that belt shiny for him and he walked off. [c]

-Violent by Design promo. Eric Young said that Eddie Edwards had cost them the match. Decay approached and laughed at them. Eric said he trained Crazzy Steve to know better. Steve suggested Violent by Design put the belts up against Decay at Against All Odds. Eric agreed to the match. Decay laughed and walked off.

-D’Lo and Matthews appeared on camera. They ran down matches for next week:

  • Havok vs. Rosemary
  • W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack

-Moose and Sami Callihan made their ring entrances. [c]


Sami sent Moose to the outside then dove on him. They fought on the outside with Moose getting the best of it. Moose missed a cannonball and hit the railing. Sami went on the attack. Sami put an armlock on Moose on the outside. [c]

The action was back in the ring after the break. Sami had the upper hand. Moose continued to sell his arm. They battled on the top rope. Sami knocked Moose off the top rope. Moose leaped to the top rope and hit a superplex on Sami. Moose hit the Go To Hell on Sami for a two count. Sami got a piledriver on Moose but only got a two count. Sami went for another piledriver but got attacked by the Good Brothers. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Sami, then pounded on Moose. Kenny Omega and Don Callis walked to the ring smiling.

Omega took off his jacket and stomped on Moose and Sami. Omega’s music played and he gloated in the ring. The Good Brothers walked up the stage and Omega followed. He put on his sunglasses and continued to gloat. Omega and friends walked backstage and celebrated. Scott D’Amore approached them and said it was like a flashback to Under Siege. Omega and the Good Brothers walked off. Scott said that Sami just beat the number one contender so he should be added to the title match at Against All Odds. Callis said he just can’t do that.

Callis said that Tony Khan would never agree to let Sami in the match. Scott said he called Tony Khan and Khan would be here next week to decide how to alter the match. Scott walked off as Callis yelled “I thought we were a team!”

WINNER: Sami Callihan by DQ in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good action while it lasted and a solid angle at the end. It’s a nice hook with Tony Khan showing up next week.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This action-packed edition of Impact was quite the rebound from last week’s show, which was light on in-ring action. The Alexander vs. TJP match lived up to expectations. The Knockouts Tag Team Title match, the tables match, and the main event were good as well. The build to Against All Odds has been solid as we approach the go-home show next week.

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