6/12 IMPACT WRESTLING AGAINST ALL ODDS PPV REPORT: Kenny Omega vs. Moose for the Impact World Championship, Good Brothers vs. Callihan & Dreamer, more


PHOTO CREDIT: Impact Wrestling


JUNE 12, 2021

Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown, Mauro Ranallo

-Video package featuring clips of Kenny Omega winning the AEW and Impact titles, followed by clips of Moose in action.

(1) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) vs. SAMI CALLIHAN & TOMMY DREAMER – Street Fight

Both teams locked up, then switched off the pairings. Then a brawl broke out. The wrestlers fought at ringside. Doc attacked Sami with a chair. Dreamer attacked Anderson with the ring bell and threw him back in the ring. Sami hit Doc with a broom. Dreamer and Anderson fought outside again. Doc gave Sami a drop toe hold onto a chair. Back in the ring, Dreamer fought Anderson. Sami and Doc slugged it out on the inside.

Sami and Dreamer left to go backstage. They brought out trash cans with weapons. Sami hit Doc with a street sign. Dreamer hit Anderson with a trash can lid. Doc attacked Sami with a chain. Anderson ran Dreamer into a post on the outside. Sami tied up Doc with the chain. Doc knocked Sami out of the ring with a frying pan. Dreamer threw Doc into a chair that was set up in the corner, but Doc rebounded with a clothesline.

Doc fought Sami on the outside. The Good Brothers double teamed Dreamer in the ring. Dreamer caught Anderson with a cutter. Dreamer DDT’d Doc and got a two count. Anderson hit a spinebuster on Dreamer. Sami hit the referee to break it up. The Good Brothers set up a table in the ring. Doc knocked Sami to the outside. Dreamer and Anderson fought on the top rope. The Good Brothers did a Magic Killer on Dreamer through the table. Sami broke up the pin attempt.

Sami fought both of the Good Brothers and hit them with a baseball bat. Sami pinned Anderson after a shot with the baseball bat.

WINNERS: Sami Callihan & Tommy Dreamer in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good brawl and a nice win for Sami as he heads into a big title match at the Slammiversary PPV.)

-Josh and D’Lo appeared on camera and ran down the matches for the rest of the show.

-An outside aerial shot was shown of Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. Kojima was shown warming up with Eddie Edwards backstage.

(2) JOE DOERING (w/Eric Young & Rhino & Deaner) vs. SATOSHI KOJIMA (w/Eddie Edwards)

After some initial action, Kojima stomped Doering’s feet then took him down. Doering came back and tackled Kojima. Doering took control of the match. Doering choked Kojima, then caught him with a back elbow. Doering had Kojima in a Boston Crab, but he was able to get out. Doering punched Kojima, then worked on his arm. Doering slammed Kojima and dropped an elbow on him. Kojima made a comeback then hit Doering with a series of quick chops.

Kojima dropped an elbow off the top rope for a two count. Kojima hit an elbow then got caught with a spinebuster. The match went to the outside. Doering punched Kojima and ran him into the apron. Kojima clotheslined the back of Doering’s knees. Rhino attacked Kojima behind the referee’s back but Kojima threw him into the rails. Kojima DDT’d Doering. Doering hit Kojima with a running crossbody block and got a two count.

Kojima landed a clothesline to the back and followed it with a cutter. Doering hit a Death Valley Driver and a clothesline for a two count. Doering hit a spinning sit out powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Joe Doering in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Non-stop action between these two and it was a good back and forth match. The finisher was impressive.)

-Decay promo. Rosemary said tonight all the titles would go to Decay.

(3) ACE AUSTIN vs. CHRIS BEY vs. ROHIT RAJU vs. PETEY WILLIAMS vs. TREY MIGUEL –  #1 contender’s match for the X Division Championship

All five wrestlers fought at the start. It eventually came down to Rohit, Petey, and Bey in the ring. Petey and Bey exchanged moves. Ace attacked Petey on the floor. Ace and Bey battled in the ring. Trey dove on a pile outside of the ring, then returned to the ring to take on Ace. Trey had Ace in a sharpshooter. Bey tried to break it up but got put in a sharpshooter by Petey. Trey and Petey slugged it out while they had their opponents in the sharpshooter.

Rohit hit a series of moves on Trey and Petey. Rohit and Ace squared off. The action was going really fast. Rohit rolled up Trey for a two count. Rohit dropped an elbow on Trey. Rohit suplexed Petey. Rohit suplexed Trey. Rohit choked Trey on the ropes. Rohit went at Ace. Trey and Rohit battled. Bey put Rohit in a torture rack. Ace battled Bey and Rohit. Ace hit a double legrdrop on Rohit and Bey. Petey hit a series of moves on Ace.

Ace battled back. Petey hit a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope on Ace, but Trey broke up the pin. Madman Fulton appeared out of nowhere and knocked Trey off the top rope onto the floor. Fulton got in the ring and attacked Bey, Trey, and Petey. Fulton took down Rohit, Bey, Trey, and Petey down with one move. Ace went for the pin, but the referee called for no-contest.

WINNER: No contest in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: These guys went a mile a minute and everyone had a chance to shine. A good, fast paced match, but the ending was disappointing.)

-Slammiversary commercial, followed by another aerial view of Daily’s Place.


Morrissey sent Swann to the floor. Swann got back in the ring and fired back with kicks and punches. Swann dropkicked Morrissey out of the ring. Swann hit a swanton on Morrissey on the outside, then punched him. Morrissey caught Swann with a boot. Morrissey attacked Swann with punches. Morrissey took Swann to the floor and continued with punches. Back in the ring, Morrissey continued his attack.

Morrissey kicked at Swann and laughed. Morrissey swung Swann by the neck. Swann moved out of the way of a charging Morrissey and made a comeback. Swann caught Morrissey with a kick off the steps. Swann hit a 450 splash from the apron to Morrissey on the floor. Swann hit a 450 on Morrissey in the ring for a two count. Swann hit a Phoenix Splash but Morrissey picked him up and hit an F-5. Morrissey splashed Swann in the corner. Swann came back with kicks. Morrissey kicked Swann in the back.

Morrissey hit two powerbombs on Swann then stood over him. Swann flipped him off. Morrissey hit another powerbomb and got the pin.

WINNER: W. Morrissey in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good action and Swann did a great job as the sympathetic babyface. Having Morrissey beat a former Impact World Champion clean certainly indicates they have big plans for him.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan backstage. They predicted they were taking all the belts home tonight.

(5) TENILLE DASHWOOD (w/Kaleb) vs. JORDYNNE GRACE (w/Rachael Ellering)

Grace charged Tenille in the corner and followed with clotheslines. Tenille got Grace in a headlock. Grace came back with power moves. Grace had Tenille in a spinning full nelson. Grace whipped Tenille into the corners. Grace went for a baseball slide but got caught by Tenille. Tenille and Kaleb attacked Grace while the referee was tied up with Rachael. Rachael helped Grace up. Back in the ring, Tenille rained a series of punches on Grace.

Kaleb took pictures as Tenille attacked Grace in the corner. Tenille worked on Grace’s arms and shoulders. Tenille had Grace tied up in the ropes. Tenille went for a splash in the corner, but Grace caught her and slammed her. Grace and Tenille slugged it out. Grace slammed Tenille. Grace hit the double knees, an elbow, and a Vader bomb on Tenille. Tenille landed a crossbody block on Grace. They traded elbows. Tenille got a neckbreaker on Grace in the ropes.

Grace grabbed the ropes to get out of a pin attempt. Grace put Tenille in a sleeper hold. Kaleb jumped on the apron for a distraction. Rachael knocked Kaleb down. Grace yelled at Rachael that she can do it on her own. Tenille rolled Grace up for the win.

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood in 12:00.

Grace yelled at Rachael as they walked up the ramp. Rachael defended herself. Kaleb took pictures of Tenille in the ring. Rachael told Grace they are trying to get in her head. Grace ran in the ring and attacked Tenille and Kaleb. Grace was very upset in the ring. She walked up the ramp by herself.

(D.L.’s Take: It was good to see these two wrestlers given a match with some time to work with. This was a more serious version of Tenille for the most part, which is always good. Grace showed good anger at the end and I like the slow build of the Grace/Rachael issue.)

-Brian Myers and Sam Beale were watching the matches on a monitor. Myers quizzed Beale on what he learned. Jake Something walked by and told Beale to do the opposite of whatever Myers told him. Myers asked if Beale would take the advice of a guy who wasn’t even booked on the show. Jake challenged Myers. Myers said the lesson was “don’t take the bait”. Myers and Beale walked off.

(6) FIRE N FLAVA (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) (c) vs. KIMBER LEE & SUSAN – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Kiera and Susan squared off at the start. Keira charged Lee in the corner. Tasha tagged in and continued the advantage on Lee. Lee grabbed her knee and the referee checked on her. Susan attacked Tasha. Lee came back with a spin kick on Tasha. Lee worked on Tasha. Kiera and Susan tagged in and squared off. Tasha tagged back in and Fire N Flava double teamed Susan. Lee and Susan came back and double teamed Kiera.

Fire N Flava double teamed Lee. Susan accidentally elbow dropped Lee. Susan superplexed Tasha. All four wrestlers fought in the ring and exchanged moves. Lee knocked down Tasha with a pump kick. Lee and Susan double teamed Kiera. Lee hit a swanton on Kiera. Tasha made a blind tag and gave a missile dropkick to Lee. Tasha hit a frog splash on Susan for the win.

WINNER: Fire N Flava in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A fun match and these four worked well together.)

-Another aerial shot of Daily’s Place.

(7) DEANER & RHINO (w/Eric Young) (c) vs. DECAY (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)—Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Deaner and Steve started it off. Steve took Deaner down and twisted his head. Taurus tagged in and hit a series of moves on Deaner. Deaner rolled to ringside and Eric Young yelled at him. Young whispered in the ear of Deaner. Deaner tagged Rhino. Rhino knocked Taurus down with a shoulder tackle. Taurus came back with a series of moves. Steve tagged in and ran Rhino into the turnbuckle. Rhino came back and choked Steve over the middle rope.

Deaner tagged in and choked Steve over the middle rope. Taurus tagged in and went after Deaner. Rhino interfered and took Taurus down. Rhino tagged in and choked Taurus. Deaner took Taurus down with a headlock. Taurus took Deaner down with a crossbody block. Steve made the hot tag and hit moves on Deaner, including a neckbreaker. Steve had Deaner in a crossface. Steve hit a unique DDT off the ropes on Deaner and got a two count.

Deaner made a comeback and punches Steve. Deaner hit a running knee on Steve. Steve hit a flatliner on Deaner. Taurus made the hot tag and ran wild on Deaner. Steve hit a senton on Deaner. Taurus got sent to the outside. Steve battled Deaner. Steve hit a cannonball on Deaner. Young yelled at Steve “you should know better”. Rhino attacked Steve from behind. Deaner got a DDT on Steve for the pin.

WINNER: Deaner & Rhino in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A decent tag team match. Deaner and Steve shined and worked well together. I still think they are under-utilizing Taurus.)

-Steve Maclin vignette. He took a drink and talked about torture and having a lot of time. He said he’s had to bury who he is, but it’s time for people to meet Mr. Mayhem.

-Video package recapping the feud between Deonna Purrazzo and Rosemary.

(8) DEONNA PURRAZZO (c) vs. ROSEMARY – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship

They brawled at the start. Rosemary hit a series of sling blade clotheslines. Rosemary tied Deonna in the ropes. The action spilled to the floor. Rosemary slammed Deonna’s head into the apron. Rosemary suplexed Deonna on the ramp. Deonna ran Rosemary into the post, then kicked her arm, which was wrapped around the post. Deonna stomped Rosemary, then worked on the arm. Rosemary made a comeback, but was cut off by Deonna.

They clotheslined each other. Rosemary suplexed Deonna, then put her in a submission. Deonna had an armbar briefly, but Rosemary got out and put her in a front face lock. Deonna put Rosemary in a Russian Leg Sweep then went for the Venus De Milo armbar submission. Rosemary made the ropes to break the hold. Deonna sat on top of Rosemary and took off her knee brace. Deonna pump kicked Rosemary.

Rosemary speared Deonna and got a two count. Deonna got a piledriver on Rosemary and got the three count.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Deonna’s streak of strong Knockouts Title matches continues.)

-D’Lo and Josh appeared on camera and discussed the results of the matches tonight.

-Video package on Moose and Kenny Omega.

-Tony Schiavone and Scott D’Amore welcomed us to Daily’s Place.

(9) KENNY OMEGA (c) (w/Don Callis) vs. MOOSE—Impact Wrestling World Championship

Justin Roberts handled the in-ring introductions. Brian Hebner was the referee. Don Callis joined the broadcast team. The “fans” at ringside chanted “New champ”. Moose backed Omega into the ropes. Omega fled the ring. Omega put Moose in a headlock but Moose picked him up. Omega ran into Moose and Moose said “I am a wrestling god!” Omega punched and kicked Moose in the corner. Moose caught Omega with a big punch and a beale throw.

Moose missed a charge in the corner. Omega tried to put Moose on his shoulders for the One Winged Angel but couldn’t get him up. Omega hit Moose in the corner. Omega sent Moose out of the ring. Omega booted Moose off the apron then hit Moose with a dive over the ropes. Moose caught Omega coming off the ropes. Omega chopped Moose but he didn’t budge. Omega clipped Moose’s knee. Omega missed a splash and Moose connected with a standing moonsault.

Moose stomped Omega. Moose missed a charge into the corner. The action spilled to the floor and Moose sent Omega into the rails. Moose charged Omega, but Omega moved and Moose went sailing over the railing and some chairs. Omega threw a trash can on Moose. Omega pounded on Moose then threw him back over the railing. Omega ran Moose’s shoulder into the post. Back in the ring, Omega worked on Moose’s arm.

Moose caught Omega with a boot. Omega came back with an armbar. Moose powerbombed Omega to get out of it. Moose hit a running uppercut and a dropkick. Moose got a sit out powerbomb for a two count. A “this is awesome” chant broke out at ringside. Omega battled back with kicks, a German suplex, and v-triggers. They traded punches. Moose hit a headbutt. Omega came back with a clothesline. Omega connected with a v-trigger to the shoulder. Omega got Moose on his shoulders but Moose came back with a clothesline.

The doctor came in to check on Moose’s shoulder. Moose told him to get out. Omega hit another v-trigger to the shoulder. Omega got on the top rope. Moose leaped to the top and hit a Spanish Fly for a two count. Moose hit a spear but took out the referee too. The Young Bucks came in and super kicked Moose three times, then they gloated. They hit the BTE trigger on Moose. The Bucks put Moose on Kenny’s shoulders and he hit the One Winged Angel. The referee recovered and got the three count. D’Amore shouted “this is bullshit”.

WINNER: Kenny Omega in 23:00.

As Omega and the Bucks celebrated, the lights went out. Sami Callihan appeared and attacked Omega and the Bucks with a baseball bat. Callis got on the mic and called Sami a piece of garbage. He said he is Sami’s boss and to leave. Sami got a chair from under the ring and put it over Omega. Callis fired Sami. Omega rolled out of the ring. D’Amore got in Callis’s face and they argued to the back. Sami yelled “bullshit” as the show faded to black.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent match that lived up to the hype, although the cheap ending took it down a notch. Nice angle at the end to set up the Omega vs. Sami match at Slammiversary. It felt odd to see the Impact main event in Daily’s Place though.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Impact has the formula down pat for these Impact Plus specials and they delivered another fun night of entertainment. The night was highlighted by a great main event and set the table for one of their biggest shows of the year.

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